26 Unknown Health Benefits of Wax Gourd

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Wax Gourd is similar to papaya, if you looked it from outside. Papaya has many health benefits for our health, so does wax gourd. Before we know more about health benefits of wax gourd, we have to know what wax gourd is. Wax Gourd or we know with Kundur, is a fruit with Latin name cucurbita hispida.

This name is a Latin name because it is include to cucurbitaceae family. Wax Gourd has extra skill that it can save until one year, if its skin didn’t peeled. If its skin has peel, wax gourd will be rotten easily. The outside of wax gourd skin has a wax. So it can prevent from micro organism attack that make rotten.

Besides that, wax gourd has many benefits of wax gourd contents. There are contents of wax gourd, here they are :

  • Nutritious
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate (benefits of carbohydrate)
  • Fat oil
  • Miosina
  • Cucurbitacin
  • Tannin
  • Saponin
  • Flavonoid
  • Fiber
  • Thiamine
  • Alkaloid cucurbitina
  • Vitelin
  • Resin acid
  • Antioxidant

Health Benefits of Wax Gourd

The contents of wax gourd can make many health benefits of wax gourd. Because of that we will see what health benefits of wax gourd for our body. These are some health benefits of wax gourd.

  1. It can control cholesterol

Wax gourd has a lot of fiber for our health. Because fiber in wax gourd is different with another fiber, it is low calories. Although that calories are very good for us, but we don’t need a lot of calories. A lot of fiber is needed to body processing in fat absorption, so it doesn’t cause cholesterol. When that fat has absorbed well, it will be easy to throw that fat, too. You may also read risks of high cholesterol.

  1. Help to cure beriberi

Beside fiber content, wax gourd has benefits of potassium, too. Although potassium has a lot of benefits, but beriberi sufferer only needs potassium with low sodium. So, low sodium can cure beriberi more quickly.

  1. Help to cure Diabetes

Phytonutrient in wax gourd can help us in carbohydrate absorption. If this absorption was helped well, we can prevent high glucose where it was caused by consuming many carbohydrate.

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  1. Treat Edema

Edema is a kind of disease that cause swelling on foot. This is happened because there are many swelling up of fluids and it will cause edema. So that, you should drink wax gourd juice to solve this disease.

  1. Solve Enteritis

Anti ulcerogenic in wax gourd can help to quiet enteritis. Unquiet enteritis is caused by heatiness, so it will make us stress. Because of that, we should consume this wax gourd. We can cook it or make it a juice to solve that enteritis.

  1. Help to take care kidney

Wax gourd has good extract to prevent kidney disease. Because its extract can make our kidney more healthy. This extract will help kidney from destruction. You may also read health benefits of plantain water for kidney.

  1. Prevent Dehydration

There are many causes of dehydration, it can happen because we get mineral water deficiency or another causes. Mineral water has good benefits to prevent dehydration. Wax gourd has enough water level to make the secretion of urine smoother and decrease dehydration. You may also read symptoms of dehydration.

  1. Solve Constipation

Constipation usually happen because our body has low fiber. So we are difficult to poop. You can drink wax gourd juice for solving constipation because constipation can be solved by fiber well.

  1. Solve Gastritis

Same with enteritis, gastritis is caused by heatiness, too. You need to drink wax gourd juice to treat and make that hot calm. So you don’t feel painful again. 

  1. Help to prevent cancer

As we know, vitamin C can solve free radicals. This wax gourd has a lot of vitamin C. It can be anti cancer and its molybdenum can attack carcinogen that caused cancer. You may also read list of medicinal plants used for cancer treatment.

  1. Take out toxin in our body

One of detoxification is taking out toxin from our body. Beside doing exercise regularly, this wax gourd can help to take out toxin in our body quickly.

  1. Get rid of Cestoda

Cestoda is a worm which disturb digestion. It must be destroyed soon or it will disturb our digestion. So, if you want to destroy this worm, you should consume wax gourd. Because it is believed very effective to get rid of cestoda.

  1. Solve Stomachache

Stomachache is not good, because of that, when you get stomachache and you have a wax gourd, you can use it as herbal medicine to solve stomachache. There is very easy way to use it, you have to one spoon of honey, pulosari powder, wax gourd and add ten fennel. Then you boil all of them and you drink it regularly.

  1. Treat Pneumonia

The way to treat pneumonia is not difficult because wax gourd has very good contents to solve pneumonia. You can use it as medicine or pneumonia herbs.

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  1. As antitoxin

Pneumonia can be treated with use this fruit. The way is serving 20 g of wax gourd, grate it and take its extract from that water grater. This way is enough effective to alleviate toxin.

  1. Treat Hemorrhoid

Wax gourd is very effective to treat hemorrhoid, materials that are needed to solve hemorrhoid is easy to find. You only serve 3 g grain of wax gourd, 6 g desmodium triquetrum, 8 g grapthophyllum pictum and 100 ml water. Make potion with those materials, then you can consume it regularly.

  1. Help to treat cough

Phlegm cough can be treated with fix 15 g grain of wax gourd, soft pounded and mix it with water and sugar, drink it regularly. Beside wax gourd, lime can treat cough, too.

  1. Take care weight

Ideal weight become standard of beautify, but sure, woman has her own look. So that, you can advantage wax gourd to healthy diet because it is very good to take care body stability. 

  1. Help to cure Jaundice

Jaundice is a disease that can cause died. Of course, All of diseases can cause died. Because of that, we should consume wax gourd to solve it.

  1. Help to increase healthy pregnancy

Wax gourd is not only good for cure diseases, it can solve unhealthy pregnancy that need many supplements. So you can make this fruit as additional supplement and your pregnancy will be healthy.

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  1. Solve symptoms of menstruation
  2. Can make healthy sperms on man
  3. Help to launch breast milk
  4. Help to increase blood
  5. Restore power, so you are not tired easily
  6. Solve Asthma

That’s all health benefits of wax gourd. You will get its health benefits if you consumed it regularly. Many fruits have health benefits to make our body healthy. So that, don’t doubt to advantage anything around you.