6 Super Health Benefits of Beets for Babies for Their Growth

Beets are vegetables that contain most nutrients and minerals. We could know from the color it has. Dark purple which portrays how nutritious and savory it is. Rumors said that beets are beneficial in producing more blood for our body, thus it is good for anemia sufferer. In culinary, we may find beets in salad, […]

22 Top Health Benefits of Beets #Nutrients & Tips

People nowadays tend to choose the best food to consume in their daily life. They may research for the nutrients of the food they want to eat before. Indeed, they try to make their life become better and healthier. So now, we talk about one food that has many health benefits for us. Beets or […]

8 Main Health Benefits of Eating Canned Beets

Beets are seasonal plants which have deep purple roots in color and they are usually used as a food coloring and known as a healthy plant. There are so many health benefits of eating canned beets. They make many people always looking for these plants. Therefore, beets can only be grown in certain season, so […]

14 Health Benefits of Beets for Athletes (No. 4 & 5 is Insane)

Then, ancient Romans firstly cultivated beets to use its green and root as food. Beet’s root as for human consumption becomes popular in sixteenth century. Beets commonly consumed either pickled or in borscht, the traditional Russian soup. This shows how beet popular since years until know. Beets, colorful roots vegetable have many benefits for health […]