10 Health Benefits of Sawo for Health You Must Know

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sawoHealth Benefits of Sawo is a popular fruit. This fruit has a distinctive flavor, round shape, skin and brown meat. This fruit has a lot of good content for health because of many nutrients and vitamins. Due to the high water content, sawo suitable as a fresh dessert.

Sawo fruit has a lot of good content for the body. This has also been proven through various studies. (Nutrition in 100 g sawo):

Here are the benefits of Health Benefits of Sawo:

  1. Helps the formation of red blood cells

Iron in sawo useful to help the body in producing red blood cells. Because if the lack of red blood can cause anemia.

  1. Maintain bone health

Sawo has a good calcium and phosphorus content for bone. Bone health is an important asset when we grow old. You may also read Benefits of Exercise for Bone Health

  1. Overcoming mouth inflammation

Chop chop and boil for 10 minutes. Use boiled sawo water to rinse.

  1. Diarrhea medicine

You can use sawo as a medicine for diarrhea. The trick is grated sawo and then wring out water. Combine with boiled water and drink 2 times a day.

  1. Very good for eye health

Sawo is the right choice for you to keep your eyes healthy and avoid eye disorders. This is because the sawo contains a lot of vitamin A. Benefits Cucumber for Eyes also good for eye.

  1. Maintain skin beauty

The content of vitamin E is very good for skin health. Because vitamin E makes skin moist and looks clean. You must read this Health Benefits of Honey for Skin

  1. Good for dental health

The content of phosphorus and calcium in sawo is also good for teeth.

  1. Medication for bleeding

Potassium in sawo can stop the bleeding that occurs in the body like a wound.

  1. Adds energy

This is because it contains carbohydrates as a source of energy that serves to run daily activities.

  1. Radiating the digestive system

Sawo contains fiber that is good for digestion. Characteristics of a good digestion is defecate smoothly and not constipation.

Caution of Sawo

You should not give Health Benefits of Sawo to your baby. Because the sap contained in brown is feared will disrupt the digestive tract in infants.