5 Health Benefits of Ichthyotherapy

Ichthyotherapy, yes! When we hear or read the word, maybe the things that only ‘make sense’ is the ‘-therapy’ unit as a single morpheme. Okay, we still get most of the part: it is some sort-of-a-way or a-kind-of-therapy thing, but, what kind is that? Is it just for a treatment or for healing specific diseases? […]

Health Benefits of Reciting Qur’an You Must Know

For Muslims, the Qur’an is not only limited to the holy books that are respected and used as instructions for lifestyle. But this revelation from God conveyed through the Prophet Muhammad, is a solution to various problems of life in various fields. Starting from the political, social, cultural to health issues. The health benefits of […]

3 Amazing Benefits of using Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray

Have you ever experienced nasal problems, such as stuffy or runny nose, itching and sneezing? It must be disturbing! Nasal problems like runny or stuffy nose are commonly related to seasonal allergic symptoms. Many medicines, both oral medicine and spray are available in the drugstore to solve the nasal problems. One of the effective ways […]

12 Surprising Benefits of Cryotherapy for Arthritis – Medical Therapy

At some points, a therapy can be a solution for health problems that can’t be solved by medications alone. Also, therapy offers some exclusive benefits that is not present in regular medicines. There are many types of therapy, each with specific benefits for various health problems. One of the therapies is cryotherapy. According to various […]

10 Surprising Benefits of Furoshiki Shoes – A Comfy and Healthy Footwear

Shoes is one of most important items in today’s society. As a footwear, its main use is to cover the feet, so dirt will not attached to them. There are people who wear shoes for formal events, hanging out, or playing sports. Because there are many purposes in wearing shoes, shoemaker create different type of […]

12 Wonderful Psychological Benefits of Indian Head Massage for a Peaceful Mind

Many of us has aware that there are some psychological benefits of Indian head massage. As this therapy manage to bring people a better mood and wellness. Therefore, this therapy can consider as one of the common favorable treatment in many countries. Not only manage a good blood circulation, it also confirm will help a […]

12 Relaxing Benefits of Indian Head Massage on Digestive System for Men and Woman

For many years, the benefits of Indian head massage on digestive system is no longer secret anymore. Even this treatment is now available in many places around the world. Therefore, this massage is quite known by some peoples and believe can deal with various symptoms or diseases. Indian head massage actually one kind of massage […]

Amazing Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy for People with Autism 

Craniosacral is an alternative therapy offers a gentle physical massage to relieve pain and tension. It is done by Giving gentle manipulation of the skull to harmonize natural rhythm in the central nervous system. craniosacral therapy or also known as CST is a bodywork therapy which palpate the cranium using light and gentle touch. Expert […]

7 Useful Benefits of Therapy Dogs for Autism Treatment

Dogs are domesticated animals that commonly taken as pet by people. This is due to their friendly and cooperative nature that make them a good pet, and they often behave well with other pets, even the other animals are from different family (e.g. cats, horse, reptile, etc). Their reputation as trusty pet should not be […]

8 Amazing Benefits of Salt Inhalation Room for Treatments (Halotherapy)

If you are someone who are constantly in need for health treatment, whether it is for recovering from disease or just regular treatment, you are more likely to experience therapy at least once during your healing period. Well, indeed therapy is not the only way to treat your health, there are also chemical medications, herbal […]