11 Health Benefits of Nutmeg Oil, Very Important!

Nutmeg comes from the evergreen tree Myritica fragrans local to the Indonesian Spice Islands. The oil is steam refined from the seed of the fruit of this tree. Strangely, nutmeg is one of a handful of oils that contains the chemical compound myristicin. This compound gives the signature smell and flavor of nutmeg. In overabundance, […]

Miraculous Benefits of Nutmeg for Pimples Cure

Pimples or acnes are not life-threatening condition but they could kill you socially. In present world, perfect appearance could give you a very good first impression especially when you need to apply to your dream job or meet your future partner. Though of course there is such thing like inner beauty but you cannot avoid […]

Benefits of Nutmeg Powder for Weight Loss – Secret Recipe

The number of people who are striving to lose weight is progressively increasing today. The reasons are varying from unhealthy lifestyle that shift from homemade cooking to fast food, lack of exercises due to unbelievable workload at office, stress and many more. Weight gain and obesity becomes everyone’s problems because not only adults, the number […]

Benefits of Nutmeg in Skin Care – Natural Alternative Treatment

The number of people who are willing to try natural way for skin care treatment is progressively increasing today. The reasons are varying from the cost of professional skin care treatment which is expensive up to there is no time for them to do intensive skin care, so the one that left is alternative skin […]

Amazing Benefits of Nutmeg for Diabetes Treatment

Speaking of one of the spices and herbs that are not only able to enhance food flavour but also containing potent medicinal properties and then nutmeg is one of the spices in the top of the list. There are a lot of health benefits of nutmeg powder or spice which native to Indonesia and easily […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of African Nutmeg

During this time only known nutmeg as cooking seasoning. Though the benefits of nutmeg a lot of including for health. One of the famous nutmegs is American nutmeg. Nutmeg is one kind of rare fruit. Because this fruit cannot grow in all regions. As the ages grow, many people know the amazing benefits of nutmeg. […]