11 Incredible Health Benefits of Dutch Eggplant for You

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Although it has “eggplant” name, but this fruit doesn’t have shape and taste as same as another eggplant, such as purple eggplant and green eggplant. But based on its name, this fruit is called Dutch eggplant because it is carried and introduced by Dutch.

So, many people know this fruit as Dutch eggplant until now. Although, it is introduced by Dutch, this fruit is carried from Amazon land in America continent that is far away from Netherlands.

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Characteristic of Dutch Eggplant

Dutch eggplant has shape as same as sapodilla, small and its color maroon. The main characteristic from this fruit is known from its unique smell and difference with another fruit. Besides that, Dutch eggplant has sour taste and it is seldom consumed directly. It is often processed to juice or mix from ice and fruit soup.

Nutritional Content of Dutch Eggplant

Here is the information on the nutrient content contained in every 100 grams of Ducth eggplant.

  • Water : 81-87 gram
  • Protein : 1.5-2.5 gram
  • Fat : 0.05-1.28 gram
  • Fiber : 1.4-6.0 gram
  • Total acidity : 1.0-2.4 gram
  • Vitamin A : 0,32-1,48 mg
  • Vitamin C : 19,7-57,8 mg
  • Calcium : 3,9-11,3 mg
  • Magnesium : 19,7-22,3 mg
  • Iron : 0,4-0,9 mg

Dutch eggplant has Latin name Solanum Betaceum. It has many benefits and nutrition. This nutrition is got from fresh juice of Dutch eggplant. These are some health benefits of Dutch eggplant :

  1. Freshen up our body

Dutch eggplant has sour taste and maybe rather acerbity. This sour taste can help you to freshen up your body, so weak and sleepy body can be fresh instantly after consume Dutch eggplant juice. Moreover, if you added it with ice cube and ice water, they will add its freshness.

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  1. Increase Immunity System

Nutrition of Dutch eggplant is very good for your immune system because its vitamin C. Vitamin C is a kind of vitamin that is good for taking care and increasing your immune system. If our immune system was good, so our body will be :

  • Always fit
  • Difficult to get diseases
  • Not get tired easily

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  1. Prevent Cancer

Undeniable, cancer is a disease that was feared by many people because its skill to gnaw body organs. To avoid yourself from cancer, you can consume Dutch eggplant juice regularly. Dutch eggplant contains lycopene. It has function as free radical scavenger that can cause cancer cells in our body. You may also read how to prevent cancer naturally.

  1. Fix DNA damage

One health benefits of Dutch eggplant is fixing DNA damage. DNA damage can be fixed and function normally with helping from Dutch eggplant.

  1. As Anti oxidant

Besides lycopene can help to avoid free radicals, Dutch eggplant has high anti oxidant content, too. It is useful for body health. Besides anti oxidant is useful to avoid free radicals that attacked body, it is also very good for :

  • Preventing premature aging
  • Increasing immune system
  • Preventing many diseases

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  1. Take care eyes health

Next benefits from Dutch eggplant is taking care your eyes health. This thing is caused by vitamin A content in Dutch eggplant. Dutch eggplant has high vitamin A, although it is not higher than vitamin A in carrot. But, vitamin A in Dutch eggplant can help your daily needs. Some health benefits of vitamin A are :

  • Increase quality of eyes vision
  • Prevent eyes complaints, like hypermetropy, myopia and astigmatism
  • Prevent cataract
  • Take care eyes health
  1. Cure Scurvy

As same as some sour fruit like orange and apple, health benefits of Vitamin C in Dutch eggplant can help to cure your scurvy. Besides that, vitamin C n Dutch eggplant can prevent scurvy in oral cavity. 

  1. Cure Heatiness

When you consumed too spicy or hot foods, you will feel smarting in your throat. This condition is called with Heatiness. When you got heatiness, you can drink Dutch eggplant juice to cure your heatiness. So it can’t torture you continuously. You may also read health benefits of tamarind water and health benefits of jarrah honey.

  1. Take care and launch digestive system

Bad digestive system such as constipation, diarrhea and another indigestion can be solved and less its symptom when you consumed Dutch eggplant juice. High health benefits of fiber in Dutch eggplant can help to launch digestive system and reduce risks of diseases and symptoms of digestive tract.

  1. Cure Gastritis

For you that often feel gastritis in your stomach, you can choose Dutch eggplant juice as your choice to cure your gastritis. Dutch eggplant has high vitamin C, so it can help you to reduce symptoms of gastritis and prevent it come back. You may also read health benefits of wax gourd.

  1. Prevent Anemia

Another important nutrient in Dutch eggplant is Iron. In 100 g Dutch eggplant, there is Iron 0.4 – 0.9 mg. This Iron has important role to prevent anemia or less blood that its symptoms are :

  • Weak, tired, lethargic, limp
  • No spirit to do activities
  • Vulnerable to diseases

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Caution of Dutch Eggplant

There are rumors that the Dutch eggplant should not be eaten during pregnancy. However, the information is still unclear. If you are still not sure, you should consult with your gynecologist. You are allowed to consume Dutch eggplant during your pregnancy or not.

Therefore, fear the content of this Dutch eggplant collide with the content of pregnancy drugs you are currently taking and it can be harmful to the fetus you are carrying. There is also a myth if pregnant women eat Dutch eggplant during pregnancy, they can result in miscarriage,  but it can’t ascertain the truth as well.

Those are some health benefits of Dutch eggplant. Hope this article is very useful for you.