Miraculous Benefits of Nutmeg for Pimples Cure

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Pimples or acnes are not life-threatening condition but they could kill you socially. In present world, perfect appearance could give you a very good first impression especially when you need to apply to your dream job or meet your future partner. Though of course there is such thing like inner beauty but you cannot avoid the fact that beautiful face could be a plus point in this matter. Lucky for you there are a lot of skin care products you could choose to fight pimples and acnes but what do you think of more natural way to pimples cure? Well, there are some scientific studies that stated about the benefits of nutmeg for pimples cure and how to get rid of acne naturally.

Why Nutmeg Is Good for Pimples Cure?

Well, not a lot of people know about how nutmeg could cure pimples magically. This spice is very common to find and has been part of cuisine secret recipe since ancient time. What you should do to get this spice is just opening your mother’s kitchen board or visit the nearby traditional market to get some of nutmeg in super cheap price. Aside from that fact, nutmeg has miraculous way in treating pimples because of some active compounds found in this spice such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin E and vitamin C benefits and many more. Get more information about the benefits of nutmeg for pimples cure in the list below.

  1. Contains Antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential for skin health. It has important role in cells regeneration to accelerate the healing process and prevent further infections.

  1. Has Potent Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Anti-inflammatory properties found in nutmeg are super potent which has essential role in dealing with the swelling caused by bacterial infections. Applying nutmeg ointment to the swollen area could reduce the swelling significantly.

  1. Anti-Bacterial Agents

Pimples were caused by bacterial infections. In other words, to cure it you need super potent anti-bacterial agents which are available in nutmeg. These bacterial agents are not only killing the bacteria but also preventing the further infections.

  1. Cleans Your Pores

You could use the health benefits of nutmeg powder as natural face mask to help you cleaning your pores. This solution is super effective in preventing clogged pores which are the root of acnes and pimples.

  1. Prevents Infections

As mentioned in some points above the existences of anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and anti-bacterial agents are the perfect combinations not only to fight infections but also to prevent it.

  1. Cures Scars Caused by Pimples

You just need to use anti-bacterial agents to kill the bacteria but pimples will leave the ugly marks in your skin. Well, nutmeg contains all the health benefits of vitamin E to help you optimizing the cells regeneration and remove the scars completely from your beautiful skin.

  1. Removes Dead Skin Cells

Nutmeg powder is also excellent skin scrubs. It is important to detox your skin regularly by using natural scrubs like nutmeg powder. This solution is excellent to remove dead skin cells while vitamin C benefits will optimize the production of collagen to accelerate the cells regenerations to replace the dead skin cells.

  1. Natural Controls Against Excessive Oil Production

Excessive oil production could cause clogged pores that lead to pimples or acnes. Controlling the oil production is also one of the ways to deal with pimples and using nutmeg as face mask could help reducing the oil production.

  1. Solutions to Dry Skin

Nutmeg contains natural moisturizer to help you fighting the dry skin. What you need to do is just applying the nutmeg face mask regularly to provide moisture to your skin.

  1. Natural Face Scrubs to Skin Exfoliates

If you have sensitive skin and cannot use chemical-based face scrub products perhaps nutmeg powder could be the best solution in this matter.

  1. Side-Effects Free Face Toner

As mentioned in the previous point, it is super difficult to find face treatment products that suitable for your sensitive skin. If that is what you have been facing, going natural is the best thing you could do.

  1. Natural Cleansing for Sensitive Skin

Not only as face scrubs or face toner, you could use nutmeg powder as natural cleansing for your sensitive skin as well.

Cautions of Nutmeg for Pimples Cure

The list of benefits of nutmeg for pimples cure mentioned above are enough reasons for you to put away all the chemical-based skin care series you have at home. However, still there are some cautions you should know as well before you decided to use it for pimples cures.

  • Nutmeg could cause skin burn when it is used in large quantity. So, amount is really matter because if you taste the nutmeg, it has slightly spicy flavour that could cause burning sensation in your skin.
  • Since you are going to apply it directly to your expose skin is highly recommended to use organic nutmeg only instead of the already processed one.
  • Don’t trust skin care that claimed to be made from 100% nutmeg because if you want to get all the benefits of nutmeg, you should choose the most natural way.

How to Make Nutmeg Paste for Pimples Cure

The next question that might appear is what you should do with the nutmeg nut or nutmeg powder you have in your hand right now. Well, the best way for pimple cures is by using the nutmeg powder into nutmeg paste that you could use as natural skin scrubs or face mask. Nutmeg paste is also able to use as ointment or with the right mixture can be used as skin toner or skin cleanser as well. Below is the easiest way to make nutmeg paste for pimples cure:


2 teaspoon of nutmeg powder

A few drops of mineral water


  • Mix the nutmeg powder with a few drops of water until you get the perfect consistency you prefer to be used as face mask.
  • You could reduce the water if you want to make it as ointment or add more water if you want to use it as skin toner.

Well, there is no easy way of how to prevent acnes and pimples naturally but using nutmeg powder. This solution is not only super easy but also super simple. For more effective result you could replace the water with rose water, lemon juice or honey.