10 Health Benefits of Eggplant for Weight Loss #1 Works

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Eggplant, or in France usually called as aubergine is a vegetable with unique taste and texture. It belongs to the Solanaceae family, also known as nightshades, which is as same as tomato, bell pepper and potato or you can read in health benefits potatoes, tomato health benefits and health benefits of eating raw bell pepper. So, the health benefits of eggplant are:

  1. Makes your bones stronger and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  2. Prevents anemia and increase the function of your cognitive.
  3. Improves the health of your cardiovascular and protects the digestive system.
  4. Help in lose weight.
  5. Reduces the risk of diabetes.
  6. Relieves stress.
  7. Prevents infants from birth defects.
  8. Decreases the risk of cancer.
  9. Maintains the function your brain.
  10. Recommended for pregnancy

The health benefits of eggplant are related to the nutrients in it, especially health benefits of eggplant for weight loss. Here are the details of nutrients value of 100 gram eggplant both raw and cooked based on USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) National Nutrient Database:

Nutrients Value of 100 g Eggplant

  • Energy – 24 kcal
  • Carbohydrates – 5.7 g
  • Protein – 1 g
  • Total fat – 0.19 g
  • Dietary fiber – 3.40 g
  • Folates – 22 µg
  • Niacin – 0.649 mg
  • Pantothenic acid – 0.281 mg
  • Pyridoxine – 0.084 mg
  • Riboflavin – 0.037 mg
  • Thiamin – 0.039 mg
  • Vitamin A – 27 IU
  • Vitamin C – 2.2 mg
  • Vitamin E – 0.30 mg
  • Vitamin K – 3.5 µg
  • Sodium – 2 mg
  • Potassium – 230 mg
  • Calcium – 9 mg
  • Copper – 0.082 mg
  • Iron – 0.24 mg
  • Magnesium – 14 mg
  • Manganese – 0.250 mg
  • Zinc – 0.16 mg

In addition to health benefits of eggplant for weight loss, here the reason:

  1. High in fiber and low calories

Eggplant contains high of fiber or 3.40 grams of fiber and only 24 calories. Fiber moves slowly through the digestive tract and promotes full feeling to your stomach. Furthermore, a cup (82 grams) of raw eggplant has 3 grams of fiber and only 20 calories.

  1. Reduces ghrelin hormone

Eggplant also supports in reduces ghrelin hormone or it is a hormone that makes we think if we are hungry again. It will lead to reduce our appetite, where it prevents us to eat more and our weight loss is success.

  1. Contains much of water

A study shows that eggplant probably contains up to 90% water that also being the other reason it is effective to lose your weight. Furthermore, Eggplant water is beneficial to treat some diseases as well as supports the health of your body.

  1. Contains saponin

Saponin, is an element in eggplant that has its function to reduce the absorption of your fat and it will lead to weight loss. It also plays a role in controls hormone which is regulating body weight.  In addition, it also reduces your cholesterol absorption in your intestinal tract. 

How to make eggplant juice to lose weight?

In order to get one of health benefits of eggplant for weight loss, you can take eggplant juice 15 minutes before you eat your primary meal. Here are the ingredients and simple steps you can follow:


  • One fairly large eggplant
  • A plenty of water (half a liter)
  •  One lemon juice (an option)

How to make

  1. Peels the eggplant as the beginning and turns it into small pieces.
  2. Put them in a bowl of cold water (half a liter), and soak it in a few hours. To make it ready in the morning, you can do the step on the day before. If it has soaked, makes it heat it so that it will cook, and put in the water to boil it for about 15 minutes.
  3. You can combine it with lemon juice when the water is boiling.
  4. After that, set the heat low and let it for about 10 minutes.
  5. Then put all in blender and wait until the pulp and water well blended.

The lemon juice you can take as an option, where lemon has a little bitter taste. In addition to lose weight faster, you should not only drink the juice but also doing exercises or you can read in benefits exercise recommendation and take low-calorie diets or you can read in health benefits of diet high in fruits and vegetables.