15 Thunder Tea Rice Health Benefits (#1 Healthy Traditional Chinese Dish)

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When we talk about tea, the first comes to mind might be the clear and aromatic beverage. As far as we know, tea is a kind of beverage with good amount of antioxidants and health benefits, such as Health Benefits of Golden Monkey Tea, the legendary Chinese tea.

However, it is different from what we call with thunder tea rice. Thunder tea rice is a dish combining grains, vegetables, beans, soup made of green tea, basil, and mint paste, also rice. Can you imagine how a rice dish is combined with tea soup? It might be weird for some of you. Somehow, it is amazing to find out the thunder tea rice health benefits.

Thunder tea rice is a dish from southern China. It is also called Lei Cha Fan in Chinese mother language. The dish not only can be found in Republic of China, but also around Taiwan and Singapore. Some people may don’t like the too herby taste. Somehow, it is delicious and you wouldn’t be able to deny the health benefits presented by this dish.

The Nutritional Information Of Thunder Tea Rice Health Benefits

The ingredients of thunder tea rice blatantly represent the health benefits of thunder tea rice. It is mainly contributed by all the health nutrition in the ingredients. Here is the nutritional information of thunder tea rice.

  • Calories
  • Fats
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Dietary fiber
  • Sugars
  • Protein
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron

The Thunder Tea Rice Health Benefits

From the nutritional information above, we know how thunder tea rice health benefits can be obtained. There are many health benefits of this Chinese lightly salty and refreshing dish. Here are some of the health benefits:

  1. Control weight

It a dish full of dietary fiber which is very beneficial to your weight loss program. The dish contain low calorie, yet keep your tummy full for its high fiber content. This way, you can avoid cravings and minimize the fats intake. As the result, you are able to control your weight, and have your waist line trimmed as the bonus.

  1. Good for digestion

Dietary fiber is very good for the digestion. It maintains bowel movement and keeps the digestive problems away. Consuming thunder tea rice is bale to prevent you from some digestive problems such as constipation, bloating, and flatulence.

  1. Good for diabetic

Some studies concluded that rice is not good for those with diabetes, as rice contains quite high glycemic index. However, the rice in thunder tea rice is able to present the thunder tea rice health benefits for diabetes. The dish uses the beneficial brown rice with its Benefits of Brown Rice for Health. In addition, the high fiber contain from this Chinese dish is able to improve the health of people with diabetes. 

  1. Improve skin complexion

It is true that greens are good for skin. It can be proved from the antioxidants possessed by greens including tea in the thunder tea rice. As we know, green tea owns the Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Skin Whitening. Not only the benefit for skin whitening, tea also has the ability in brightening skin tone and prevent blemish.

  1. Reduce cholesterol

Some of the ingredients in thunder tea rice contain an excellent amount of dietary fiber. As we know, dietary fiber in the vegetables and folic acid in ground nut are the perfect guards to eliminate bad cholesterol. This way, the consumption of thunder tea rice is able to lower the blood cholesterol level. Just try this food and you’ll be amazed by the instantly healthy feeling after eating this food.

  1. Good for vegetarian

Although some people eat thunder tea rice with side dishes such meat and chicken, it is usually separated from the main bowl and soup. Therefore, thunder tea rice is suitable for vegetarian and vegan. It is filling, healthy, and able to provide you with good amount of protein from the beans included in this dish. The other high protein rice dish which is good for vegetarian and vegan is Health Benefits of Black Beans and Brown Rice.

  1. Strengthen bones

Who says the dairy product is the main support for you bones? Well, dairy products commonly contain excellent calcium for your bones. However, don’t you know that thunder tea rice is also able to provide you with high level of calcium? The calcium in thunder tea rice mainly comes from the tea, basil and the beans also grains which piled up the bowl with health benefits.

  1. Lower blood pressure

Vegetables, grains, and beans in thunder tea rice are known to be able in improving blood circulation. This way, the consumption of thunder tea rice is able to lower high blood pressure and prevent hypertension. The other rice dish with the similar health benefits is Health Benefits of Rice and Quinoa.

  1. Good for heart

The ability of a bowl of thunder tea rice in lowering cholesterol level and reducing blood pressure is beneficial for your heart. It is able to improve your health heart. As we know, the maintained normal blood pressure and cholesterol is the main key of healthy heart.

The other thunder tea rice health benefits you can obtain by consuming this healthy dish are:

  1. Detoxifier
  2. Great energizer
  3. Lower the risk of cancer
  4. Fight fatigue
  5. Optimize wound recovery
  6. Improve immunity

Recommendation In Getting Thunder Tea Rice Health Benefits

Thunder tea rice used to be consumed during the Chinese Lunar New Year. But don’t worry; you can get thunder tea rice health benefits by visiting some food court along the year. And if you don’t live around China, Singapore, or Taiwan, you can simply make thunder tea rice by yourself at home.

The first you can do is preparing the ingredients such as cabbage, ground nut, long bean, white radish, tofu, sesame seeds, and brown rice. Light boil all the ingredients separately. Or else, you can also steam the vegetables and roast the ground nuts to avoid the nutrition loss.

The other option in cooking the vegetables is by stir frying the vegetables. For the rice, cook the brown rice well. In preparing the soup, you can prepare tea leaves, mint leaves, and Thai basil leaves. Combine the leaves and make into a paste. Pour some cups of boiled water to the paste, pour salt, and mix well. When the rice, vegetable, and beans are ready, prop them into a bowl, and serve them with the tea. You can pour the tea into the bowl or drink the tea soup separately.