The Power of Soya: 10 Health Benefits of Soy Nuts

Soy nuts are prevalent in East Asia. They are found in numerous food sources including tofu, milk, and processed food sources like bread and grains. Soy nuts are usually consumed as a plant protein as it has each one of the amino acids that go about as the building blocks of protein. In addition to […]

12 Worthy Health Benefits of Taking Soy Protein Powder

Soybean is an important commodity that is increasingly in demand by the community. Soy which can be processed into flour or milk. As for the function of soy powder in the processed meat industry is, it is used as a mixture of meat or filler. The soybean powder can substitute the meat so it is […]

21 Health Benefits of Boiled Soybeans That You Are Not Aware

Soybean is one of bean types that can be processed into many things, such as tempe, tofu, soy sauce, soybean milk, boiled soybean can even be processed into flour. Soybean is one of the beans that have a high concentration of protein. Soybean is also the type of bean that is perfect to consume for […]

22 Super Health Benefits of Black Soybean #Vitamin E Source

Black soybean is one of the bean types that is often used as one of the ingredients for the making of soy sauce. Black soybean indeed is not as popular as a normal soybean in Indonesia. The usage of black soybean is also still limited to soy sauce only, when in fact there are a […]

20 Health Benefits of Soybean Oil #1 Top Natural Remedy

Most oil used for cooking food contain soybean oil which the main ingredient is the soybean itself. Even soybean oil is most consumed cooking oil. Soybean (Glycine Max) is included in Leguminosae or nuts group. Fat contained in soybean mostly is unsaturated fat which is very good for health because it can control cholesterol and […]