10 Impressive Health Benefits of Chinese Hot and Sour Soup in Rainy Season

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The health benefits of Chinese hot and sour soup is one of the reason why this food are popular. This soup has been consume since ancient China and believe can deal with several diseases and symptoms. Therefore, it is always serve in various Chinese restaurant to bring the ancient recipe benefit that has been known for thousands years.

The Chinese hot and sour soup is commonly serve in all Chinese restaurant around the world. It has specific taste with a little bit sour and sweet at the same time. Furthermore, it taste bring some sensation that unexplained. However, any taste from this soup making it a favorite dish when get some cold or fever.

A homemade Chinese hot and sour soup also not too difficult to made. The main ingredients are tomato, fungus, traditional spices, bamboo and tofu. This combination can mix into a great taste of hot and sour sop that believe can help to soothe the fever or other similar symptoms. Furthermore, the soup is one of the great choice during pregnancy. As it able to avoid sickness during the first trimester.

Nutrient Content of Chinese Hot and Sour Soup

In each portion of this soup can contain various nutrient. Usually in one serving of the soup or about 233gr will contain below nutrient:

  • 90cal of calories
  • 2.8gr  of fat
  • 49mg of cholesterol
  • 876mg of sodium
  • 128mg of potassium
  • 10gr of carbohydrates
  • 1.2gr of dietary fiber
  • 1gr of sugar
  • 6gr of protein
  • 2gr of vitamin A
  • 5gr of vitamin B6
  • 3gr of vitamin D
  • 2gr of vitamin C
  • 4gr of calcium
  • 8gr of iron
  • 5gr of magnesium

For further health benefits of Chinese hot and sour soup can be seen in below points:

1. Soothe Cold

The main famous benefit of the soup is to help soothing the cold symptoms. It can help to flush out all the sweat out of the body during cold. Therefore, it bring a better feeling and avoid further worst symptoms when having cold. Furthermore, it helps to warm the body and the throat. This is the same benefits of ginger root for colds and flu that can help to soothe cold symptoms too.

2. Avoid Fever

Not only can help to soothe the cold, it also a good way to avoid fever. As the soup are rich with vitamins and minerals, this soup also can help to make the fever away in sudden. This will help to bring sweat which can reduce fever and normalize the body temperature. No wonder if this soup is usually preserve for fever.

3. Increase Immunity

The vitamin inside the soup is another good way to increase the body immunity. Not to mention all the minerals of the soup that can supply enough body strength. Therefore, it can help to avoid diseases and cure some symptoms. This is the same health benefits of black bean noodles that can help to increase body immunity too.

4. Anti Bacteria

Another benefit of this soup including to help as an anti bacteria. Therefore, it will avoid the possibility of bacteria infection into the body. This making the soup as the right agent to avoid some diseases caused by any bacteria.

5. Warm The Stomach

The health benefits of Chinese hot and sour soup also to warm the stomach. Therefore, it will help to clam down the stomach problems. Furthermore, it can help to avoid upset stomach during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is the same health benefits of taking coconut oil on empty stomach that help to warm the stomach too.

6. Source Of Vitamin C

The soup made of various spices including some chili and pepper. Therefore, this soup is a good natural source of high vitamin C for the body. This can lead to avoid several diseases and increase body strength to avoid infection.

7. Wellness

Consume the soup also can help to bring wellness into the body. Therefore, it is a common choice for ancient people mainly in Chinese to have the soup to bring a better body. This is the same health benefits of Korean honey citron tea that can help to bring wellness too.

8. Better Respiratory

By eating the soup it can help to make the respiratory gets better. It will avoid any cough and phlegm so that it will help a better respiratory system. Furthermore, it can relax the breath and optimize the oxygen circulation inside the body.

9. Detoxification

The soup can help to be a natural way to detox the body from unwanted poison. As it works to help the body get sweat. This is the same health benefits apple cucumber juice that can help to detox the body too.

10. Calming Mind

Another benefit of the soup including to calm the feeling and mind. The soup might contain ingredients with high protein which help to optimize thinking. Therefore, it can help to cool down the mind and help to improve the thinking into positive way.

Cautions And Recommendation

Even the soup is good for many symptoms, doesn’t mean it has no side effects. Therefore, to deal with the effects, see below recommendation when decide to consume the soup:

  • The soup may cause stomach irritation since the taste is quite spicy. Therefore, people with stomach problems suggested not to consume this food and change with other similar soup but with no spice.
  • Too much consume of the soup can bring unwell feeling into stomach as the soup is really hot and spicy. Therefore, consume as necessary to avoid the possibility of experience diarrhea or any other similar diseases.
  • People with allergically condition shall avoid the soup as the ingredients may lead into allergically symptoms such as itchiness, redness skin or swollen body.
  • Consume the hot soup can also lead into tongue ache. Therefore, make sure to cold the soup first before serving.

Those all the health benefits of Chinese hot and sour soup that good for the wellness and avoid fever. Therefore, this food can be a natural option to deal with some light diseases. Furthermore, consume the soup also can warm the body specially during rainy seasons.