10 Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon and Cantaloupe

Who does not know Health Benefits of Watermelon and Cantaloupe? Yes, both fruit is one of the most favored fruit. Besides the cheap price, it also feels soft and sweet. However, did you know that watermelons and cantaloupe have surprising benefits? According to The Journal of Food Science who examined that, 100 grams of cantaloupe […]

15 Health Benefits of Eating Cantaloupe for Breakfast

Cantaloupe is a famous crop and also known as melon or muskmelon in United States. Cantaloupe is a member of guord ( Cucurbitacea ) family, same with other melon types such as honey dew, watermelon, cucumber and etc. This melon has orange flesh with yellow skin background and musky aroma. Cantaloupe or Cucumis melo var. […]