10 Incredible Health Benefits of Eggplant for Diabetes

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EggplantOne of the most favorite vegetables is eggplant. Eggplant has a skin containing anthocyanin, is one of the important antioxidants to reduce the risk of diabetes. Therefore, when consuming eggplant is recommended not to peel the skin because it has tremendous benefits. In addition to anthocyanins, health benefits of eggplant for diabetes also contains some of the following nutrients:

Besides beneficial for diabetics, eggplant also has other health benefits such as:

  1. Maintaining body slimness

Eggplant is perfect for those of you who are running a diet program. Because eggplant will not make your body fat. This is because these vegetables contain low calories

  1. Controlling stress

The content of the solanine compound on the eggplant can relax the strained nerves. Thus, stress can be controlled. Because when the stress of the nerves will become tense

  1. Brain food source

To run optimally, the brain requires nutrient-rich foods, one of which is phyto. While the types of foods that contain nutrients is one of them is eggplant

  1. Makes digestion better

This is because eggplants contain high fiber. Fiber is needed by the body to facilitate bowel performance in order to digest food well and more easily

  1. Preventing diabetes

As already mentioned a little at the beginning, eggplant can indeed prevent diabetes. Because it is a food source of fiber and low carbohydrates dissolve

  1. Food for the heart

The heart is one of the important organs in the body. the heart works to pump blood throughout the body to get nutritional organs. To maintain heart health one of them is to consume foods that are low in cholesterol. And the eggplant is included in it

  1. High blood pressure controller

Bioflavonoid compounds that exist in the eggplant have an important role to control high blood pressure. Because if high blood pressure, it will be a lot of complications and dangerous diseases come harmful life

  1. Make healthy and strong bones

To make healthy and strong bones calcium is required. One of the foods that contain calcium and it is recommended that the bones become healthy and strong is the eggplant. read more: health benefits of bone marrow

  1. Makes skin glow

The high water content in the eggplant will make the skin become moister. That way the skin is not dry and cracked. In addition, vitamins and minerals also have a similar role to make skin glow in benefits of fish oil for beauty

  1. Prevents anemia

Iron content in eggplant can also prevent the occurrence of anemia like health benefits of peas


Health benefits of eggplant for diabetes does have the nutrients needed by the body. however, you need to pay attention to the amount of eggplant you eat. Because overeating eggplant is not good for health. It can cause damage to cells that result in the emergence of dangerous diseases such as cancer.