Health Benefits of Waakye Leaves – The Secret from Ghana

Waakye leaves may not so familiar for you because this type of leaves is well known as sorghum; which is type of grasses harvested for both human consumption and herbal medication. One of the well known species of sorghum is Sorghum bicolour which is also well known as waakye leaves. Health Benefits of Waakye Leaves […]

Proven Benefits of Tej Patta for Weight Loss (Best Diet Treatment Ever!)

Tej patta is actually bay leaf in Hindi. Also known as tezpatta in Punjabi, tej patha in Bengali, tamal patra in Marathi, and tamal patr in Gujarati. It is an aromatic leaf that is native to the Mediterranean area and is commonly used as a cooking ingredient as well as for perfumes. Tej patta is […]

Unpredictable Guduchi Benefits for Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases suffered by many Indonesians. The cause of diabetes is increased blood sugar levels in the body. Unhealthy eating patterns are often the main cause of this disease. Although sometimes diabetics can also be caused by hereditary factors. However, currently, people with diabetes can consume natural remedies to treat […]

20 Impressive Health Benefits of Verbena Leaves

Verbena also known as lemon verbena or Aloysia citrodora is a kind of shrub with pointed narrow leaves with hairy surface. It commonly blooms a small white and purple flowers. The most special thing in this plant is that the leaves have a pleasant smell similar to lemon scent. This is the reason why it […]

13 Proven Health Benefits of Mistletoe Leaves

Mistletoe is a parasite plant that grow on another plant. This thing make mistletoe as a plant which doesn’t need media like soil and compost. It can stick on mango tree, apple tree or another wood tree that can sufficient mistletoe nutrition. We often misunderstand with this plant. Mistletoe is considered as troublesome plants that […]

10 Health Benefits of Tej Patta Leaves That Nobody Knows

Tej patta is known as a cooking spice that makes the smell of cuisine to be fragrant. However, tej patta is not only used as a cooking spice. It can be used to treat various health problems. One is to lose weight. Many people complain about their unsuccessful diet fitness. Health Benefits of Tej Patta […]

10 Proven Health Benefits of Strobilanthes Crispus

Some people may still lay with Health Benefits of Strobilanthes Crispus plants. This plant thrives in all parts of Indonesia and has many benefits for health as the Herbal Plant. Strobilanthes Crispus is a grass plant and has an erect stem. This plant grows in fertile soil and is open at an altitude of 1-1000 […]