10 Proven Health Benefits of Solanum Torvum (Turkey Berry)

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Solanum Torvum has another nicknames like rimbang or tekokak, (Turkey Berry). Its Latin Name is Solanum ferogium jaccq. Commonly, this plant is not planted, but it grows itself  in the backyard or garden.

Solanum Torvum has many nutritional value in its seed and fruit. The dried fruit has solasonine around 0.1%, but raw Solanum Torvum contains sisalogenone, torvogenine, vitamin A, chlorogenin and many more.

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Nutritional Value Solanum Torvum

The Solanum Torvum contains high moisture 86.23%, carbohydrates 7.03%, proteins 2.32%, fats 0.78%, ash 0.143% and crude fiber 3.99%.

  • Iron : 76.86 mg/kg
  • Manganese : 19.46 mg/kg
  • Calcium : 221.58 mg/kg
  • Copper : 2.64 mg/kg
  • Zinc : 21.46 mg/kg
  • Vitamin A : 0.078 mg/100 g
  • Vitamin C : 2.68 mg/100 g

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There are many health benefits of Solanum Torvum for our body. Those benefits come from Solanum Torvum fruit and seed because we can eat them together. These are some health benefits of Solanum Torvum, check them out :

  1. Launch Bloodstream

Solanum Torvum has a size as same as marble and its color is young green. One of health benefits of Solanum Torvum is launching bloodstream. If we had good bloodstream, we can avoid some diseases like heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Fortunately, there is seed of Solanum Torvum. It can be an alternative to launch bloodstream.

The way to make it is so easy, you have to serve a Solanum Torvum and wash clean it. After that, boil it with water until boiling. After ready, you can filter it and drink its stew. If you didn’t like with its taste, you can add palm sugar and honey, its taste will be more delicious. Drink it regularly twice a day to get the best result.

  1. Solve Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid is one of disease that made us uncomfortable. Moreover, if we want to defecate, there is blood out from your anus. For solving this hemorrhoid, you can use Solanum Torvum as herbal medicine. How to use it? It is so easy. You can serve Solanum Torvum, curcuma aeruginosa, and leaves god. When it’s ready, you should boil it with hot water. Then filter its water and drink all of it. You have to do that regularly twice a day to get the best result.

  1. Solve minus eyes

In Solanum Torvum, there are high beta carotene or vitamin A that are very good for eyes health include minus eyes. You can consume it directly as side dish because its taste is delicious or you can process as delicious food like soup or stir fry. You may also read health benefits of vitamin A.

  1. Solve Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis or we know it as bone loss. This condition is not good for our healthiness because our bone will be fragile and we will be difficult to do our daily activities. The way to solve osteoporosis is using seed of Solanum Torvum. You can make stir fry with mix vegetables and another meat according you taste.

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  1. Solve Flu

If you got flu, of course, it will make you uncomfortable, especially when you breathe. Sometimes, Flu is followed with another diseases like cough, cold and fever. Because of that, you are recommended to cure this flu quickly. You may also read Symptoms of flu.

6. Cure high uric acid

Uric acid is one of dangerous diseases and it will happen when we have been old. The way to use seed of Solanum Torvum is serving seed of Solanum Torvum, pineapple and little shrimp. After that, cook it according to your taste. The way to cure this uric acid will be more tasty, right?

  1. Neutralize Toxin in our body

A long with the times, free radical that contain dangerous toxin for body is rampant. Toxin that build up in body can cause many symptom of healthiness. One of health benefits from seed Solanum Torvum is neutralizing toxin in our body.

  1. Increase men and women sexual desire

Sometimes, men and women sexual desire get up and down. If you were in a saturation point in relationship with your partner, you can consume Solanum Torvum as lalapan because its taste is very delicious. You can find sexual treatment in health benefit of sea urchin, health benefits of bignay fruit, health benefits of saffron and health benefits of vanilla beans.

  1. Natural cancer medicine

Cancer is very dangerous for our body. Even, it is difficult to be cured. Solanum Torvum can block the growth of abnormal cells in our body. Solanum Torvum contains solasonine, solasodine, solamargine and solanine. Those contents have been proven to reduce risks of cancer, such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer and many more. You should consume Solanum Torvum regularly to get the best result. You may also read list of medicine plant for cancer.

  1. Solve erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where penis can’t do erection because there is disorder of connector neuron between central nervous in brain and nerve in penis. Solanum Torvum can launch bloodstream to penis and fix neurological damage in connector neuron. If bloodstream launched to penis, penis will be easy to do erection. So, consume this Solanum Torvum regularly to get the best result. After that, you can feel the difference with your partner.

Health benefits of Solanum Torvum is so many, and you can use it as herbal medicine of many diseases.

Caution Solanum Torvum

Although there are many health benefits of Solanum Torvum, but we have to notice some caution when consuming it. Eat it naturally, don’t too excess. Because if you eat Solanum Torvum too excess, it can cause poisoning. Solanum Torvum is not recommended to consume by glaucoma sufferer because it is dangerous. If you have disease and want to use it as herbal medicine, you should consult first with your doctor, it is good for you or not. So that, you don’t need to be afraid when you consume it.