12 Greatest Health Benefits of Chicken Lollipop for The Kids

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Every kids love the health benefits of chicken lollipop due to its yummy taste and funny shape. Therefore, no wonder if this food is favorite among the children. Furthermore, it is popular among the children for daily meal including breakfast or lunch. Making a homemade chicken lollipop also a simple thing. This is one of the advantage of creating this kind of meal for kids to increase their appetite.

Chicken lollipop can make homemade. The ingredients also not much. Prepare a chicken thigh and some spices. To create is, make sure to throw some bone and use the long bone as the stick. Gives some spices and fried it until dry. We can add flour or sauce if like. This meal can easily prepare less than 30 minutes. Therefore, many family chose to preserve this for breakfast.

Nutrient Content of Chicken Lollipop

This chicken lollipop are rich with various nutrient. This make this food is suitable to consume for the kids. Further content in each portion of this food contain below:

  • Calories 184.8cal
  • Total Fat 1.3 g
  • Cholesterol 20.7 mg
  • Sodium 322.7 mg
  • Potassium 147.8 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 35.1 g
  • Dietary Fiber 0.9 g
  • Sugars 28.4 g
  • Protein 10.1 g
  • Vitamin A 0.8 gr
  • Vitamin B-12 2.3 gr
  • Vitamin B-6 11.4 gr
  • Vitamin C 2.0 gr
  • Vitamin E 1.3 gr
  • Calcium 3.2 gr
  • Copper 3.3 gr
  • Folate 3.5 gr
  • Iron 6.0 gr
  • Magnesium 4.9 gr
  • Manganese 8.0 gr
  • Niacin 23.1 gr
  • Phosphorus 9.8 gr
  • Riboflavin 5.1 gr
  • Selenium 19.0 gr
  • Thiamin 7.8 gr
  • Zinc 3.7 gr

For further health benefits of chicken lollipop, specially for the kids, see below lists of advantage:

1. Source Of Protein

This meal is contain big number of protein. Therefore, it is a good source of protein. Furthermore, it can help to support the protein needs for the kids. This is the same health benefits of banana bread that can help to bring source of protein too.

2. Brain Development

The protein is a good way to improve the brain nerve. Therefore, consume a chicken lollipop also good to support the brain development during the growing age. Furthermore, it can help to improve the mind and thinking. It will improve the children memory too that can support their learning process.

3. Add Energy

Chicken lollipop contain quite much calories. Therefore, it can be a good source of energy. Specially for kids that have many activities daily. Therefore, consume this meal will support the needed energy whole day and also help to avoid hunger in the afternoon. This food lead to full stomach and avoid empty stomach. This is the same health benefits of Chinese food that can help to add energy too.

4. Support Muscle

The protein inside the food also good to support the body muscle. Therefore, it is good to develop the kids muscle to able doing some activities mainly to do sports. Furthermore, it can help to add muscle mass and result some lean muscle.

5. Improve Lung

Another health benefits of chicken lollipop for the kids also to help improving the lung. Therefore, it can help to optimize the respiratory system. Furthermore, it will help to avoid any possibility of lung diseases. This is the same benefits of eucalyptus for lungs that can help to improve the lung too.

6. Better Digestive

The food contain some dietary fiber that good to support the digestive system. It can improve the intestine bowel movement so that lead to a fasten digest. Furthermore, it will help to avoid any digestive problems.

7. Increase Metabolism

More advantage of consume the chicken lollipop including to optimize the body metabolism system. Furthermore, it can help to optimize the form of food into energy for daily activities. Therefore, it can bring to fasten metabolic rate that good to support nutrient absorption in the body. This is the same health benefits of Christmas cake that can help to increase body metabolic rate too.

8. Avoid Anemia

Chicken lollipop contain zinc that can support the form of red blood cell inside the blood arteries. Therefore, it will make sure a good blood circulation and avoid dizziness due to the risk of anemia. Furthermore, it  will stimulate to develop a new blood cell that will renew the blood every day.

9. Healthy Grow

Consume the food also help to bring source of several vitamins and minerals for the body. Therefore, it is a good agent to deal with a better growth and development. Mainly to support the children grow in their developing age. This is the same benefits of red meat for body building that can help to support a healthy grow everyday.

10. Increase Appetite

The most benefit that lovable from preserve this chicken lollipop is to increase the appetite for the children. The delicious and spicy taste of this food can help to stimulate children appetite and consume more food. Therefore, it can help to provide nutrient that needed by the kids everyday. 

11. Improves Immunity

The food also high in numerous vitamin, including it contain vitamin C that good to support body immune development. Therefore, consuming this food everyday will keep a high immunity that will work to protect the body from various diseases.

12. Avoid Infection

As the food rich in vitamin C that improve the body immune system, it also will help to avoid the possibility of experience bacteria or virus infection. Furthermore, it can improve a healthy body that away from any diseases caused by the infection.

Cautions And Recommendation

This kind of food is bring many advantages for the health. However, there are also several side effects that needs to consider. Therefore, make sure to understand below risk before prepare the food to consume by the kids:

  • Children with allergically condition shall avoid consume this food when experience symptoms such as itchiness, redness skin or swollen ankle.
  • The food usually deep fried. Therefore, make sure to give in proper portions to avoid the possibility of getting fried. Mainly to the kids with throat weakness.
  • Consume too much of this food might lead to obesity. Therefore, only serve as necessary.

Those all the health benefits of chicken lollipop. Specially when serve for the children. Through a proper portions everyday, the food can bring numerous advantage that good to support the kids development. Furthermore, it rich with nutrient too.