Is There Any Health Benefits of Fanta Soda? Check This 30 Facts!

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When there’s a party around, there will always food and beverages following by. And one of people’s favorite beverage when there’s a party is carbonated drink. Carbonated beverages is like a must when there’s party around since children also able to drink it. One that quite popular around is Fanta, with it’s various fruit flavor.

But did you know what behind that fantastic feeling, there are some unhealthy facts about it? Here, we’ll explain why this beverage is quite unsafe for our body. Is there any health benefits of Fanta? Better check them out!

What is Fanta?

You must be very familiar with The Coca-Cola Company, and this company is the same company that created the fruit-flavored carbonated drinks called Fanta. Fanta existed in World Wad II as a cola substitute in Germany. Nowadays, there are hundreds flavor worldwide and become the most popular drink all around the world.

Is There Any Health Benefits of Fanta Soda? 

You can literally find this beverage everywhere you go, with various fruit flavor. But then this drink also brings bad side effects to our body. They will be explained below. Read More: Health Benefits of Coffee

  1. Effects kidney function. 

Researchers found that diet cola will increase risk for kidney decline twice higher than those who don’t drink any. The amount of artificial sugar and artificial coloring can’t be processed by our body, and it will be dangerous for kidney health. It’s already proven scientifically that it’s bad for our body, so I hope you will avoid it in the future.

  1. Increases diabetes risk

The amount of sugar in this drink will give a lot of stress on your pancreas, and it will make it hard to produce insulin for fulfilling our body need of it. Drinking one or two sugary drinks daily will increase risk for type 2 diabetes around 25%.

  1. Dehydrates our body

Soda is a diuretic. Diuretics means it will promote the production of urine and make you to urinate more frequently.  Our body will have difficulty absorbing nutrients when the body’s cells are dehydrated, and makes it harder for the body to eliminate waste.

  1. Increases cancer risk

If you know how the color in this drink is made, I’m sure you won’t drink it. Since the artificial coloring in it is a chemical process and not made from caramelized sugar. It is made by reacting sugar with some chemicals under high temperature. These material is proven caused some cancer such as lung, liver, and thyroid cancer.

  1. High calories

A sad fact about this drink is 20 ounce can of it contains 17 teaspoons of sugar and 240 calories. You can imagine how much workout you got to do to burn all those sugar and calories. It would take the average adult over one hour of walking to burn off­ the 240 calories in a 20-ounce soda. Check This: Health Benefits of Milk

  1. Blocks magnesium absorption

Magnesium is essential for more than 325 enzyme reactions in the body. It also plays a role in your body’s detoxification processes, and is important for minimizing damage from environmental chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins. By drinking Fanta, it will block our body to absorb this important element.

  1. Increases obesity in children

If you have children who fall in love with this drink, you better read this. Soda or other sugary drink consumed per day increases the risk of a child becoming obese until 60%. Sugary drinks also caused other health problems as well.

  1. Increase heart disease in men

If you think you’re a healthy man and loves soda so much, you better face the fact. Each soda you consumed consumed per day will increase the risk of heart disease up to 20% in men. So, still loving the sizzling beverage now?

  1. Wears away dental enamel

Experiments on soda acidity proved that the amount of acid in soda is enough to wear away dental enamel. pH levels in soda can be as low as 2.5, as a frame of reference battery acid has a pH of 1 and water has a pH of 7.0. If you’re still loving your teeth, you better avoid this drink soon!

  1. High amount of sugar

As mentioned above, 20-ounce can of Fanta is just as same as 17 teaspoons of sugar in a single drink, it’s not hard to see that soda is bad for your teeth and your overall health. So it’s not only dangerous for children, it’s also dangerous for the adults! Click This: Health Benefits of Honey

  1. Contains artificial sweeteners

If you think artificial sugar will decrease your caloric intake, you are wrong. Artificial sugar, as mentioned above, is responsible to numerous illness and diseases including cancer. You better avoid this beverage if you want to stay healthy!

  1. Deplets mineral levels

Sodas that contain phosphoric acid removes calcium that you need from your bones.  Researches found out that women who drank 3 or more cola based sodas a day lost about 4% mineral in their hips, even though they controlled their calcium and vitamin D intake.

  1. Changes metabolism

Drinking soda on a regular basis can actually change the metabolism in the human body. Researches find that drinking 140 grams of sugar every day for four weeks (that’s less than two 20 ounce cans of Coke) will change their metabolism after the four weeks, and make them harder to burn fat and lose weight.

  1. Increases heart disease and metabolic syndrome

Is there any health benefits of Fanta? Well, if you drink one or more soft drinks a day, you’ll increase the risk of developing factors for metabolic and heart disease. Researchers found that individuals consuming one or more sodas a day had a 48 % increased risk of metabolic syndrome than those consuming less than one soft drink daily.

  1. Doesn’t help in losing weight

As explained above, this beverage only make your body works harder to burn the fat inside. Consuming two or more cans a day will increase your waistlines by 500% greater than those who do not consume diet soda. So, still trying to do soda for diet? Read This: Health Benefits of Soy Milk

  1. Contains mold inhibitors

They go by the names sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate, and they’re used in nearly all diet sodas. These chemicals have the ability to cause severe damage to our DNA inside. You can see how dangerous it is for you!

  1. Contains flame retardant

Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is added to many citrus based sodas and sports drinks to prevent the drinks from separating. What’s the concern? BVO is patented by chemical companies as a flame retardant. And by drinking Fanta, you also drink this oil as well. Shocking, isn’t it?

  1. Triggers asthma

Studies proved that high levels of soda consumption are responsible for the cause of asthma and COPD. So if you’re struggling with asthma right now, it’s the best to not drink this beverage at all.

  1. Forms carcinogen molecules

Benzene can form in beverages and foods that contain both ascorbic acid and potassium benzoate. When benzoate is exposed to light and heat, it can be converted into benzene, which is considered a carcinogen. Since Fanta has benzoate in it, you might want to reconsider your choice of beverage in the future.

  1. Triggers liver disease

By drinking this carbonated beverage, there is higher prevalence of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) on people who reported drinking more than one sugar-sweetened drink per day compared to people who said they drank no sugar-sweetened beverages. In simple, if you drink this beverage too much, you’ll gain fat inside you lover and it will cause many diseases, include cancer. See More: Health Benefits of Green Coffee

Benefits of Carbonated Drinks

If you have been questioning about the health benefits of fanta soda and other carbinated soda drink, read this!

  1. It’s fun and tasteful
  2. Gives you short of good energy
  3. Stress reliever
  4. Makes you fee fresh
  5. Best if you drink in the summer day with ice cubes
  6. Good for party time
  7. Makes you relax
  8. It’s cheap than other beverages
  9. Makes you feel okay during hard days
  10. Fun for chilling with friends drinking t all the time

After reading those facts about Fanta and other carbonated beverages, do you still want to consume it? Better you start to avoid it, if you want to stay healthy. Last but not least, hope this information is useful for you!