12 List of Medicinal Plants in China for Home Remedy Solutions

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Chinese medicine is one of the famous one in traditional and home remedy. The secret of Chinese herb health, traditional and home remedy has been well known for over centuries and some of them even have been applied to modern medicine and have been proven scientifically.

  1. Ginseng

The first medicinal plant that supposed to be on the top of the list is ginseng. Don’t fall to cheap ginseng easily found in marketplace because the only valuable ginseng is the one comes from genus Panax and native to China. When talking about ginseng, the main topic is probably the health benefits of ginseng for males because even now, this fact has been proven scientifically that ginseng could improve stamina and enhance sexual performance in men. However, it is not the only reason why people taking ginseng, the list of its health benefit could be endless including solution to hypertension and diabetes.

  1. Dang Gui

Dang gui is the Chinese name of Angelica root which is derived from herbal plant with botanical name Angelica sinensis. If ginseng is for men and then Angelica root is for women. One of the benefits of angelica root is to help women increasing the chance of women with infertility problem to get pregnant. The healing power for infertility of this plant is not only mentioned in Chinese folklore but also has been proven scientifically. The certain compounds found in angelica root or dang gui could help balancing the estrogen hormone in women and solution to women with irregular menstruation circle.

  1. Goji Berry

Some people are taking goji berry in the form of tea because they have known about the health benefits of goji berry tea. There are two well known species of goji berry, Lycium chinense and Lycium barbarum which comes from the family of Solanaceae. This plant is native to China and even now, the plants have been massively and commercially cultivated in China. It is because the Chinese know well about its benefits for human health and its medical properties. Not only consumed in the form of herbal tea, goji berry also added to soup and even made into health tonic. Furthermore about goji berry is, this berry has been well known as one of the super food due to its nutritional value and medical properties.

  1. Cassia Cinnamon

Though compared to the health benefits of ceylon cinnamon or true cinnamon, cassia cinnamon is less valuable but it doesn’t mean that this cinnamon has no benefit for human health. The fact is, cassia cinnamon is among the most important medicinal plants have been used as part of Chinese medicine for over centuries. If ceylon cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka, cassia cinnamon is native to China. Instead of as medicinal plants, cassia cinnamon is better known as spices because you could find this spice in almost all Asian kitchens due to its unique aroma and flavor. Cinnamon is great spice to be added into foods and beverages. Cinnamon contains potent anti-inflammatory properties and has been used traditionally to treat toothaches since ancient time. So, before you could meet your dentist, just chew some cinnamon to be used as natural and effective pain killer.

  1. Licorice Root

There are a lot of important Chinese herbs and medicinal plants but among all of them, licorice root is the most essential one. It is because licorice root contains detoxification power that could balance and harmonize all contents of Chinese herbs formula. As rich of antioxidants, licorice root has been well known to be great for immunity system and as anti-inflammatory licorice root could be used as natural treatment to symptoms of depression because it contains certain properties that improves the cortisol activity in the brain which effect is to reduce stress. For those who are currently fighting with flu and cough, one of the health benefits of licorice root tea is to ease up the symptoms before you have a chance to meet your doctor.

  1. Astragalus

Just like licorice root, one of the health benefits of astragulus extract is as detoxifier. It means, astragalus is also great for liver because it is easing up the work of liver by removing the toxins from the body. Furthermore, as detoxifier, astragalus is also reducing the chance of the development of cancerous cells caused by free radicals that are toxic to our body. Besides the extract, Chinese are also taking all the advantages of health benefits of astragulus root. It could be used as mixture to herbal tea which has a lot of amazing benefits like improving immunity system and fighting cold naturally, preventing the development of kidney stone and highly recommended for diabetic patients because it contains flavonoid to help maintaining the level of blood sugar level.

  1. Ginger

When talking about medicinal plants in every country, ginger always on the list. It is because the unique flavor of ginger is not the only the reasons why this rhizome plant is highly recommended for home remedy. Ginger has been well known for its medical properties. When you put the list of health benefits of ginger the list will be endless including light fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, nausea up to more chronic diseases like blood pressure, hypertension, cholesterol and many more could be treated just by taking all the benefits of ginger. Furthermore, ginger is easy to be planted and could adapt in even extreme climate.

  1. Reishi Mushroom

There are two types of reishi mushroom commonly found in the cupboard of any Chinese traditional medicine practitioner, black and red reishi mushroom. It is because this mushroom is among the most essential list of medicinal plants in China. The main benefit of this mushroom is due to its calming effect, so it is excellent remedy to those with sleep deprivation like insomnia that is quite common condition but not easy to deal with. It is because the health benefits of deep sleep is equal to all your health insurance for a lifetime. In other words, don’t take insomnia condition for granted because a sleepless night could cost you years of healthy life.

  1. Hawthorn Fruit

Hawthorn has been well known as one of the high blood pressure treatments in Chinese medicine for over centuries. Hypertension is one of the common conditions caused by unhealthy diet and unhealthy habit. High blood pressure is one of the silent killers that could attack anytime in the form of either heart attack or stroke. Those two attacks could be really fatal and even the survivor may suffer certain consequences. Consuming hawthorn is not only preventing those two dangerous things to happen but also improving the cardiovascular health in natural way. There is one word of caution you should aware of hawthorn that this herbs is not recommended for children, pregnant mother and breastfeeding mother. So you should take note on that matter as well.

  1. Honeysuckle Flower

Honeysuckle flower which has botanical name Lonicera japonica is native to China but also could be found in some regions in Asia like Japan and Korea. The aromatic flower is not the only benefits of this herbal plant but among the medicinal plants, honeysuckle flower is considered as one of the most important plants. Among the Chinese, honeysuckle flower is usually mixed with peppermint and used as natural home remedy to cold and flu. While in Chinese traditional medicine practice, honeysuckle is one of the essential ingredients to treat infections and even more chronic disease like bloody dysentery. Some studies even taken to proof that honeysuckle flower may be great to treat respiratory condition as well.

  1. Ma Huang

Just like honeysuckle, ma huang which is the Chinese name of Ephedra sinica also great to treat some respiratory condition like asthma. It is true that asthma is a condition that cannot be cured but you could at least prevent the things that could be used as the triggers like allergies. Ma huang has been well known to treat seasonal allergies that could lead to asthma. Ma Huang is native to China but the same species also could be found in Mongolia and some regions of Russia which is nearby to Mongolia. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory properties of ma huang ahs been scientifically proven to treat joint and bone pain.

  1. White Peony

White peony flower is native to China and right now is massively cultivated in this country in the province of Zhejiang and Sichuan for the sake of its root. Based on some scientific research studies, white peony has some medical properties that could regulate blood circulation, relieves pain, great for liver and natural solution to sweating problems. While as home remedy, the Chinese commonly use white peony root to treat diarrhea and even dysentery by combining it with dried tangerine peel. That’s why white peony root is one of the essential medicinal plants in Chinese traditional medicine.

Though some method in Chinese traditional remedy is no longer relevant but the list of medicinal plants in China above are still highly recommended for home remedy solution. Some of them even recommended to be planted in your home yard, so whenever you need them, you just need to pick them up and use them as first aid or home remedy solution before you contact your doctor for further examination.