List of Herbs Beginning with J and Health Benefits

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The number of people who are interested to learn about herbs as alternative medicine is progressively increasing day by day. Along with modern medication method, herbal healing solution becomes a unique and yet natural alternative for those who don’t want to depend on their medication on chemical-based drugs. The list of herbs beginning with J and health benefits below is just some little examples of how large herbal world is.

  1. Jackfruit Leaves

Probably the popularity of jackfruit is not as popular as the fruit itself but the health benefits of jackfruit leaves are quite significant. Consuming it as herbal concoction could help treating several health conditions such as healing ulcers, controlling diabetes and improving the production of breast milk.

  1. Jakhya

Jakhya is also well known as wild mustard or dog mustard. This herb is nutrient packed from essential vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E and K, jakhya is also rich of folic acid, potassium and iron. So, jakhya is good to consume during pregnancy.

  1. Jalapeno

Its spicy flavour is the main signature of jalapeno. Aside from that there are more health benefits of jalapeno that might surprise you. Jalapeno is excellent source of calories, carbohydrate and plant-based protein.

  1. Jamaican Castor Oil

Jamaican castor oil is essential oil made from castor seed. The main benefits of Jamaican castor oil are for beard. Those who have problem growing beard could use Jamaican castor oil to stimulate the beard root to optimize its growth into thicken beard without worrying about irritation.

  1. Jamun Leaves

The main health benefits of jamun leaves are able to treat dysentery, overcome kidney stone, prevent cancer, inhibit the development of tumor and regulate blood flow to reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure to prevent stroke and heart attack.

  1. Japanese Garlic

Not a lot of people know the different of regular garlic and Japanese garlic and lesser people know about the health benefits of Japanese garlic. This herb is good to prevent cancer due to its high antioxidant content, could act as immunity booster and home remedy to headache caused by high blood pressure.

  1. Japanese Ginseng Root

Japan has its own type of ginseng which benefit is similar to regular Panax ginseng which is good for male reproduction. Moreover, Japanese ginseng root is also good to increase insulin level in patient with type 2 diabetes.

  1. Japanese Honeysuckle

Japanese honeysuckle has been part of Asian traditional medicine since ancient time due to its amazing ability to treat light fever, sore throat, headache and its expectorant content could help treating cough as well.

  1. Japanese Knotweed

Among the amazing health benefit of Japanese knotweed, this type of herbal plant is well known as excellent source of antioxidants to help boosting immunity system, improve brain function, detoxify the liver and control the blood pressure.

  1. Japanese Water Lily

Japanese water lily comes from the same family as lotus flower which comes from genus Nuphar. Some studies have been stated that Japanese water lily is high in tannin and alkaloids which are beneficial even in modern medication.

  1. Jasmine Flower

Who doesn’t know the health benefits of rose and jasmine tea made of the mixture of rose petals and jasmine flowers? Those two flowers are not giving you therapeutic effect due to its aromatic aroma but also more benefits to health like reduce stress, prevent cancer and cure insomnia.

  1. Jasmine Leaves

Not only the flowers, there are also more health benefits of jasmine leaves you should know. The leaves of this flowering plant are able to aid weight loss, kill cancerous cells, lower cholesterol and prevent pre-mature aging.

  1. Jasminium Multipartitum

Jasminium multipartitum comes from the same family as Jasmine flower which is good to treat hepatitis, diarrhea, dysentery and also able to enhance sexual performance due to its aphrodisiac effect.

  1. Jatamansi

Jatamansi is flowering plant native to Himalaya. Since ancient time, the Indian women have been using this herb as hair tonic. Aside from that, jatamansi is also containing potent anti-depressant properties to treat anxiety and depression.

  1. Jatropha Leaves

Not a lot people know about the benefits of jatropha leaves. This herbal plant has been used to treat the symptoms of rheumatism due to its anti-inflammation properties.

  1. Java Tea

The unique appearance of java tea which is similar to cat’s whiskers is the reasons why this herb called kumis kucing (Indonesian for cat’s whiskers) in its origin region. Java tea is good for kidney due to its diuretic effect.

  1. Jiaogulan

Traditional Chinese has been using jaogulan tea as energy drink since ancient time. Its effect is similar to ginseng but while ginseng is quite rare and expensive, jiaogulan is quite easy to find and due to that jiaogula earns the name of “poor man’s ginseng”.

  1. Jimbu

Jimbu is one of the herbs from Himalaya which is quite rare to find. This herb is rich of essential vitamins that could promote teeth and bone health.

  1. Jimson Weed

Jimson weed is well known as herb that could help treating asthma and some respiratory problems due to its antispasmodic properties found in this herb.

  1. Joe Pye Weed

Joe pye weed is diuretic which is good for urination and kidney health. This herb is also containing aphrodisiac properties which are good to increase libido.

  1. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil benefits have been well known worldwide for both health and beauty. This oil could be used as natural make up remover, skin moisturizer, maintain healthy hair and could be used as sunscreen as well.

  1. Juniper Berries

The benefits of juniper berries for skin are no longer something you could doubt. It could cure acnes, treat wound, increase skin condition, cure eczema and even its essential oil has more benefits for skin.

  1. Justicia Gandarusa

Justicia gandarusa is one of the herbal plants easily found in someone’s back yard. This plant is good for blood circulation, able to treat rheumatism and first aid to fever.

You must be surprised to find out the list of herbs beginning with J and health benefits could be this long. However, they are nothing compared to the enormous world of herbs and spices. The list above is just some little example of herbs you could easily found around you.