11 Health Benefits of Onion and Banana Juice (#1 Energy Source)

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What is your favorite juice recipes? Is it carrots with orange juice? Or lemon with apple juice? Then, you may be surprised to know that onion and banana juice is the good option to go. Indeed, that may sound not tasty, but you need to see for its nutritional value. Yes, it has the best nutrients for sure. Thus, if you are curious about the things of onion and banana juice, then you can check the health benefits of onion and banana juice below.

1. Source of Fiber

It cannot be denied that onion and banana have the high source of fiber. As a result, fiber is the one that plays a role in promoting digestion. Besides, onion has Inulin as a dietary fiber to promote the presence of healthy bacteria in the intestines. Indeed, it will keep the healthy bowel movement and protect the digestive health for sure. As the consequence, if you want to have the healthy digestion, then having onion and banana juice can help you a lot. You can also check on Health Benefits of Barley and Lentils

2. Source of Antioxidant

It turns out that onion and banana have the good amount of antioxidant level in it. As the consequence, antioxidant will protect the body against disease. Not only for that, the content of phenolics and flavonoids is valuable to prevent cancer and body inflammation. Such the great benefits, right? You can also check on Health Benefits of Kumquats

3. Helps to Lose Weight

Due to the presence of fiber, then onion and banana juice take part in controlling the body weight. This is due to its ability to makes us feel full longer. Then, it will, control the appetite and help to lose the weight. For the tips, to have a healthy diet, then you need to consume healthy foods such as fruits vegetables together with onion and banana juice for the healthiest results! You can also check on Health Benefits of Eating Raw Bell Pepper

4. Boosts Energy

If you want to have more energy for doing daily activities, then drinking onion and banana juice is something that should be taken into account. At this point, it has good protein content to boost the energy building in the body. Therefore, start your day with a glass of onion and banana juice! You can also check on Health Benefits of Rice

5. Promotes Heart Health

Do you want to have a healthy heart? Then, drinking onion and banana juice may help you a lot. It is due to the presence of high fiber in it. This is also based on a study done by University of Leeds in the UK shown that the consumption of fiber-rich foods can prevent cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. For the tips, you can find fiber source in many fruits and vegetables as well. Then, the regular consumption of healthy ingredients like onion and banana juice will help you to reduce the risk of heart diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

6. Controls Blood Pressure

One of the health benefits of onion and banana juice is to control blood pressure level in the body. At this point, banana has low salt content while onion and banana have great potassium level. As a result, potassium plays a role in maintaining blood pressure level. Great, isn’t it?

7. Promotes Brain Health

By having onion and banana juice for breakfast, then it can help to promote the brain health. In this case, banana has high potassium level which can promote the memory skill and maintain the brain health. Also, it is known that consuming foods which have potassium can reduce the risk of a blood clot in the brain by 21%. Hence, now the choice is yours, get your onion and banana juice for the healthy life!

8. Prevents Cancer

As described before, onion and banana juice has the great antioxidant level. By this means, it will help to reduce the risks of cancer cells growth such as renal cell cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. For the tips, to prevent cancer, you need to consume healthy foods and apply healthy lifestyle as well.

9. Prevents Anemia

Next, the presence of iron in onion and banana will help to promote the regulation of red blood cells in the body. As a result, it takes part to prevent anemia which is a condition of the low level of red blood cells. Moreover, as you consume onion and banana juice regularly, then it will help to treat chronic fatigue and paleness. Indeed, onion and banana juice is the great beverage as it offers you numerous health benefits! You can also check on Anemia Treatments

10. Treats Respiratory Problems

The next health benefit of onion and banana juice is to treat respiratory problems. This is due to the sulfur content in onion. It will help to relieve chest congestion and treat the common cold. Moreover, it also takes part in relieving sore throat, cough, and even bronchitis. Not only for that, the greater way also comes from onion juice which can treat asthma attacks. Indeed, onion has expectorant properties which are beneficial to fight colds, coughs, bronchitis, and congestion as well.

11. Boosts Immune System

Onion and banana juice create protection for the body as it offers to the strong immune system. This is linked to the presence of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in it. It prevents infection and free radicals damage. Thus, if you want to get rid of certain diseases and infection, then choosing onion and banana juice for your drink is such a good way to go!

To summarize, onion and banana juice has the great nutritional value. The combination of these two superfoods will boost your health for sure. It will become part of your healthy diet to stay healthy. Yet, you need to be aware of the effects due to the consumption of onion juice. It may lead to gastric irritation, nausea, or even vomiting due to the large consumption. Then, drink your onion and banana juice in a right and the proper way to achieve best health results!