8 Unknown Health Benefits of Beets for The Brain #Proven

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beetsBeets are known as a good vegetable for children and elderly. There are some proven health benefits of beets for babies. This vegetable is having some colors and a little bit sweet taste. But the famous one is the red color beets. It is original comes from North America and have various kind of cultivations. Furthermore, it is known for its benefit including health benefits of beets for the brain.

Beets is an easy grow vegetable. Growing beets in a home garden is simple and possible. It grows best in well-drained soil. It is needs full sun to grow. Therefore, to plant this vegetable in a country which rich in sunshine is a perfect way. To grow this vegetable can started from planting the seeds. This seed will grow and forms a bulbous root. Once the roots have matured, the plant will bring flower and no longer it will ready to be harvested.

Nutritional Value of Beets

Below is the nutritional value of 1 pc of Beet (82gr):

  • Calories 35cal
  • Total Fat 0.1gr
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Sodium 64mg
  • Potassium 266mg
  • Carbohydrates 8gr
  • Dietary Fibers 2.3gr
  • Sugar 6gr
  • Protein 1.3gr
  • Calcium 20mg
  • Iron 40mg
  • Magnesium 102mg
  • Vitamin A 21mg
  • Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 1.7gr
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 2gr

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Below are 5 health benefits of beets for the brain:

1. Improve Brain Function

Beets have good benefits for the brain, especially if combine with exercise. This will increase the nitrate content. When the body transform nitrates to enhance oxygen, the oxygen circulation of the brain can be improved. Therefore, the brain function can be improved too. This is the same benefit as the health benefits of goat meat. Furthermore, the brain functioning skills such as focus and attention can be optimized.

2. Avoid Dementia

Beet is good for elderly since it can increase the blood flow to the brain. Therefore, it helps to optimize the oxygen circulation to the brain nerve. This make the nerve keep active and help to reduce the possibility of dementia. Hence, an active brain nerve stimulate mind and optimize memory.

3. Increase Blood Flow of Brain

Another health benefits of beets for the brain including to increase the blood flow to the brain. Therefore, it stimulates the blood wall to have a better blood circulation. This will optimize the work of the brain nerve. It also helps to prevent high blood pressure and avoid brain damage.

This is due to the dilates of nitric oxide to the brain blood vessel. It increases the blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain. This is important since as the capacity to generate nitric oxide is slowly reduce due to aging.

4. Improve Cognitive

Beets can help to improve cognitive. As many of us know that cognitive function might decrease due to aging. This condition will lead to cerebral blood flow reduction. The age-related disease in cerebral function will cause neurological disorder such as Alzheimer.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the cognitive function is well maintain. This can be reach by optimize the cerebral and neurovascular works in the brain. Hence, a good cerebral metabolism can improve a good cognitive too.

5. Boost Brain Health

Another health benefits of beets for the brain is to increased tissue oxygenation. This can improve the brain neuroplasticity by optimize the oxygenation process of the somatomotor cortex. Hence, it will boosts the health condition of the brain.

It is recommended to also consume vitamin B to support this function. Since one of the benefits of vitamin b6 including to boost brain nerve. Therefore, it will boost the brain health.

Recommended Intake of Beets

Below are some ways to consume the beets:

1. Beets Juice

Most of the people consume raw beets as a juice. Through this way the nutrition of the beet is still full and not loose. Put 1 to 2 ounces of raw beets in a juicer. Consume it every morning. No need to put additional honey since it is normally sweet already. You might add lemonade for a little bit sour taste. The health benefits of drinking warm lemon water are good for your health too.

2. Beets Steam

Some people choice to stem the fruit. Most parent blend the stew beet as a dish for the babies. Due to its good benefit, it is suitable to consume by babies. To make various recipe, usually it mixes with carrot or any other kind of vegetables. Health benefits of carrot including improve the vision. Therefore. To combine beet and carrot bring a good benefit for baby development.

3. Beets Extract for Desserts

Red velvet is famous in culinary world as one of the most favorite cakes. Therefore, some bakery uses the beet extract to make a cake or even ice cream. This is a fun way to gain the health benefits of beets for the brain since nobody hard to resist the temptation of cakes and ice cream.

Side Effects of Beets

The same way as many other vegetables, beets also has numerous side effects. Below are some side effects that will need caution:

  1. It can produce allergic reaction such as rash, itchiness and dizziness. Therefore, if this is your first time in consuming beets, try small portion first. If the allergic reaction happens, do not continue.
  2. It will cause red color on urine, which is a condition called beeturia. This might lead to iron metabolism problem. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of beets in case of iron deficiency is happen to the body.
  3. Diabetic patient suggested to avoid this vegetable. Due to the sweet taste may increase the blood sugar level of diabetic patient.
  4. In some people it can make a stomach upset. It might change the bowel movement and constipation. Therefore, avoid this with consuming purple spinach since one of the health benefits of purple spinach including good for constipation.