10 Excellent Health Benefits of Chicken Salad Sandwich – Low-Fat Food

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Sandwich is a common food, which people consume it regularly. In some countries, it even becomes one of main dish or staple food. Sandwich typically consist of meat slice (often beef), green vegetables, cheese, and a pair or sliced bread. A bacon or chicken meat can also used a to fill the sandwich. Mayonnaise can also be added to enrich the flavour. It is very common food in USA.

However, regular sandwich is not healthy, and may cause obesity if there’s no limit of consumption. Hence, a regular sandwich can be modified to increase its health benefits of snapper fish. Instead of beef or bacon, people can use fish (snapper, trout, etc) or chicken  salad. The latter replacement is both rich in  protein and energy, and also it’s low-fat.

It’s true. Based on scientific survey, people aged 15 to 27 who consume chicken salad sandwich live a healthier lifestyle. It is said that it provides many benefits for health (especially, its contribution in decreasing the chance of obesity). Besides its healthy effect on us, it also gives pleasure with its delicious taste. It is one of recommended foods by nutritionists and fitness trainers. This writing provides informations you need about health benefits of chicken salad sandwich. So, check it out.

Nutrition Facts of Chicken Salad Sandwich

It’s really simple to make a chicken salad sandwich. Just prepare a chicken salad, and a pair of sliced bread. Place the chicken salad between the two breads, thus it becomes “sandwiched”. Or, alternatively you can order it from local fitness restaurant. Because it’s only consists of them, its fat percentage is low.

As noted by nutritionists, it is very healthy and suitable for people living a healthy lifestyle. Its protein also quite rich, along with other nutrients derived from the salad. Those who wish to be fit can benefits from this food. And here are the health benefits of chicken salad sandwich :

1. Chicken salad sandwich is an excellent source of energy

The amount of energy (kcal) per serving that chicken salad sandwich can provide is enough to make it a primary source of energy (staple food). In USA, for example, sandwich is almost always a choice in a breakfast or lunch.

According to scientific analysis, in comparison to other staple foods, the energy in chicken salad is almost identical. Comparable to rice, potato, wheat, etc. If East and Southeast Asia have rice as their main food, America and Western countries have chicken salad sandwich.

2. It is easy to get or make

Another excellent health benefits of chicken salad sandwich. If you want to eat something tasty yet healthy, but you don’t have time to make it, don’t be afraid. Just grab a chicken salad sandwich, and you’re ready for meal. It’s even better combined with benefits of eating omelette everyday. The materials need to make it are also affordable.

3. Its low sugar composition prevents obesity

Chicken salad sandwich’s ingredients have little to none sugar. If you really want to not use sugar completely, use  fresh wheat breads. Sugar in foods have its positive and negative points, but you shouldn’t consume too much sugar. Fortunately, chicken salad sandwich is tasty enough to make you forget chocolate and other sugary foods.

4. Its low-fat ingredients is good for weight loss

Probably the best health benefits of chicken salad sandwich. While its energy is enough to fulfill daily calorie needs, its low-fat ingredients can really help lose some pounds. Combined with regular exercises (e.g. cardio sports, weightlifting, etc) and other low-carbs low-fat diet (such as fish, tuna, fruits, etc), you can lose weight easily according to benefits of dragon fruit for weight loss

5. Chicken salad sandwich is very versatile

You can eat it anywhere and anytime. But, according to some sources, it is very popular lunch-type food. Chicken salad sandwich is also a good company for picnic lunch. It can be prepared in short time, and its size is free to customize, depend on the consumer favor. It’s best consumed during break time.

6. Chicken salad sandwich packs a high amount of essential nutritions

Another amazing health benefits of chicken salad sandwich. Body needs nutritions to maintain the metabolism and to keep away from disease. Chicken salad sandwich packs a high amount of essential nutritions. It protects you from malnutritions and hunger, gives the same benefits as health benefits of mexican rice.

7. Chicken salad sandwich is a rich source of dietary fiber

One of common health benefits of chicken salad sandwich is its high amount of dietary fiber. It is common for a lunch-themed foods such as sandwich to have fiber. They are needed to maintain and improve body metabolism. According to health experts, consuming enough fiber can improve health condition (e.g. preventing constipation) and prolong the feeling of fullness. 

8. It is rich in green vegetables nutritions

Because it has green vegetables as part of the sandwich, chicken salad sandwich provides you with nutrients and phytochemicals only obtainable from them, such as Vitamins, beta-carotene, iron, etc. Chicken salad sandwich may made of various green vegetables, to add the benefits and nutritions. It also can be tasty when added with mayonnaise or sauce health benefits of cassava starch.

9. Chicken salad sandwich is very rich in protein

Another health benefits of chicken salad sandwich. Because it has chicken meat, one of the largest sources of protein (along with beef, eggs, butter, etc), it is very beneficial for muscle building. Also, according to some researches, its high protein can improve body chemical activities and prevent some diseases caused by lack of protein. Also, chicken meat used in salad sandwich are usually not overcooked as to keep its protein intact.

10. Other ingredients can be added to enhance chicken salad sandwich taste and benefits

Yes, you can create your own chicken salad sandwich and combine it with various ingredients such as pasta, rice, noodles, tomato, sauce, and so on so forth. In some occassion, grilled fish (such as tuna) and health benefits of long pepper with roasted chicken meat can be added.