20 Wonderful Health Benefits of Donkey Milk (#16 Is Shocking)

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Everyone loves milk, and there are so many variety of it. We’ve also already know the health benefits of cow milk, health benefits of goat milk, even health benefits of soy milk.

But then there is donkey milk. It might be a little unfamiliar for you, but this milk have gone through many researches and its proven good for our body with many benefits inside. And we will discuss the benefits below. Here are 20 wonderful health benefits of donkey milk, check them out!

What is donkey milk?

Donkey milk (or ass milk/jenny milk) is the milk given by the domesticated donkey (Equus asinus). This milk is already used since the era of Cleopatra, the famous Ancient Egypt queen. Stories told that she used donkey milk as her bath water to maintain her beauty. And until now, this milk is commonly used for cosmetic production.

What are the health benefits of donkey milk?

There are lots of benefit that you can get from this milk, both fresh or processed. Here are the benefits:

1. Good for children

As donkey milk have the same pH with humans’, this milk is save to be consumed by children below three years old. Breasts milk have pH level around 7 until 7.5, and donkey milk is around 7 until 7.2, so it’s quite save for your children.

2. Maintain beauty

Since the era of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra has used this milk to maintain her beauty by making it as her bath water, and this trick also used by the great people back then, too. Recent days, donkey milk is also processed into various type of cosmetics.

3. Good for diet

In addition, donkey’s milk is well known to be highly digestible, because it does not contain coagulable casein and little fat. Its composition, rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and immunoglobulins (proteins) stimulate the immune defense and helps the regeneration of the intestinal flora. For those who want to plan a diet, this should be  include in your meal list!

4. Improves metabolism

Donkey milk is very rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins, contains very little fat. Its immunoglobulin helps strengthen the immune mechanisms of the organism and its enzymes help to regenerate the intestinal flora. Check This: Health Benefits of Chocolate Milk

5. Energy booster

Back then, when François 1st, King of France, was exhausted by wars and excesses, he followed the advice of a doctor from Constantinople and adopted a cure of donkey milk. We owe him this quote: “One day donkey milk restored my health, and I owe to this circumstance, more to donkeys than to faculty.” It’s proven scientifically that donkey milk is a good energy booster. 

6. Cures skin problems

Having acne and already trying hard to get rid of it? You have to try donkey milk as your remedy then! It accumulates depurative and restorative effects, bet your skin will back into its glowing and healthy state in no time!

7. Fights constipation

Since this milk is easily digested, it will help those who fight over constipation. And again, this milk is suitable for any ages, so don’t worry to give it to your children as well. This milk will be loved by everyone!

8. Good liver detoxification

This milk has gone through many researches and finally, it found that this milk is able to detoxify our liver and make it healthier. Compared to other milk, donkey milk has more impact in detoxing the liver. It’s a very good remedy for those who have problem with their liver. 

9. Cures cough and respiratory problems

This milk is also able to cures cough and other respiratory problems. By drinking this milk in warm condition, it will cures your sore throat and slowly heal the cough. Drinking this milk regularly for a month non-stop will reduce your respiratory problems as well.

10. Reinforces immunodeficiency

For those who are going through chemo session, this milk might be a good remedy for you. As it’s able to reinforces immunodeficiency during chemo session or other long-term illness. Well, basically this milk is a good remedy for almost everything!

11. Source of Omega 3

This milk is rich with Omega 3, and it’s very good anti-inflammatory effects and effects on cardiovascular disease. And it’s also good for brain, as it makes you able to think faster.

12. Good moisturizer

As this milk contains lots of moisturizer, it’s already processed into soap and body lotion since long time ago. It’s proven that this milk has more smoothing effect on our skin compared to other milks.

13. Cow milk’s substitute

It is well-known that the protein in cow’s milk can be an allergen for children. If mother’s milk is not available, donkey’s milk comes into its own as an extremely beneficial and important source of food, particularly for cases of multiple food allergies and poor absorption. Read More: Health Benefits of Horse Milk

14. Solves complicated body problems

“If you are having growth problems, poor diet, convalescence, periods of transition such as adolescence or the menopause or for older people, you can take dietary supplementation based on donkey’s milk helps the body to cope during critical phases. It can improve work rate and performance as well.” Said Dr Massimo Caliendo, nutritional biologist in one interview about health benefits of donkey milk.

15. Increases immunity

As explained above, this milk brings lots of good things to our body. And this natural substance is also proven able to increase immunity, which might be helpful to people who are suffering with several conditions such as asthma, eczema, or psoriasis.

16. Cures cancer

Donkey milk is an important source of support for the individual in the battle against cancer. In the bodies of cancer, the individual begins a struggle against the destruction of cancerous cells in the body. Meanwhile, donkey milk contains the rich source of individuals immunity to kill the risk of cancerous cells growth that are caused by cancer. Blood-forming stem cells are known to benefit from donkey milk.

In addition, donkey milk is very important for the support of the bodies of individuals who are exposed to treatments to prevent cancerous bodies, called chemotherapy, from cancer cells. 

17. Weight-loss remedy

Researches has shown that it helps to lose weight thanks to the fast bacteria in the donkey milk. These bacteria are rapidly spreading and generating energy. This is involved in reducing the amount of fat in the body. So, you can drink donkey milk to lose weight and stay in shape.

18. Good source of calcium

Calcium, which is the basis of bone structure, comes to the point called bone formation in case of deficiency. As with other milks, the high calcium content in the donkey milk can help close this deficiency and thus eliminate the problem of bone erosion, which is due to lack of it. Thanks to the minerals contained in the donkey milk, the bones can be strengthened. In particular, the issue of bone erosion in women after menopause can be prevented by donkey milk.

19. Cures vitiligo

Vitiligo is known as a kind of skin disease. It is a kind of skin disease that causes white stains to come to the fore because of loss of pigment in the skin. This skin disease can affect any part of the body.

20. Good for baby’s growth

Omega 3 nutritional value can be said to be a necessary nutritional value for all people. Mothers are advised to take omega 3 along with folic acid for the mental development of babies during pregnancy. See more: Health Benefits of Coconut Milk

So that’s all about 20 wonderful health benefits of donkey milk. It might be good for your body, but please do remember to always consult it with your doctor first. And since this milk is quite hard to find, you might want to find other alternatives for it. Last but not least, hope this information is helpful for you!