22 Super Health Benefits of Black Soybean #Vitamin E Source

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Black soybean is one of the bean types that is often used as one of the ingredients for the making of soy sauce. Black soybean indeed is not as popular as a normal soybean in Indonesia.

The usage of black soybean is also still limited to soy sauce only, when in fact there are a lot of other great benefits from the black soybean that we can get.

Details on the Popularity and Nutrition of Black Soybean

In Asia’s medication, the black soybean is used a lot for diet to maintain the healthy food intake. Second, the black soybean also contains isoflavone (like in normal soybean) and has a lot of amino essential acids, vitamin E, saponin (that is also contained in the health benefits of mint leaves), and other components of nutrition.

According to many research, the black soybean is known in general as a natural medicine that can increase the body’s health better than those who don’t consume soybean. Besides that, high protein and health benefits of vitamin E inside the black soybean are also good for the skin’s elasticity and can work as a collagen for the skin. Vitamin E inside the black soybean is the vitamin that can dissolve inside the fat that can produce antioxidant effect.

Here are some components of black soybean that can give some benefits for the body:

1. Anthocyanin

For anti-aging, the anthocyanin plays a significant role by maintaining the antioxidants that can help the human’s body. Anthocyanin usually can be found inside black foods that can be dissolved in the water. The black soybean contains anthocyanin in it that makes the bean’s skin colored black and gives amazing nutrition.

The bean’s black skin then can give vitamin E and essential amino acids to protect the skin, make the skin stays healthy, young, and build muscles. Besides that, the black color contains high antioxidant components that can perhaps prevent premature aging, cancer, and boils.

Here are the list of benefits from the anthocyanin content inside the black soybean for human’s health. You can also get the anthocyanin from the health benefits of acerola cherries.

  1. Prevent premature aging
  2. Antioxidant
  3. Good for the skin
  4. Hair’s health
  5. Build muscles
  6. Prevent cancer
  7. Treat boils

Thus, there are great health benefits of Black Soybean.

2. Isoflavone

Isoflavone, that is similar to estrogen hormone in women, inside the black soybeans can also give benefits. A lot of research has shown that black soybean contains less isoflavone than the normal soybean. Effects of anthocyanin and isoflavone together can be stronger to strengthen the body than a mere normal soybean.

Therefore, Asian people in general thinks that the black soybean has a lot more nutrition than the normal one. This is why then the black soybean is used a lot for medicines. You can also get isoflavone from the health benefits of edamame.

Here are the details of isoflavone benefits inside the black soybean:

  1. Prevent cancer
  2. Prevent heart attack
  3. Prevent problems when menopause happens
  4. Prevent prostate problems
  5. Protect the bones’ health

So, there is no reason to get rid of black soybean from your daily intakes. Happy trying the black soybean for your own good!

Black Soybean Benefits to Increase Pregnant Possibility

Chinese experts have found that the ethanol extract inside the black soybean can stimulate the growth of MCF-7 cell and increase the estrogen-responsive gen receptor expression inside from their research. A clinical study from 36 patients in Japan shows that consuming black soybean powders for 6 months is very good for those of you who wants to quickly get pregnant and get offspring. You then can also consume kiwi to get the benefits of kiwi during pregnancy.

The nutrition contents in black soybean is required to be used as nutrition references that are good for the body. The people in Japan and some other countries in Asia has been actively using the black soybean herbs for many traditional medications or even non-traditional, that are very effective to heal their diseases. So, go and eat this beans to get great health benefits of Black Soybean!