3 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Bat Poops for Human

Every living being in this world, either humans, animals, or plants, surely produce excrement. However, the excrement of each organisms has shape and benefit which is different from each other. Bats are ones of the creatures whose droppings can be utilized. These mammals that live in caves, produce feces which actually beneficial and has sale […]

13 Incredible Health Benefits of Sansevieria (Snake Plants)

Sansevieria also known as Snake Plants or Mother in Law Tongue plants are one of herb plants that are quite famous for their name and benefits. Indonesians use these plants as ornamental plants that are put in the living room since they look unique and stunning. They also use them to obtain healthy, beauty, and […]

11 Unbelievable Benefits of Horse Shampoo for Human Hair Health

When you hear “horse shampoo”, you might think that it is a shampoo for horses. If you think so, you are right. Horse shampoo is the type of shampoo that is indeed made for the horses. However, the shampoo is not only for the horses, it can also be used for us humans. Horse Shampoo […]

5 Unbelievable Benefits of Chewing Cloves for Teeth Health

Most of people, especially those who like to cook know this kind of spices, which is called clove. As you might already know, cloves are one of spices that are originally from Indonesia. The spices do not grow wild in the nature, but they are cultivated by farmers. Related articles: Indonesian Herbs and Spices Benefits […]

7 Health Benefits of Beluntas Leaves for Medical Treatment

Beluntas leaves are small plants that can be found widely in places near coastal area. These leaves are wild plants that can grow easily without to be cultivated. They are generally used as effective herbal medicines. Here are some health benefits of beluntas leaves for medical treatment: 1. To reduce soreness Beluntas leaves can be […]

4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Camel Liver for Body

Camels are unique creatures, because they can only live in deserts. Their body is designed to adapt and survive in the deserts. The foot of a camel has two toes that are linked with a flexible pad. The pad makes them possible to walk on the deserts easily without sinking in the sand even though […]