30 Various Health Benefits of Exotic Fruits Which You Never Heard

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There are many advantages of various type of fruits including the health benefits of exotic fruits. This type of fruit might not be heard before. Specially if living in a country which produce less fruit.

But in a country which consider in tropical weather, usually there are many kind of exotic fruits that delicious and bring many benefits. Therefore, no wonder if people living in Asia is blessed with various fruits that they can try everyday.

Exotic fruits normally grow in a country with tropical weather, such as in Indonesia. It needs a quite warm weather which not to cold to growth best. There are many kind of exotic fruits that imported around the world. Therefore, even live in a cold weather countries, it doesn’t mean not to able consume this rare fruits. But to be noted, it is important to understand that this exotic fruits will fail growth in extreme weather such as in a country with winter!

The consideration of winter weather makes the biggest importer of the exotic fruits still come from Asia. Such as China, Malaysia and including Indonesia. Furthermore, Latin countries such as Spain also have numerous type of this rare fruits. However, it is not as much as the fruits which grow in the Asia.

Type of Exotic Fruits

To get to know which fruits include as exotic fruits, see below explanation. It will describe the fruit including the health benefit too.

1. Durian

The first and the most well known exotic fruits can be durian. (Read: Health Benefits of Durian) This is an awesome fruit that really delicious but will strong smell. This fruit is benefit to add energy due to the high contain of sugar. However, this may lead to the possibility of cholesterol and even diabetic symptoms.

Therefore, carefully consume the fruit. If experience those kind of diseases, it is better to avoid consume durian! This is the same health benefits of onion and banana juice that can bring a high energy too.

2. Longan

The next fruit is longan. This fruit is known to be delicious and really good to consume with some ice and syrup. Therefore, longan is quite famous in many countries.

China is the most produce country of this kind of fruit. However, it is suggested for people with diabetic symptoms to avoid consume the fruits. Since the taste is really sweet and may lead to diabetic. Here’s for more information about the Health Benefits of Longan

3. Chom Chom

Many people might know that chom chom is a kind of fruit, In Indonesia we call it rambutan. This is a very sweet fruit that benefit to help bring energy for children. But carefully consume the fruit for elderly since it can lead to diabetic.

Another benefit of this fruit including to be the fiber source which can ease the digestive system. This is the same health benefits semolina pudding that can help to ease digestive too.

4. Mangosteen

Another kind of exotic fruits that bring many benefits is mangosteen. This fruit is extracted due to the health benefits including for maintain a healthy skin, a great anti oxidant and help with weight loss. Therefore, this fruit is a common fruit and the extracted product exported around the world.

Furthermore, the fruit also taste delicious but with some little sour taste. Here’s for more information about the Health Benefits of Mangosteen

5. Sapodilla

This fruit is an exotic fruit that mostly growth in South East Asia. Therefore, it is common to find in Malaysia or Indonesia. It has brown color and benefit to deal with several diseases. It has a good anti oxidant that can help to avoid the free radical effect.

Including to bring  a younger look. This is the same health benefits bancha tea that can help as an anti oxidant too. Here’s for more information about the Health Benefits of Chikoo

6. Jackfruit

This fruit not only benefit to consume but also can cook as vegetables. Therefore, it bring various benefits for the health including to control the metabolic rate and to avoid diseases.

Furthermore, the health benefits of exotic fruits including as an anti inflammation and anti oxidant also contain in the fruit. Here’s for more information about the Health Benefits of Jackfruits

7. Dragon Fruit

This is a well known fruit that has sweet taste and contain enormous number of vitamin C. Therefore, the fruit is good to increase immune system and help to avoid inflammation.

Furthermore, it can help to avoid bacteria infection. This is the same health benefits arnica that can work as an anti bacteria too. Here’s for more information about the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

8. Star Fruit

Star fruit is good to lower down the blood tension. Therefore, it is export to many countries. The taste is sweet and sour. It also help to manage a better blood circulation and avoid cholesterol. Here’s for more information about the Excellent Health Benefits of Starfruit

9. Pomelo

Another type of exotic fruit is pomelo. It is the biggest fruit and the biggest source of vitamin B and C. Furthermore, it can help to ease metabolism and benefit for weight loss too. Here’s for more information about the Health Benefits of Pomelo

10. Guava

Guava also good to manage a healthy blood and avoid cholesterol. Furthermore, it is a high source of vitamin C that can work to avoid sickness and infection. Here’s for more information about the Health Benefits of Guava

More Exotic Fruits with Benefits

Here are more  health benefits of exotic fruits:

  1. Rambutan – Health Benefits of Rambutan
  2. Santol Fruit – Health Benefits of Santol Fruit
  3. Matoa Fruit – Health Benefits of Matoa Fruit

Cautions And Recommendations

There are various notice that needs to consider when consume the fruits. They are as below:

  • Some fruit might be danger for pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant woman suggested not to consume several types of fruit such as durian. Since the fruit is quite hot inside the body and can lead to miscarriage.
  • Several fruits also can bring allergically conditions such as redness skin, itchiness and even sickness, dizzy and nausea. Therefore, if this symptoms happen after consume the fruit, it is suggested to avoid consume it again. It is better to replace with another fruit that considered safe such as apple and orange.
  • Some fruits also can lead to numerous diseases, such as lead to cholesterol or diabetes. Therefore, carefully select the most benefit fruits and avoid this kind of fruit if having those kind of diseases.

Those are all the health benefits of exotic fruits that rarely known. Even some fruits is not well known in the market. However, it is a great bless to live in such tropical countries. This can bring experience to consume various weird fruit that might not grow in western parts of the world.