12 Best Health Benefits of Chinese Noodles to Increase Energy Level

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People around the world already known the health benefits of Chinese noodles. This common food is spread out around the whole countries in the world. Starting from Asia up to western and any other places already tried the delicious Chinese noodle, instantly or directly.

Therefore, this food is a common food everywhere. Including in Indonesia, many Chinese restaurant serving Chinese noodle from the authentic taste up to fusion taste. Depends on the region, culture and preference.

This phenomena has been happened for many years. Indonesia also have this kind of cuisine since many years ago. Even from the early independence day, the Chinese noodle has become part of Indonesia cuisine. Not only delicious, this food also bring many advantages. Specially it is one of the favorite food among children. Even there is a culture to serving this noodle during birthday to represent the longer age and prosperity.

Serving a Chinese noodle also not a difficult thing. Specially instant noodle that can easily serve using hot water. Wait for several minutes until the noodle well cooked. This noodle can be fried or then boil with several side dishes such as chicken, beef or vegetables. It shall be depends on the preference.

Nutrient Content of Chinese Noodles

In one serving of Chinese noodle, there are several nutrient content. Usually in one serving cup or about 45gr of the noodle contain below:

  • 213cal of calories
  • 6.9gr of fat
  • 528mg of sodium
  • 54mg of potassium
  • 32gr of carbohydrates
  • 2.6gr of sugar
  • 1.7gr of fiber
  • 3.6gr of protein
  • 1mg of vitamin A
  • 1mg of vitamin E
  • 9mg of calcium
  • 23mg of magnesium
  • 72mg of phosphorus
  • 0.6mg zinc

For further health benefits of Chinese noodles, see below lists:

1. Energy Source

Chinese noodle contain many calories and carbohydrates. Therefore, it is a good option for breakfast to add and increase energy level in the morning. This is a good way to deal with the daily activities which requires a lot of energy. This is the same health benefits of Chinese food that can be an energy sources too.

2. Increase Immunity

The noodle also a good option to help increase body immunity. It can help the body to keep strong and not easily to get sickness. Therefore, consume Chinese noodle will help to keep the body wellness for longer time.

3. Improve Metabolic Rate

The food also good to improve body metabolic rate. It will increase the capacity of the body in converting food into energy. Therefore, it will lead to a fasten metabolic rate too. This is the same health benefits of yellow corn grits that can increase body metabolic system.

4. Fasten Digest

Chinese noodle also contain high fiber that good for the digestive system. Therefore, consume this food will lead to better intestine bowel movement. It will help to avoid digestive problems and optimize the intestine works.

5. Avoid Anemia

Another health benefits of Chinese noodle including to contain iron that good to avoid the possibility of anemia. It will improve the red blood cell formation and help to increase the red blood cell numbers. This is the same health benefits of china grass that can help to avoid anemia too.

6. Strength Bone

The food also contain a number of calcium and phosphorus that good for the bone strength. It will improve the bone mass density and avoid any possibility of bone fracture. Therefore, it is also good to avoid the risk of osteoporosis.

7. Improve Brain

The protein inside this food will be a good alternative in improving the brain function. It will optimize the memory and bring optimum oxygen level into the brain. This is the same health benefits of beans and pulse that can help to improve the brain too.

8. Reduce Heartburn

There are many health benefits of Chinese noodles. Chinese noodle also believe can deal with several stomach problems. It will help to reduce constipation including to avoid the possibility of experience heartburn.

9. High Nutrient

The food is high in nutrient. Therefore, it is a good food to supply the needs of nutrient for the body system. This is the same Fuji apple health benefits that can help to bring some high nutrient into the body too.

10. Improve Kidney

One of the advantage consuming the noodle is to improve the work of the kidney. Therefore, it will help to optimize the kidney work in waste the toxin to flush out from the body. Therefore, it leads into a better body health condition. 

11. Avoid Diseases

The food also good to increase the body immunity. Therefore, it can help to avoid the virus and bacteria infection inside the body. Furthermore, this can help the body to avoid the possibility of getting sick or diseases.

12. Reduce Fever

Boiled Chinese noodle when consume in warm condition believe can help to soothe a sickness. Furthermore, it can help to reduce the fever and help to bring back the body wellness.

Cautions And Recommendation

The Chinese noodle bring many benefits for the health, but it also have several side effects too. Therefore, see below recommendation to avoid over eating of the noodles:

  • It is contain a lot if salt. Therefore, it might bring symptoms of high blood tension. Therefore, limit the consumption otherwise reduce the use of salt if consume Chinese noodle.
  • It is contain many calories. Therefore, make sure to eat in proper portions. Otherwise, it can add more fat into the body and increase the body weight.
  • Some of the Chinese noodle might contain cholesterol. Therefore, rather that using meat, add vegetables as the mixture of the noodle.
  • Avoid consume too many fried noodle as it can cause sore throat including risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • The food is high in calories. Therefore, make sure to limit the consumption. Otherwise, it can turn into high sugar level inside the blood which can cause diabetes.

Those all the health benefits of Chinese noodle for the entire body. Therefore, it is good to consume. However, avoid too many portion when consume it. It is suggested to consume in proper portion so that it can help to avoid the fat or any cardiovascular diseases risk.