10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water in The Morning Before Brushing

Drinking water is very important for the body. Because 70% of the human body consists of water. Lack of water can cause various diseases that are harmful to the body such as migraine in Health Benefits of Carrot Leaves, hypertension, and obesity. Drinking water before brushing your teeth in the morning is also an important […]

10 Health Benefits of Sawo for Health You Must Know

Health Benefits of Sawo is a popular fruit. This fruit has a distinctive flavor, round shape, skin and brown meat. This fruit has a lot of good content for health because of many nutrients and vitamins. Due to the high water content, sawo suitable as a fresh dessert. Sawo fruit has a lot of good […]

Is Pluot Good for You? Here is 10 Facts That Will Shock You!

Speaking of fruit, there is a unique fruit that you should know. What is that? Yes, pluot. Pluots are hybrid fruits of plums and apricots. This fruit has a sweet taste like plums, but its texture is more similar to the benefits of apricot. The nutrients you can find in this fruit are: The pluot […]

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Beets for Dogs

Undoubtedly, fruits have many nutrients and benefits for the human body. However, did you know that fruits are not only consumed by humans only? Animals consume fruit also. Ever heard of beet? This fruit is suitable for your animals, especially dogs. Beets have nutrients such as: Folic acid 34% Potassium 14.8% Fiber 13.6% Vitamin C […]

10 Health Benefits of Ginger with Sushi You Must Know

Are you a sushi fan? Speaking of sushi, you know the ginger is always there when you order sushi. Japanese restaurant, usually serving Health Benefits of Ginger with Sushi as a sushi companion. Ginger sometimes has a sweet taste. Actually, what is the benefit of ginger served with sushi? According to the fact, benefits of […]

10 Top Health Benefits of Amaranthus Hybridus for Body

Amaranthus hybridus is a herbal plant that is grown to be consumed leaves. This vegetable is known as an important source of iron. This plant originated in America, but it has spread all over the world. Amaranthus hybridus can be consumed in various ways, namely made vegetables, directly consumed when raw, or made into chips. […]

10 Health Benefits of Tej Patta Leaves That Nobody Knows

Tej patta is known as a cooking spice that makes the smell of cuisine to be fragrant. However, tej patta is not only used as a cooking spice. It can be used to treat various health problems. One is to lose weight. Many people complain about their unsuccessful diet fitness. Health Benefits of Tej Patta […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon and Cantaloupe

Who does not know Health Benefits of Watermelon and Cantaloupe? Yes, both fruit is one of the most favored fruit. Besides the cheap price, it also feels soft and sweet. However, did you know that watermelons and cantaloupe have surprising benefits? According to The Journal of Food Science who examined that, 100 grams of cantaloupe […]

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Akudjura for Your Life

Health Benefits of Akudjura is one of the fruits grown in Australia. This fruit resembles a tomato, but its size is small. Akudjura has a taste like raisins, slightly acid and savory. Australians know him as a bush tomato and herbal plant. It has many benefits for the health of the body. You can be […]

10 Health Benefits of Taking Coconut Oil on Empty Stomach

Coconut oil is an oil made from coconut, has a fragrant odor, water content and low fatty acids. Oil, not just for cooking in Health Benefits Using Coconut Oil Cooking. But it can also be used as a health care body. One example is Health Benefits of Taking Coconut Oil on Empty Stomach. Coconut oil […]