34 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Durian (No.1 is Best)

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By only in a glance we know that durian has sharp thorns skin. It is, its most visible physical characteristic. Besides, its sweet taste and a very strong savor are its undeniable magnetism. Durian is famously known as The King of Fruit because it contains nutrients that are beneficial to keep and maintain our body fit all day.

Nutrients in a durian

  1. Calorie and Fat. In one cup of durian contains 357 calorie. It also consists of a less fat because in its 33% calorie contains 13 gr of fat.
  2. Carbohydrate. There is 130 gr of carbohydrate in one cup of durian. It is enough to meet the requirement of calorie per day.
  3. Vitamin C. 80 percent of vitamin C that is important for our body per day is provided in a cup of durian. Vitamin C is beneficial for forming the collagen for our skin and increasing our immune system.
  4. Protein. In a cup of durian consists of 3,6 gr protein. In other word, it meets the requirement of daily protein for about 6,4 percent becomes 7,8 percent.
  5. Iron and Copper. Iron and copper are needed by our body to form healthy red blood cells. In one portion of durian fruit consists of 25 percent of riboflavin and recommended copper.
  6. Potassium. Durian is rich of potassium. Potassium is important electrolyte that helps controlling blood pressure. This substance is also beneficial for keeping the normal content of potassium and helping to manage a heart rate.
  7. Triptopan. Durian contains of Triptopan that is known as a natural sleeping pill. Triptopan manages our body metabolism to become various neurotransmitters and helps in sleeping induction.
  8. Tiamin. Durian is the natural source of tiamin. It contains 30 percent of recommended daily tiamin. This substance is important for maintaining carbohydrate metabolism in our body so that it can form the energy.
  9. Folic Acid. In one portion of durian consists of 20 percent of folic acid. Folic acid prevents us from a heart disease and facilitates the brain to function normally. Besides, it is also beneficial for fetus development.

Since it has various nutrients, its benign for our health is undoubtedly important.

Below are 20 benefits of durian for our health:

Health benefits of durian for human body already known in Indonesia, many of indonesian use durian for following reasons :

  1. Lessening the chance of our fatigue. In 100 gr of durian consists of  21 percents carbohydrate needed by our body. That is why durian can increase our energy instantly, either during our hectic and exhausting activities both for our body and mind.
  2. A Natural Depression Antidote. Durian has vitamin B6 that is powerful to produce serotonin that acts naturally to ward depression. The tryptophan substance in durian can make our body relax, increase our mood, and hilarious us because tryptophan is a kind of amino acid that can be shifted to become serotonin.
  3. Nutrients for our Bones and Teeth. Durian contains of calcium, potassium and vitamin B1 and B2 that supply various important nutrients for our body to keep our bones and teeth healthy.
  4. Healthy Digestion. Durian contains high fibers that help our digestion organs work optimally. As a result, the problem of constipation can be avoided.
  5. Stabilize the Sugar Level in Our Blood. The manganese in durian works properly to control our sugar level in our blood to stay in its normal level.
  6. Lessening the Risk of Anemia. Durian contains of folic, copper and iron that plays such an important role in lessening the anemia sympthoms. Its high iron substance can stimulate the production of haemoglobin in our blood that is very helpful for someone who suffers from anemia.
  7. Lessening the PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). Its B6 vitamin regulates the level of blood sugar that eventually will increase your mood.
  8. Increasing Blood Pressure. Durian is perfect for pressing our blood since it contains high potassium and low salt level. Therefore, durian is legalized by US Food and Drug Administration for its potentiality to minimize the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.
  9. Increasing our Brain Potentiality. The research shows that a fruit with its high potassium can help students to be more focus during the lessons. Durian is proven by the result of the research to succeed 200 students in Twickenham (Middlesex) during their test after they consumed durian for their breakfast, breaktime, and lunch.
  10. Unleash Our Defecation. Conducing durian in our daily menu can help us to normalize the digestion process and unleash our defecation since it contains high fibers.
  11. Handling Hangover and Fatigue. One of the fastest ways to handle hangover is by making a durian milkshake with honey because durian will allay our stomach and honey will increase our blood sugar and milk helps to rehydrate our immune.
  12.  Lessening the Pain in Our Gastritis. Durian helps us to decrease the pain in our gastritis since it has a natural antacid effect in our body.
  13. Evading Us from Morning Sickness. Having durian between our main menu helps us to maintain our blood sugar level. Therefore, it evades us from morning sickness.
  14. Decreasing the itchy because of mosquitos bite. Scrubbing the itchy spot using durian skin is an excellent way to decrease the itch. It deserves trying before applying the ointment.
  15. Improving Our Nerves System. Durian contains high vitamin B that improves our nerves system.
  16. Controlling the Diet. Eating food with high carbohydrate for every 2 hours is strongly suggested to maintain our body stability. Durian has 20 percent-30 percent of carbohydrate level.
  17. Healing the Inflammation in Our Digestive Tract. Durian is the only fresh fruit that can be directly eaten for chronical intestinal problems since it has soft and tender texture. Besides, it also neutralizes the excess of acid in our body as well as decrease the irritation.
  18. Controlling Our Body Temperature. Durian is considered as a “cooler” fruit, especially for pregnant woman. For example in Holland, a pregnant woman is asked to eat small portion of durian routinely so that the new born baby will have “cool” temperature. That tradition is contradictive to our culture which forbids pregnant woman to eat durian since it will put both mother and the baby in danger, for example the risk of miscarriage.
  19. Quit Smoking. Durian helps people who want to quit smoking since it contains vitamin B6, B12, phosphor and magnesium that help our body to withstand against the urge of nicotine addiction.
  20. Lessening the Risk of Stroke. Based on the research in The New England Journal of Medicine, it is said that eating durian as our daily menu can decrease the death risk until 40 percent because of stroke.

