20 Health Benefits of Jamun Leaves (Proven Traditional Cures)

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There is a phrase that says “health depends on what you eat”. Do you agree? What the phrase says indeed true. What we eat affects to the health of our bodies. For that, this article is happily to tell you one of the foods that can take care of your health.

Ever heard of Jamblang? Or maybe you’ll directly know it if it’s called by another name, like Duwet. Well, Indonesian people must be have heard this fruit, Duwet. Duwet or Jamblang tree has many names. The name depends on where the tree is located. If you live in Bali, its name will change to Juwet or Jujutan. Else, if you live in Flores, it’s called Jambulan. If you live in Java, you will know it by the name Jamblang.

Some people are called Java plums or black plums. The scientific name of this fruit is Syzygium cumini. This tree grows naturally in the Himalayas, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Australia. In Indonesia itself, this tree is mostly found in Java. This tree is tall and big. Unlike the body of this tree, the Jamun fruit has a small size instead with a size of 2-3 cm.

At first it is green, but it will change over time with its maturity into purple. The taste of this fruit is sour and sweet. But wait. We will not discuss much about the tree or the fruit. You will see the benefits of this tree and fruit in other articles on this page.

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This article will specifically discuss about Jamblang leaf. The shape of the leaves are thick, wide, and with a pinnate bone. The color is green. This leaf has a lot of very useful content such as antioxidants, anti-virus, anti-inflammatory, can also helping in lower blood sugar levels, treat constipation and eliminate allergies.

This leaf is also used as a silkworm feed. In addition, the essential oils that produced from these leaves are used as raw materials for perfume manufacture and soap industry. Well, have you ever use perfume or soap that the raw material is this leaves? How is the fragrance? From now on, you will see some surprising health benefits of jamun leaves :

  1. Dysentery medicine

Jamblang leaves can cure dysentery. This leaf is very powerful to overcome the disease and prevent the disease from attacking your body again. Please don’t worry about side effects from leaves or the processes during this healing use the leaf.

  1. Effectively overcome kidney stones

Use this Jamun leaves as much as 10-15 gm, then wash and extract this leaf juice. Add 3 black pepper in the juice and drink twice a day for several times.

  1. Prevent cancer

Jamblang leaves can anticipate cancer. with anti-cancer properties in this leaf, your body can be prevented from attack of cancer cells that damage the body’s cell tissues.

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  1. Prevent tumors

Prevent tumor is another benefit of this leaf. Natural properties without side effects on the leaves is useful to prevent tumors growing or developing.

  1. Overcoming fever

Usually if you have a fever for 3 days or more, it means there are serious things that attacking your health. But you do not have to wait until the third day to use jamblang leaves as a medicine. even on the first day, you can immediately try to use this Jamblang leaf to relieve the heat from your body. use it regularly until your heat goes down.

  1. Smooth blood flow

You can rely on the benefits of this leaf to smooth your blood circulation. This benefit is very important. Why? because a smooth blood flow will also support the heart’s performance better in pumping blood throughout your body.

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  1. Treating a dilapidated skin

Tolerating the dilapidated on the skin can be very dangerous for skin tissue in your body. Then, for those of you who have a dilapidated skin, you can entrust this treatment task to the leaf Jamblang. Please, love your skin.

  1. Prevent sprue

You must be have felt the pain of canker sores. Sprue can be caused by frequency eating foods that are too spicy or because of stress. Cancer sores make us very uncomfortable while eating. Therefore, this Jamblang leaf is perfect for preventing canker sores. This leaves will provide a stronger defense against all parts of your mouth to avoid canker sores.

  1. Anti hypertension

For those of you who have high blood, you can get benefit from this Jamblang leaf. This leaf has a compound that works to lower high blood pressure or hypertension.

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  1. Treating ulcers

Ever had ulcers? Ulcers are a kind of inflamed skin disease and also swelling. It hurts when we touched it and also painful. Before using other medicines or ointments, you can try to treat it in a natural way , that is used the benefits of Jambul leaves.

  1. Anti diarrhea

The main health benefits of Jamun leave is to treat diarrhea. A powerful compound to overcome diarrhea and also prevent this digestive disease coming back to your body can be found in this leaf.

  1. Overcome the blistered mouth

You can brew 5 to 6 of fresh Jamun leaves, and use the water to gargle your mouth as often as possible. Or, you can simply choose to chew the fresh Jamun leaves directly.

  1. Support digestion

Based on research which is conducted by Ayurveda and Unani, this leaves can be used to treat the diarrhea and indigestion problem by combining the leaves and bark of Jamun  with other ingredients.

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  1. Helping the ovaries or endometrium

This benefits especially for women. By inserting this Jamun leaf into the water, or by making it into juice and adding a little honey into it, this leaf can work to Treat female infertility due to functional disorders of the ovaries or endometrium.

  1. Overcome bleeding piles

Make juice from Jamun leaf, add chutney leaves and jaggery to the juice and drink this juice with 1 cup cow milk for a week. The extract of this juice will help you to curing the bleeding piles.

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16. Diabetes Cure 

According to research in India, if we combine leaf, seed and jamblang skin, this combination will help reduce diabetes, and also prevent cataracts that can be caused by diabetes.

17. Escherchia coli and Staphylococcus

Some studies show that Jamblang or Jamun leaves contain essential oils that have antibacterial leaves that react to Escherchia coli and Staphylococcus. Related to the health, the maximum benefit you can get from this leaf, is when the leaves are young and fresh.

5 other health benefits Jamun leaves that we can get are :

  1. Good for bone – This is the traditional cure to strengthen your bone health
  2. Overcoming rheumatic – Yes, you can use jamun leaves as rheumatic treatments
  3. Overcoming the infection of the urinary tract
  4. Cure vomiting that caused by aggravated pitta
  5. Treating influenza

That’s the health benefits of Jamun leaves. Start from now on, try to use the Jamun leaves to resolve your health problems and prove the benefits of this leave.

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