20 Proven Health Benefits of Mangosteen (#Scientific Research)

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Health benefits of mangosteen as anti-cancer properties have amazing proven evidence, many scientist already do some research about that. Mangosteen, which has the botanical name Garcinia mangostana is one of the fruits that called ‘the queen of the tropical fruit’. This fruit originates from the Sunda Islands in Indonesia. So, this fruit is basically grown in South East Asia, South West India, Puerto Rico, and many tropical places. It has fews fleshy segments if you’re consuming it and you could recognize this fruit easily since it has the dark-purple color and also has the thick skin. Like any other fruits, mangosteen is also will bring you a lot of benefits. Do you know the exact benefits of mangosteen? Here we provide you about various greatness that you will get when you’re deciding to eat the mangosteen.

  1. Anti-Cancer Properties

This is the first benefit that you could get from the mangosteen. So, according to the study, mangosteen fruit contains a compound called xanthones. This compound is evidenced to be a very good source to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, such a liver cancer, colon cancer, and also the leukemia cells. Furthermore, the mangosteen fruit is also contains various types of nutrient that would be very beneficial to protect your body from cancer, such as folic acids for example.

  1. Preventing Infection

This is also an important benefit from the mangosteen that you could get from the mangosteen. So, according to the Cancer Center, mangosteen fruit can inhibit the growth of the bacteria and fungi and thus, your body will be free from any infections. Furthermore, another studies evidence that the xanthones compound could block the growth of bacteria called leptospires and when this xanthone compound is combined with penicillin, it will greatly improve the efficacy of antibiotics to treat various infections.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The next benefit of the mangosteen is that it contains anti-inflammatory properties which will prevent your body from the development of many hazardous diseases such as heart diseases and also diabetes. There are many studies that already shown that the mangosteen fruit can lower the levels of C-reactive protein that would be hazardous for your body. So, you better consume two or three mangosteen fruits per day to get the full advantage of its anti-inflammatory effects.

  1. Proper Growth

Eating mangosteen will also bring your body the great effects, especially related to the proper organ growth of your body. So, mangosteen contains high amount of copper, and this copper is really beneficial for various kinds of organ tissues’ growth and development. In fact, you couldn’t get a proper oxygenation if you’re suffering from copper deficiency. Consuming mangosteen fruit will be beneficial to give your body the addition of the copper and to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of copper in the body.

  1. Healthier Bowel

Just like any other fruits, consuming  mangosteen fruit is a perfect choice for everyone of you who want to add some dietary fiber in your body should try to consume this healthy fruit since mangosteen can add some bulk your stools. The dietary fibers that contained in it will ensure that the stools become soft which ensure that the stools will passed through the intestinal tract easily.

Furthermore, in a mangosteen, you could get approximately 4,74% of the daily intake of your fiber. Thus, it will also decrease the transit time of food waste through the intestinal tract which ensure that you’re not getting constipation, cramping, diarrhea, and any other stomach disorders.

  1. Skin Health

Consuming mangosteen would be very beneficial too to keep the health of our skin. So, the mangosteen will act as an anti-inflammatory and also has a powerful antioxidant too to help reducing the risk of your skin having various conditions like the bacterial infections, skin inflammations, and skin aging. Furthermore, some studies also indicate that the mangosteen would be beneficial too to protect the health of your skin because mangosteen has also the anti-skin cancer properties which without a doubt will protect your body from skin cancers.

  1. Prevent Tuberculosis

Well, this is another important benefit from the mangosteen that you can get. So, as already mentioned above, the mangosteen contains an anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties which without a doubt would protect your body from the disease caused by bacteria like tuberculosis and thus, it will boost your immune system too.

  1. Promotes Red Blood Cells

Do you know that the mangosteen would be beneficial too to the production of the amount of the red blood cell production? Well, indeed that the mangosteen will promote the better red blood cells which without a  doubt would protect yur body from various diseases associated with the blood deficiency such as anemia. Also, the aids in the red blood cells production will improve the quality of the blood flow in the body and thus, we will have less possibility of having cholesterol, stroke, and heart disease.