Besides its marvelous effect for our health, durian also has its important role to beautify us.

Here are 5 effects of durian to our skin:

1. Refreshing Our Skin.

Durian contains of high Vitamin C that averts various free radicals and retards the aging process both to our body skin and face skin.  Consuming durian as well as applying durian meat as a mask for our face skin will prevent us from aging. How to make and apply durian mask to our face:

  • Take a sufficient portion of durian meat and mix it with honey.
  • Wash our face and simply apply durian mask to our face.
  • Let it for 20 minutes before we can wash it with water.
  • Applying durian mask regularly will refresh our skin.
  • If we have acnes problem, apply durian mask regulary every night will omit the acnes.
  • Decreasing the Eye Bags and Black Spot around Our Eyes.

2. Decreasing the Eye bags and Black Spot around Our Eyes.

Eye bags and black spot around our eyes are caused by sleeping disorder or insomnia. Apply durian meat around our eyes before sleeping will minimize the existence of eye bags and black spots. It is better if we combine it by doing exercise and taking vitamin E.

3. Delicating Our Skin.

Durian contains vitamin E that is effective to delicate our skin so that it will appear soft and gentle.

4. Omitting Black Spots in Our Skin.

Consuming durian sufficiently and regularly will help us omitting the black spots in our skin.

5. Solving Acnes Problem.

Its vitamin C and antioxidant is powerful to eradicate bacteria that cause acnes. In less than 2 weeks treatments, acnes start to dispel. Besides dispelling acnes, durian also prevents acnes emersion.

Durian is indeed beneficial both for our health and our beauty. However, eating it uncontrollably will somehow emerge such a dangerous effect which eventually leads us to death.

Below are 9 bad effects of durian for us:

1. High Cholesterol.

For people who previously have a cholesterol problem are strongly suggested not to consume durian more than their suggested portion. It is better to eat one or two pieces of durian since eating it too much will cause high cholesterol which eventually heightened the risk of death because high cholesterol also trigger high uric acid.

2. Diabetes.

Its high glucose will trigger the increasing of blood sugar level so that the risk of worse diabetes is high. People who are suffered from diabetes are not allowed to eat more than 5 pieces of durian because its high glucose can increase the level of blood sugar faster than the glucose in sugar. It is better not to eat durian at all or eat it with small portion if we feel that our blood sugar level is already high.

3. Fetal Death

The fetus is not able to resist the heat inside the womb. Therefore, a pregnant woman is forbidden to eat durian during pregnancy since it will make the womb hot. Extreme heat will trigger fetal death. The heat is caused by its high alcohol level.

4. Heart Disease

Consuming too much durian will aggravate heart disease. The alcohol level and its high cholesterol make the heart of people who suffer from heart disease beat faster. That is the cause of a heart attack that mostly leads people to death.

