13 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Drinking Rum (Top #12)

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If you’re familiar with alcoholic beverages, then rum is something you might know quite well. Rum is basically an alcoholic beverage that made from sugarcane juice and going through fermentation and distillation.

This beverage is linked with tropical beverage, since it came from the Caribbean and already become the traditional drink there since long time ago.

Unfortunately, people only know about the bad health effects of alcoholic drinks. But do you ever heard about the health benefits behind this alcoholic beverage? Surprisingly, there are lots of health benefit that people don’t know about this beverage. Here we will reveal the extraordinary health benefits of drinking rum, let’s check them out!

What is rum?

Rum is an alcoholic beverage, originally came from the Caribbean. Rum is made from sugarcane that going through fermentation and distillation processes before it gets into the barrel. And nowadays, there are various types of rum all around the world. From gold rum, white rum, dark rum, and many more. Light rum is the one that you usually found in cocktails, when the golden and dark rum are the one consumed straight away or as one of the cooking ingredients.

And behind this beverage, there are lots of hidden health benefits inside. And we will discuss it thoroughly below.

What are the good things about drinking rum?

There are some proven good facts about this beverage, and we will discuss them below about health benefits of drinking rum.

1. Maintains good heart

You might be surprised, but rum able to prevent blockages in your veins, and it also means reduces the risks of heart attack. And also, it will increase the amount of HDL in your body, which is the good cholesterol that keep your heart in its best condition.

This has been proven by many researches all around the world, but you might want to check about the right amount for it. Read More: Health Benefits of Drinking Indian Black Tea

2. Lessen muscle pain

If you used to take rum in moderation and with right amount as well, you’ll feel less muscle pain than those who are not used to drink rum. Since basically rum was made from sugarcane, the amount of sugar inside it will keep your muscle got enough sugar supply.

3. Cures common cold

Rum has gone through many researches and proved that there are some anti-microbial properties inside, that able to fight the bacteria and cure common cold. This therapy has been used by the Indian military for years as well. They usually have some rum after dinner, and this is one of the best way to enjoy rum as well.

4. Reduces osteoporosis

Since rum is made from sugarcane, there are lots of mineral as well inside the beverage. And this mineral has its role to reduces osteoporosis. Also, it able to alleviate arthritis. But it needs to be under supervision of your doctor, of course. And consequently, this will strengthen your bones as well. 

5. Cures anxiety

Everyone must ever feel anxious, and even some of them having it too seriously. Fortunately, rum can cure those anxiety away. By drinking rum, it will help some hormones inside our body to react and make us feel more relaxed.

6. Sleep aid

If you’re the one who have troubles in sleeping, you should try drinking rum. Rum is known to be a good sleeping aid. And with just small amount of it, you’ll find yourself sleeping like a baby in no time right after.

7. Reduces Alzheimer’s risk

Some researchers found that people who drink rum than those who didn’t, have a more lifetime span up to 2 until 5 years. And also, it has proven to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease as well. But it needs to be under your doctor’s supervision. Click This: Health Benefits of Drinking Kava

8. Lowers diabetes

Drinking rum is proven able to lower the level of cholesterol inside our body. By having one until two spoons of rum each day, it will help those who fights over diabetes to slowly get over with it.

9. Fights over scurvy

Scurvy is a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C, characterized by swollen bleeding gums and the opening of previously healed wounds. And since long time ago, rum has been used to fight over this disease.

10. Good antiseptic

Other surprising fact about this beverage: it’s a good antiseptic. You can use it by dabbing the cotton ball into the substance and apply it over the wounds. It has the same function whether you use it internally or externally. Check This: Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Honey

11. Prevents cancer

If you take rum in moderation, it will help your body to fight over any potential cancer. Studies have proven that those who drink moderately have around 38% less risk of kidney cancer than those who didn’t drink rum. 

12. Decreases stress

Health benefits of drinking rum – Whenever you have a bad day at work, and you need to release some tensions, rum is the perfect choice. Studies found that drinking rum whenever you’re stressed are quite effective to boost up your mood back to normal and happy self.

13. Increases immunity

As explained above, rum is effective to fight over scurvy. And it also proved that rum is effective to increase immunity. But take note that it’s only good for adults and with specific amount and taking. Read More: Health Benefits of Drinking Nettle Tea

What are the bad things about drinking rum?

Rum is quite unsafe, especially if taken too much and too often. It has higher alcoholic concentration than other alcoholic beverages and makes it dangerous for your cells. It also able to increase the risk of liver cancer, causes of diarrhea and vomiting as well. But it’s only occurred when you take rum too much and too often.

That’s all about extraordinary health benefits of drinking rum, and please take note that this drink will gives you its amazing health benefits when you take it in moderation and with the right amount as well. And to be safe, it’s the best to consult it with your doctor for these rum treatments.

Because not everyone is good with it, your doctor might recommend you other treatment. But so far, rum has been used for those treatment explained above and proven effective. Last but not least, hope this information is helpful for you!