  1. Great Source of Vitamin C

Consuming mangosteen means that we will have the great addition of Vitamin C in the body. Mangosteen is widely known as one the fruits that contain high amount of Vitamin C. In just about 100 grams of mangosteen, we will fulfill the 12% of the recommended daily intake for Vitamin C. So, Vitamin C in our body has several health benefits, such as it will release the powerful antioxidant which will fight against free radicals, and also it will be beneficial too to keep our body from any hazardous diseases.

  1. Powerful Antioxidant

Well, you bet that the mangosteen has a great amount of antioxidant when you see that the mangosteen fruit contains a high amount of Vitamin C. The most special thing about the antioxidant that contained in the mangosteen is that the fact that the antioxidant in mangosteen contains a cell booster called the xanthones which have varous medicinal value. These xanthones are very essential to speeding up the healing activities and also it will inhibit the growth of the cancer cells too, beside it will also against the scavenging free radicals that would be harmful to your body.

  1. Low in Calories

If you want to add some fruits in your diet, you might need to consider to add this mangosteen fruit. Mangosteen fruits contain a relatively low amount of calories, which is only 63 calories per 100 grams. Also, the mangosteen contains a high amount of dietary fiber. Eating 100 grams of mangosteen would be very beneficial to get you the 13% of the recommended daily intake of the fiber in your body. Furthermore, the mangosteen fruit also contains no saturated fats at all. So you shouldn’t worry that your body will gain`some weight when you’re consuming this healthy fruit.

  1. Maintain Blood Pressure

Mangosteen benefits for maintain blood pressure is awesome. Eating mangosteen would be very beneficial too to maintain your blood pressure since the mangosteen contains various beneficial nutrients such as potassium, copper, and manganese.

Specifically, the potassium nutrients that contained in mangosteen will be very essential to regulate the levels of your blood pressure and thus, you’ll be less likely to suffer from many diseases associated with the excessive blood pressure like the hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and many more.

  1. Reduces Cholesterol

Consuming mangosteen will be beneficial too to maintain the cholesterol level in your body. So, mangosteen fruit has the ability to decrease the level of triglycerides in your body. The decrease level of the triglycerides will be an advantage for your body to keep and maintain the proper heart function. Furthermore mangosteen fruit will also raise the amount of HDL cholesterol too which is a good cholesterol for your body and decrease the amount of HDL cholesterol or the bad cholesterol in the body.

  1. Anti-Aging

As already mentioned above, mangosteen fruits is also contain a lot of beneficial health for your skin because this fruit is a powerful source of the Vitamin C, which then also make this fruit become the powerful source of the antioxidants. In fact, in the mangosteen fruit you could get the powerful antioxidants that commonly you could get it from consuming the green tea called catechins. This catechins have a numerous health benefits to keep the health of your cardiovascular, as well as fight against free radicals that will keep your skin smooth, fresh, and look younger than your age too.

  1. Prevent Acne

Consuming mangosteen will also have a good effect as a natural beauty of your skin. So, there is evidence that the mangosteen would be very beneficial to keep the health of of your skin too, especially if you want to have the face that has no acne at all since this mangosteen will help your obsession comes into the reality. If you have an oily skin, dry skin, blemishes, any other signs of unhealthy skin, you better consume this healthy fruit.

  1. Repairs Cells

Consuming mangosteen turns out to be a very good source to repairs and protect the health of your cells. Well, as already mentioned above too, that the mangosteen contains a very special, yet very powerful antioxidant called xanthones.

These xanthones would be beneficial to repair many damages the broken cells inside your body and it will protect the health of your cells too. In the matter of facts, the xanthones compound in mangosteen is the highest compared to the other fruits. So, eat your mangosteen fruit right now.

