20 Worth-Trying Health Benefits of Calea Zacatechichi

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Since long long years ago, our ancestors has discovered lots of plants and herbs that could be used as medical purpose. And one of it is Calea Zacatechichi or bitter-grass. It might sounds weird or unfamiliar for you, but this herbs already used since long time ago by the Chontal Indians of Mexico. And they believe that this herbs brings lots of benefits for our body.

Before we discuss this herbs, you might want to read about health benefits of herbs. This will helps you to understand more about herbs and its use for our body. So here are 20 worth-trying health benefits of Calea Zacatechichi, better check them out now!

What is Calea Zacatechichi?

Calea Zacatechichi is one of herbs that came from Mexico, and still could be found there. It’s a species of flowering plant in the aster family, Asteraceae. Until now, not much research has been conducted for this plant, but some proved that this herb brings benefits for our body. And below, we’ll discuss the benefits one by one.

What are the good sides of Calea Zacatechichi?

There are some benefits for using Calea Zacatechichi to our body, some are explained below:

  1. Improves mental condition
    Researchers found that by having the right dosage of this herb might help you to relax and loosen up some tense nerves. But until now, the exact dosage still remain unknown.
  2. Improves sleep quality
    This herb has been used by the Indians to improves their sleep quality. By putting them near your bed, it helps you to sleep better and not easily awaken by slight voice or movement. For those light-sleepers, this might be a good remedy for you.
  3. Cures anxiety
    As explained above, it helps our body to relax and of course for those who have anxiety, this might be a good cure for it. By putting them around your environment, it’ll help you to shoo the anxiety away.
  4. Good appetite stimulant
    Some researches found that calea zacatechichi is a good appetite stimulant. But until recently, it’s quite hard to find calea zacatechichi for appetite stimulant. Usually, the locals who used to process the herb know better the right dosage.
  5. Cures arthritis
    As for those who fight over arthritis recently, then this herb might be a good remedy for you. By grinding this herb and put it all over the painful area, it will slowly absorbs into the painful area and heals your arthritis slowly.
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  6. Heals asthma
    The previous method are also useful for those who have asthma. Put the grinded calea zacatechichi into a piece of fabric and put it into your chest. It will slowly cures your asthma.
  7. Fights over diabetes
    Other good benefit from this herb is it’s also a good remedy for those who fights over diabetes. But unfortunately, the right dosage to cure it is still remain unknown.
  8. Good metabolism cleansing
    Some experiments proved that this herb is also a good metabolism cleanser, but it’s important to know that to have this herb as your remedy, you need to consult it first with your doctor.
  9. Cures constipation
    Since it’s a good metabolism cleanser, it’s also a good cure for those who have constipation. But again, please consult first with your doctor for using it as your remedy. You may also read about Health Benefits of Black Cherry Herbal Tea
  10. Treats diarrhea
    Beside cures constipation, calea zacatechichi also able to cure diarrhea. With the right dosage of this herb, it will slowly treat your diarrhea. But it’s better to consult it first with the doctor for the right taking.
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  11. Cures dysentery
    The locals believe that this herb also able to cure dysentery, but until now there are no medical research able to prove it. It’s better to ask your doctor to get the best cure.
  12. Cools fever down
    When your children got fever, you could use this herb to cool it down. Grind it and put it into a piece of fabric and put it on your children’s forehead. It will slowly cure the fever down. You may also read about Health Benefits of Purslane Plant
  13. Fights digestion disorders
    You can use this herb for fight over digestion problems, as explained above that this herb able to heal constipation, diarrhea, and also dysentery. But to cures other digestion disorders, you better ask your doctor for better understanding.
  14. Heals headache
    With the same way of curing the fever, it also able to cure headache as well. Since it also has the ability to relieve some tense nerves, it will also help to cure headache as well.
  15. Heals inflammation
    Grind this herb and rub it over your inflamed skin will slowly cures the inflammation away. But please note that this still has no medical proves, so better ask your doctor if you want to use this treatment.
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  16. Solves joint problems
    As it’s able to heal arthritis, it also able to heal other joint problems. Do the same way with curing arthritis, and slowly your joints will get relaxed and all healthy again. But you still need some advice from your doctor for using it as your treatment.
  17. Fights malaria
    Malaria is one of the severe disease, but with this herb you can get away from it. The scent of calea zacatechichi is able to repel the mosquitoes away, and it’s one of the best way to shoo them by putting it into your rooms.
  18. Cures menstrual problems
    If you’re having problems with menstruation, then having this herb inside your room might decrease the pain slightly. Since it has the ability to make you relax, it will make you feel better whenever your cycle is coming up.
  19. Solves breathing problems
    For those who have breathing problems, this herb might be a great cure for you. By putting it into your room, it will improve your breathing and you can say your good-bye for the annoying snore!
  20. Heals swelling
    If one of your body part is swollen, all you have to do is grind this herb and rub it over the swollen area. In few minutes, the swollen will healed and there are even no marks left there! Works like magic!

That’s all about 20 worth-trying health benefits of calea zacatechichi, but then please do note that since this herb has little amount of research conducted, you need to consult it with your doctor whenever you want to use it as your treatment for specific disease. Last but not least, hope this information is useful for you!