List of Herbs Not to Take While Breastfeeding

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During breastfeeding mothers will easily getting hungry and eating regularly is highly recommended to ensure the optimal production of breast milk to fulfil the demand of the baby. However, during breasting stage mothers should be super careful as well in consuming foods especially herbs because they could affect the milk production and even the baby. The list of herbs not to take while breastfeeding below is important to know and should be taken into account by every mother though it is depending on the present condition of the mother.

  1. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is very tasty herbal tea but mothers during breastfeeding should avoid this herb because it could decrease the milk supply though having a good sip before bed is not going to cause any harm.

  1. Spearmint

Spearmint contains menthol that could cause decrease the milk production. Unlike lemon balm the effect of spearmint could be really strong, even eating the spearmint candy could have significant effect.

  1. Sage

Sage is normally used as herbs for cooking but for mother during breastfeeding period should be super careful in adding sage to the cooking because it could reduce the supply of milk.

  1. Sorrel

In normal condition there are a lot of health benefits of sorrel leaves from excellent antioxidants source up to weight loss solution. However, some studies also found out that sorrel may affect the milk supply if consumed in high dosage.

  1. Oregano

For some people, the fact that oregano could affect the milk production is a big surprise. However, you don’t need to over worry because adding it to food in proper amount is still safe and not affecting the milk supply.

  1. Parsley

Just like oregano, you are not supposed to avoid parsley at all cost during breastfeeding but you could control the consumption to avoid the side effects of this herb in milk supply.

  1. Periwinkle

Periwinkle is flowering plant well known for its potent effect in treating certain types of diabetes but consuming this herb during breastfeeding period could affect the milk production and infant digestion.

  1. Peppermint

Peppermint is perfect options for mothers during weaning period because it could affect the milk supply significantly. However, it is better for mother to reduce the consumption or even avoid it entirely during breastfeeding.

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng is well known as natural stimulant. Consuming ginseng during breastfeeding may affect the heart beat of both mothers and the baby.

  1. Star Anise

One of the well known health benefits of anise is its minerals content. Generally, minerals are strongly required by mothers during breastfeeding but it is better to get it from other source because anise may have contradiction effect for mothers during this period.

  1. Basil

One of the main reasons why you should not consume basil during breastfeeding is due to its mutagenic agents that could affect the DNA and milk production.

  1. Liquorice

There are a lot of health benefits of eating liquorice for human health but there are some studies that some compounds found in liquorice may be toxic for baby which metabolism system is still fragile.

  1. Tobacco

It is a common knowledge that tobacco may contain some harmful contents for mothers during breastfeeding but for external usage, tobacco is still quite safe because it could act as anti-bacterial agents to prevent infection.

  1. Wormwood

Health benefits of wormwood tea could be super helpful in many ways, except for mothers during breastfeeding because this herb contains some compounds that may secret the milk supply.

  1. Green Tea

Mothers may love the ‘me time’ when they could enjoy a cup of their favourite green tea. However, most kinds of tea, green tea included contains caffeine that may affect heart beat of the infant.

  1. Madder Root

Similar to liquorice, while madder root may contain some potent medicinal properties but for infant, madder root could be toxic and affect their metabolism.

  1. Goldenseal

Baby metabolism system is still super fragile and goldenseal contains some active compound that could increase bilirubin level in infant which could affect its liver in negative way.

  1. Rhubarb

Rhubarb may be rich of iron and vitamin K but during breastfeeding consuming rhubarb could cause serious problems to infant such as digestive irritation up to diarrhea.

  1. Borage

Alkaloids founds in borage may have a lot of benefits but for mothers during pregnancy, alkaloids could affect the milk supply and reduce the production.

  1. Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is herb normally use to improve digestion. However, baby digestion system still very sensitive to this kind of herb, so conditions like digestive irritation could occur if mothers keep consuming this herb during breastfeeding.

  1. Alkanet

Alkanet is one of the herbs well known for its medicinal properties but during breastfeeding, mothers should avoid this herb due to its ability to reduce the milk supply because of its alkaloids content.

  1. Indian Snakeroot

Benefits of snakeroot are commonly consumed to help increasing appetite but during breastfeeding mothers should not consume it due to its potential of being toxic for infants.

  1. Thyme

It may come as surprise if thyme is not supposed to be consumed during breastfeeding. Some studies have been stated that thyme may affect the milk production when consumed in high amount.

  1. Yarrow

For women, the health benefits of yarrow could be super useful to help them dealing with their menstrual problems but during breastfeeding is better to avoid yarrow could have a counteract effect.

  1. Black Walnut

Don’t mistaken black walnut with the regular walnut. While regular walnut is recommended for mothers during breastfeeding, black walnut is forbidden because it could decrease the milk supply.

  1. Angelica Root

Benefits of angelica root are as blood purifier and body detox have been well known but due to its estogenic compounds, mothers should avoid consuming this herb while breastfeeding or during pregnancy.

Some herbs should be avoided completely while others like parsley or sage still could be consumed by mothers but in proper portion. Mothers should be careful as well about some traditional concoction given after giving birth because some of them may contain dangerous substances that could affect the baby.