Complete List of Adaptogenic Herbs – Potent and Natural Stress Relieve

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Adaptogenic herbs are the list of herbs that contain adabtogens; type of herbal pharmaceutical properties which has counteracted effect with some stress symptoms. If you think that stress is only affecting your mind and then you are wrong because health risk of stress is more than that and it could affect your physical body significantly as well. The complete list of adoptogenic herbs below may not solve your problem entirely but may be useful to reduce the symptoms, relieve the effects or even prevent the worst effects of the condition.

  1. Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng is one of the herbs well known as adaptogenic herbs. Stress could come from anywhere including intensive workout and exhausting condition. Consuming Siberian ginseng could help improving endurance during the workout and reducing the risk of stress.

  1. Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng is probably the most popular variety of ginseng originated from Asia region especially Korea. Several scientific studies showed the effectiveness of this ginseng in improving cognitive function. The adaptogenic agents are also affecting the brain function and making people become more focus and have better memory.

  1. Artic Root

In modern medication to combat some mental conditions, artic root has significant role in reducing stress, combating fatigue up to increasing mental performance. Some studies also found out the effectiveness of artic root in reducing the worst effect of bipolar disorder and even ADHD.

  1. Schisandra

Schisandra comes from the berry family and for centuries have been used as home remedy to several conditions such as maintaining liver health and easing inflammation. The adaptogenic agents found in this berry is effective in balancing the hormones to maintain stress level.

  1. Amla

Amla is also well known as Indian gooseberry which famous for its antioxidants content. The combination of antioxidants and adaptogenic properties are excellent to fight all kinds of stress symptoms from anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion and even depression.

  1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has been part of Ayurvedic practice since ancient time and several studies have shown promising result of this herb in reducing anxiety and some stress disorders. Those studies stated the effectiveness of the adaptogen effect of this herb could reach 14 – 27% depends on the present condition of the patient.

  1. Cordyceps

Cordyceps are used in India, Tibetan and Chinese medication. The adaptogen properties found in herb are not only able to combat fatigue, support brain health and improve memory but also treating low libido, colds and even cancer.

  1. Holy Basil

Holy basil is also well known as tulsi. Health benefits of holy basil leaf are good to reduce stress and anxiety. Aside from being adaptogenic herb, holy basil is also well known as aphrodisiac herb to help increasing libido and male sexual performance.

  1. Maca

One of the causes of stress in women is when there is hormonal imbalance. It is normal to happen during PMS or before menopause. Consuming maca could help encouraging the hormonal balance to help fighting the annoying symptoms while the adaptogenic agents will help reducing the anxiety and stressful conditions caused by the symptoms.

  1. Rhodiola

As adaptogenic herb, rhidiola is effective in fighting fatigue, reducing the effects of exhaustion and boosting cognitive performance. As part of modern medication, rhodiola is also used as alternative medicine to lower the side effects of depression by improving mood and increasing the ability of people in coping with stressful situation.

  1. Ginger

It is a common knowledge that one of the main benefits of ginger is effective stress reliever. Drinking a cup of ginger ale regularly will cause you no harm and instead it will bring a lot of benefits to your health condition. Ginger is also used as food flavouring to help increasing appetite.

  1. Licorice

There are a lot of health benefits of eating licorice. The root of licorice is the excellent source of adaptogen properties to help reducing the stress and fighting anxiety. The flavonoids content of licorice is also excellent immunity booster.

  1. Astragalus Root

In Chinese medication astragalus root is essential source of adoptogenic agent. The extract of astragalus root is commonly used as the main ingredient of adaptogenic supplement but it is super expensive. Traditionally, you could get the same effect by making it into herbal tea or decoction.

  1. Reishi Mushroom

You could find Reishi mushroom in the list of Chinese herb health because since ancient time this mushroom is well known as immunity booster against all health conditions including stress due to its amazing properties of adaptogenic agent.

  1. Mimulus

Some people may though how beautiful and unique mimulus as flowering plant is but less people know about benefits of mimulus for anxiety due to its potent adaptogenic properties found in the flower.

  1. Bacopa monnieri

Traditionally Bacopa monnieri is used as natural cognitive enhancer though later some studies stated that this flowering plant is containing potent adaptogenic agents that are quite powerful to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety and improve the ability of a person to cope with stressful situation in a better way.

  1. Chaga

Chaga is one of the types of mushrooms which are not really appealing in appearance but containing potent adaptogenic agents. There are a lot of types of stress and one of them is oxidative stress. Chaga could reduce oxidative stress up to 55% and more studies required to ensure the effective of this herb in reducing other types of stress as well.

  1. Mucuna pruriens

ADHD is one of the mental conditions which symptoms could be seen since childhood. Some studies found out that the adaptogenic properties found in Mucuna pruriens are effective in treating children with ADHD. In less serious condition, this herb is also used to treat anxiety and lower the risk of stress.

  1. John’s Wort

Not a lot of people know about the benefits of St. John’s wort for anxiety. However, some scientific studies have proven this flowering plant to be effective natural solution or home remedy to anxiety.

If you have been diagnosed with serious mental disorders using those complete list of adaptogenic herbs may not really useful in some parts but as home remedy, first aid solution or prevention action, taking those herb regularly could be super helpful.