Ayurvedic List of Medicinal Herbs in India and Health Benefits

Living with nature will open your mind that it is not only you who protect the nature but if you respect the nature, nature will protect you as well. You could make an endless list of herbs, spices, herbal plant that have been part of your daily life. The list of medicinal herbs in India […]

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Milk in Ayurveda Treatments

There are a lot of benefits of milk in Ayurveda. It can be a good source of calcium, vitamin D, protein and many more. Based on the Ayurveda, there are various foods which called “Rasayana”. Rasayana means it has highly nourishing and can revitalizing our body easily. In Ayurveda milk is one of the best […]

9 Health Benefits of Buttermilk in Ayurveda (no.6 is Shocking)

Do you ever feel constipation and heartburn after a meal? Or, do you need to replenish your stamina after a long day of hardworking? Or do you need refreshment after doing activities under the sun? Yep, before you think about grabbing a bottle of soda or iced tea to refresh yourself, it is a lot […]