  1. Alleviate PMS Syndrome

This is a good news for the women who are so far struggling to relieve the symtoms caused by their premenstrual syndrome (PMS) such as excessive mood swing, headache, and depression. So, eating mangosteen means that you’ll get the addition of manganese in the body.

Manganese is pretty beneficial to ease the symptoms that already mentioned above. Also, the research is already support the statement that consuming enough food that contain high amount of manganese will be beneficial to reduce the symptoms that you could get during the PMS.

  1. Healthier Cardiac Function

Well, this benefit is also one of the main benefits that you could get from eating the mangosteen fruit. So, the mangosteen fruit contains Vitamin B complex, especially the Vitamin B1, which is the vitamin that played the important role to keep the health of the  cardiovascular and your nervous system.

The will produce the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine which then will be used to send the message from the nervous system to your muscle and also to confirm the proper cardiac function.

  1. Boost Immune System

Well, this benefit is closely related too with the the benefits of mangosteen that already mentioned above. The mangosteen fruit contains a lot of nutrients that would be very beneficial to give you the proper protection against many diseases that could be harmful for the body. Specifically, you can depend on the antioxidant compound in the mangosteen fruit which overall will be boosting your immune system.

  1. Treat Gum Diseases

The other benefit that you could get from consuming the mangosteen fruit is that it could be beneficial for the health of your gum. Although the benefit of mangosteen to cure the gum disease still need the further research, but the scientist evidence that the mangosteen could cure the gum disease called periodontitis. There is a study evidence that the group of people who had the gum disease experienced the better improvement after they were consumed the gel that containing mangosteen. It shows that the mangosteen gel would be beneficial to cure your gum disease.

Mangosteen Consumption Tips

After you already know all of the benefits that you could get from the mangosteen fruit, now you might wonder how to pick and store the mangosteen so that you can consume it with the right way. In the section below, we will provide you some tips on how to pick and store the mangosteen. Here are the tips on how to pick and store the mangosteen.

How to Pick and Store?

  • Nowadays, mangosteen is available in around the world, even when it’s not commonly grown in your home country. So, when you want to buy the mangosteen, just make sure that you pick the mangosteen fruits which have less seeds and fleshy segments.
  • After you buy the mangosteen fruits, you need to store it in the cool place and has the fresh air supply. But, remember that you must consume it for no more than two weeks, even after you refrigerate it, since eating the mangosteen after approximately two weeks after you store it means that you’ll lose all of its nutritional value.

How to Consume it?

  • You could eat the mangosteen directly right after you buy the mangosteen.
  • You could use mangosteen fruit as a tea. So, the first thing is that you need to grab the inner parts of the mangosteen. But, to make a tea, we don’t need the fruit inside of the mangosteen, but we need the rind of the mangosteen fruit. Then, dried the rind. After rind is dry, you can start to boil the water until the water reaching its boliing point, and then put the rind into the hot water. After that, wait for minutes, and your mangosteen tea is ready.
  • Because of the mangosteen seeds, this fruit is not recommended to use it as a juice.

Mangosteen Fruit Warnings and Precautions

Well, all of us must agree that taking on everything excessively will bring us a bad effect instead of the good effects, and even the healthy mangosteen fruit is not an exception. So, you might need to take an attention about these mangosteen fruits warnings and precautions.

  • People who have some irritations related to their bowel need to avoid the consumption of mangosteen fruit since it will lead you to diarrhea.
  • Due to the lack of the scientific evidence, every pregnant woman is better to avoid consuming the mangosteen so that you will not gamble abou the health of you and your infants.
  • People who are hypersensitive or have some allergies with a particular fruit is also suggested to not consume mangosteen because it will lead you to many allergies symptoms like redness, swelling, and an itchy skin.

So, now you already know everything that you need to know about the mangosteen fruit. While the mangosteen will bring you a great effect on your body, remember that you need to consume it wisely and not consume it over frequently. Stay healthy with mangosteen!