5. Hypertension

People who suffer from hypertension are also usually suffer from a heart disease. Those two illnesses are like twins who come at the same time. The alcohol content of durian will level up the blood pressure which eventually will trigger fast heart beat. Finally, the people who suffer from hypertension will suddenly have a heart attack. If the blood pressure monitor shows that our blood level is beyond 200, it means that we are susceptible to heart attack. Meanwhile, when hypertension and heart attack onset together, they will lead us to death. It is extremely strong suggestion that people who suffer from hypertension are forbid to eat durian at all as the effect of it is similar to the importance of our life.

6. Consuming Durian Together with Alcoholic Drink Will Induce Death.

The content of alcohol in durian will cause death if we consume it together with alcoholic drink since the encounter of two alcoholic substances creates sulphur. The sulphur intake to our body will decrease our metabolism and immune system. If the amount of sulphur is excessive, it will lead us to death. Sulphur is a substance that is not allowed to be in our body because its dangerous deathly effect.

7. Digestion Problem.

Drinking alcoholic drink and drinking coffee cannot be combined with eating durian because coffee will trigger high blood pressure. Durian cannot also be combined with soda drink because it will make us having digestion problem. The long term digestion problem will cause serious problem in our bowels and gastric that eventually lead us to death.

8. Kidney Problem.

The ethanol, methanol, ethyl metacrylate, and sulphur substance in durian are contained in durian. Those substances are dangerous for people who suffer from kidney disease because kidney cannot digest those substances well. As a result, thekidney performance will decrease. If our kidney cannot function properly, we have to do kidney transplantation. However kidney transplantation is not the only way. We can still do blood transfusion. Yet, instead of curing the kidney problem, the effect of blood transfusion is for only extending its age.

9. Constriction of Blood Vessels.

The alcoholic substance in durian can cause the constriction of blood vessel. If our blood vessel is constricted, the stream of oxygen cannot be supplied to our brain maximally. Therefore, it will cause stroke. Moreover, if the problem of stroke is serious, the chance of healing is smaller.

It is indeed durian will somehow give us bad impact for our health. Yet, knowing the tips of consuming durian might give us certain joy since we will be worried-free. Below are the tips of eating durian safely so that we won’t experience health problems:

4 Tips of Eating Durian Safely:

  1. Drink plain water as much as possible right after consuming durian. Drinking tea or coffee is not suggested since they both contain caffeine will eventually trigger the dizziness, blur vision or even makes us faint.
  2. We can use the cavity in durian skin after we take its meat. Fill the cavity with water. Let the water in the cavity for a while, then drink the water. This can help to minimize the smell of durian in our mouth as well as useful for controlling blood pressure. Many people feel dizzy after eating durian even it is for a small portion because they do not drink water from durian’s cavity.
  3. Consuming mangosteen or high fibers vegetables right after consuming durian is another way to minimize the effects that usually come after eating it.
  4. Consuming high fat meat after eating durian is not suggested since it can trigger cholesterol.

Durian gives dangerous effect not only to people who suffer from specific serious illnesses but also to pregnant mother and her fetus.

Below are 5 major negative impacts of eating durian for pregnant mother and her fetus:

1. Miscarriage.

A pregnant mother whose pregnancy is still in early month is forbidden to eat durian because it can cause heat both in the stomach and womb. The hot temperature inside of womb can be accepted by the fetus. As a result, a pregnant mother will experience miscarriage.

2. Contraction

A pregnant mother will experience stomach contraction after consuming durian. It is because durian contains of arachidonat acid that provokes the prostaglandin formation. Prostaglandin triggers stomach contraction which is one of the signs of giving birth. A pregnant mother should go to the doctor if she experiences stomach contraction before the giving birth time come.

3. Fetus Defective

The high content of alcohol in durian will break the fetus important organ and obstruct the fetus development. As a result, the important organ of the fetus does not function properly and normally. Therefore, it is called as a fetus defective.

4. Preeclamsia.

During preeclamsia, the face and hands of a pregnant mother are swollen. Late treatment of preeclamsia will cause the death of both the fetus and his mother.

5. The Baby will Born Prematurely.

Pregnant mother should limit the consumption of durian since it will cause the baby to born prematurely. Prematurely-born-baby has various of health risks, such as lungs complication or a heart disease.

However, pregnant mother still can consume durian with small portion and follow the tips of eating durian safely so that the risk of experiencing serious health problems during pregnancy can be avoided. Hopefully from now on we will be more careful eating durian after knowing the good side of bad side of durian.