Proven Benefits of Gabapentin for Dogs Health

Dogs are people’s best friend for a very long time. They accompany, entertain, and guard us. Even, sleeping with dog can present Benefits of Dog Sleeping With You. Or else, you can also get The Benefits of Dog Saliva. Many people live with dogs as if they live with their family member. So, it is […]

 Scientific Benefits of Dogs Licking Wounds You Should Know

Licking wounds is an intuitive behavior done by animal. It is common for us to see cat or dog licking their wounds. Not only animal, human sometimes also have this kind of habit. Unconsciously, we bite or lick on our small wound, especially those small wounds around the fingers. Well, for some people licking wounds […]

7 Useful Benefits of Therapy Dogs for Autism Treatment

Dogs are domesticated animals that commonly taken as pet by people. This is due to their friendly and cooperative nature that make them a good pet, and they often behave well with other pets, even the other animals are from different family (e.g. cats, horse, reptile, etc). Their reputation as trusty pet should not be […]

The Benefits of Salmon Oil for Dogs Health – Recommendation – Cautions

At the time you notice a simple word ‘Salmon’, the first thing that pops up in your mind must be about ‘fish’, or maybe your brain immediately correlates it to ‘a tasty dish’. Aside from how tasty it is, many of you may also acknowledge numerous benefits of consuming salmon for health, as it can […]

Surprisingly Health Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace

Having a pet like a dog is fun. These furry animals in some kind have an adorable snack. The dog is one of the animals that can be very friendly with humans and also famous to have good loyalty. Some dogs are very useful for maintaining security even used by the parties in the quest […]

10 Health Benefits of Consuming Fish for Dogs

Fish is one of the healthiest foods that everyone can consume. Vitamins and protein contain much in fish are followed by many health benefits. Furthermore, will the nutrients give the same health benefits for dogs? Feed the dogs with fish should be made as a supplement. Too much fish will harm the dogs while consume […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Kelp for Dogs

Kelp is one of the nutritional supplements for dogs. Kelp has a good nutritional content such as salt and minerals. Not only that, many veterinarians also recommend the health benefits of kelp for dogs as a supplement for pets. Content that is in kelp and required by dogs include: Iodine Mineral Calcium Iron Amino acid […]

10 Super Benefits of Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

Not only good consumed at breakfast only. Oatmeal also has other benefits such as for beauty, good skin and hair health. The FDA (American BPOM) has acknowledged that oatmeal includes natural ingredients that have benefits for skin beauty. Currently, there is even oatmeal in the form of shampoo. Oatmeal shampoo is very good for your […]

6 Unpopular Health Benefits of Cucumber for Dogs

Contain much of water, doesn’t mean that cucumber has not enough nutrients your body need. Moreover, cucumber is one of vegetables that contain lot of benefits or you can read benefits of cucumber for beauty. It is really appropriate to consume it on a hot summer day and not only for you but also for […]

8 Incredibly Health Benefits of Carrot for Dogs

All of carrot or Daucus Carota is very recommended vegetable that make your body healthy or you can read health benefits of carrot leaves. It is no wonder because this vegetable contains much of nutrients the body need. You can consume it in cooked foods like soup, juice, salad and others or you can read […]