List of Herbs Beginning with J and Health Benefits

The number of people who are interested to learn about herbs as alternative medicine is progressively increasing day by day. Along with modern medication method, herbal healing solution becomes a unique and yet natural alternative for those who don’t want to depend on their medication on chemical-based drugs. The list of herbs beginning with J […]

List of Herbs Beginning with I and Health Benefits

What do you know about herbs? The list of herbs beginning with I and health benefits below will tell you a bit about what herbs are and how big their role in people’s daily life. Some of them are used as home remedy while others are used as first aid. Iberis amara Iberis amara is […]

List of Herbs Beginning with G and Health Benefits

If you are interested to learn more about herbs, you don’t need to meet a professional because you just need to open your kitchen cupboard or explore your back yard garden and spot some wild insignificant plants that may contain some potent medicinal properties. The list of herbs beginning with G and health benefits below […]

Amazing Benefits of Kalonji Seeds in Islam Mentioned in the Quran

Speaking of herbs and spices you must be surprised how long the list will be. Kalonji seeds are among spice that is well known in Asia from India up to Middle East. In Islam, kalonji seeds are well known as black seeds which have been mentioned several times in the Quran as the cure of […]

5 Unbelievable Benefits of Chewing Cloves for Teeth Health

Most of people, especially those who like to cook know this kind of spices, which is called clove. As you might already know, cloves are one of spices that are originally from Indonesia. The spices do not grow wild in the nature, but they are cultivated by farmers. Related articles: Indonesian Herbs and Spices Benefits […]

15 Health benefits of Chinese 5 spice (#1 Chinese food secret)

Every region or country might have a typical character of food. It is usually contributed by the region’s signature secret herbal and spices which are used as seasoning to enhance the flavor of the foods. Not only used in foods, the spices are also common to be used as traditional medication property. One of the […]

20 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Long Pepper

Long peppers may sound unfamiliar to some, but not in the ears of Javanese people. In Java it is also known as Javanese pepper, with the scientific name being Piper Retrofractum Vahl. It is considered as spice, and commonly used for jamu, which is traditional Indonesian herbal drink, hence its nickname being “cabe jamu” or […]

22 Benefits of Red Grape Vinegar (#1 Great for Weight Loss)

Red grape vinegar has been widely used as part of food recipes due to its unique flavor and taste. The vinegar will offer unique acidity and flavor to the dish. However, since red grape vinegar is very low in calories, it also has been used as part of weight loss program which is one of […]

15 Health Benefits of Candlenut #1 Top Hair Treatments

Now we will discuss about candlenut. Somethings that familiar to us. Yup. The candlenut usually we met up in traditional market. Candlenut which always called ‘Aleurites moluccana‘ in science is have relationship with cassava. Usually candlenut is made to some food ingredients. But candlenut have a more usability, not only in food ingredients but candlenut […]

45 Scientific Health Benefits of Coriander Seeds (Indian’s #1 Top Secret Spice)

Coriander seed is one of the spice gems which mostly Asian couldn’t live without because most of Indian’s recipes are using coriander seeds as well as most of part of Asia including Mediterranean regions and Middle East. Though it is extremely popular in Asia but it is less popular in western cuisine though right now, […]