List of Herbs Beginning with I and Health Benefits

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What do you know about herbs? The list of herbs beginning with I and health benefits below will tell you a bit about what herbs are and how big their role in people’s daily life. Some of them are used as home remedy while others are used as first aid.

  1. Iberis amara

Iberis amara is also well known as bitter candytuft or clown’s mustard plant. All parts of this plant from leaves, root, stem and the seeds are used for medicine. This plant has been claimed to be effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, bloating, gout and join pain.

  1. Iceland Poppy

The name of Iceland poppy comes from its native subpolar region of Asia, Europe and North America. Though some studies stated that some parts of Iceland poppy are poisonous but Iceland poppy is rich of alkaloids.

  1. Ice Plant

The fruit of ice plant is commonly eaten raw but some people prefer them dried or preserved as jam. Ice plant is low in calories and as juice, this plant could be drink in daily basis to help managing weight loss. The fruit is also excellent source of vitamin c benefits, vitamin A, vitamin B complex and some essential minerals.

  1. Ilex paraguariensis

Ilex paraguariensis is the scientific name plant used to make yerba mate tea. Yerba mate tea is herbal drink which is rich of antioxidants and some essential vitamins. Drinking the herbal tea could help boosting energy, improving mental focus and enhancing physical performance especially for athlete.

  1. Indian Bay Leaf

What do you know about the health benefits of Indian bay leaf? This type of herbal leaf is well known for its antiseptic properties. Other than that, Indian bay leaf is also good to cure kidney stone, ease up the stiff muscle, promote digestive health, home remedy to diarrhea and increase the chance of pregnancy.

  1. Indian Borage

Indian borage is also well known as Mexican mint. Comes from the mint family, the health benefits of Indian borage are good to cure respiratory problems, reduce arthritis, improve immunity system, enhance vision, prevent cancer, reduce stress, maintain kidney health and traditional medicine to fever.

  1. Indian Ginseng

Indian ginseng is the root of plant well known as Ashwaganda in its native region. As part of ancient medical herb Indian ginseng is well known for its ability to reduce blood sugar level, prevent the development of cancerous cells, help reducing stress, anxiety and also the symptoms of depression.

  1. Indian Ginseng Leaves (Ashwaganda Leaves)

Aside from the root, the main health benefits of ashwaganda for weight loss are the most well known. The leaves contain adaptogenic properties that could prevent fat accumulation, promote digestive health and optimize the digestive system. That is why consuming Indian ginseng leaves are good for weight management.

  1. Indian Green Chilli

Indian is well known for its spicy food and among its spicy herb and spice there is Indian green chilli. Health benefits of Indian green chilli are good to fight cancer due to its antioxidant properties, good for weight loss due to its low calorie, good to treat cold because as any other chilli varieties, Indian green chilli is also rich of vitamin C.

  1. Indian Long Pepper

One more spice you should know from India, Indian long pepper. The health benefits of Indian long pepper are similar to other variety of pepper which is good to treat cold and increase appetite.

  1. Indian Madder

Indian madder is herb derived from the root of herbal plant which scientific name Rubia cordifola. Indian madder contains anti-inflammation properties to treat kidney stone and halts bleeding.

  1. Indian Sarsaparilla

Health benefits of Indian sarsaparilla root are well known to prevent cancer, treat joint pain, promote liver health and also good to treat some skin condition such as eczema and psoriasis.

  1. Indonesian Bay Leaf

Indonesia bay leaf is commonly used as food herb in the form of fresh or dried leaves. This herbal plant is used traditionally to maintain the blood sugar level and high blood pressure.

  1. Indonesian Cinnamon

There are a lot of types of cinnamon and Indonesia cinnamon which comes from Cassia variety is among the famous one. Commonly used as food spice, cinnamon is also used as mixture of beverage which is good to treat sore throat, cold and flu.

  1. Insulin Plant

Just like the name, the main health benefits of insulin plant are to treat diabetes. Drinking insulin plant as herbal tea could provide your body the stock of insulin, especially for those who are suffering from type 1 diabetes.

  1. Ipil Ipil Leaves

For those who don’t know about the health benefits of ipil ipil leaves, these leaves are used traditionally to cure worm infestation, prevent insomnia and reduce the symptoms of PMS in women.

  1. Ipomoea batata Leaves

Ipomoea batata is the scientific name of sweet potatoes and less people know about sweet potatoes leaves health benefits. The leaves could be used as first aid to swelling and bruising due to its anti-inflammation properties.

  1. Irish Moss

In modern world, Irish moss benefits used as the main ingredients of some drugs of hepatitis. Due to its antiseptic and antifungal content, Irish moss is also used to make soap and antifungal drug to treat some skin conditions caused by fungal.

  1. Italian Parsley

There are a lot of health benefits of Italian parsley such as good for eye health, maintain body endurance during workout and promote healthy bones and teeth.

  1. Ixora Flower

Aside from its beauty, there are a lot of health benefits of ixora flower that not everyone knows about. This flower could cure diseases from tuberculosis up to hypertension.  As first aid, ixora flower is also used to prevent open wound from infection.

Learning about herbs will give you some additional knowledge about traditional medicine and home remedy. Sometimes to treat light condition, there is no need for you to meet your doctor because one or more list of herbs beginning with I and health benefits mentioned above could come in handy as home remedy or first aid.