15 Expected Health Benefits of Lovage for Natural Treatment

Not many people know the health benefits of lovage since the plant is not grow in all places. As lovage is native from Europe and Southwest Asia, therefore, it needs specific weather to grow the plan. Furthermore, it is not really easy to cultivate the herbal plant. This make those countries are the biggest supplied […]

12 Incredible Health Benefits of Hops Herbs for Peaceful Mind

There are many kinds of herbal plant that can bring various advantage including the health benefits of hop herbs. It is one kind of herbal plant that known can benefit the health and bring optimum wellness. Therefore, no wonder if people using this herbs on their daily medicine when having several symptoms of stress and […]

10 Top Benefits of Ginger for Asthma Treatments

Ginger is one of the most popular plants in agricultural industry. The roots of this plant is a very popular spice used as ingredients for many dishes and beverages. It is also widely used as a traditional medicine. If you ever go to Asia, you will notice there are tons of ginger being cultivated and […]

10 Best Benefits of Cycas Plant

Cycas plant some say originated and popular in Japan. The stems are short but the leaves have a length of between 50 cm and 150 cm. However, some cycas plants that are quite old can reach a length of 6 meters but this is quite rare. Often this plant is planted in the yard or […]

10 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Dog Rose

If you hear the word bush, then what comes to mind is a lush plant that is unpalatable and will not think there is a benefit to health in it. But it turns out there are types of shrubs that have good health benefits for your body, namely, dog rose or also known as Rosa […]

8 Unexpected Benefits of Chilean Rhubarb

Chilean rhubarb is a type of plant that has broad and green leaves. This plant is an ancient plant that has lived since 150 million years ago. The leaves have a width of up to 2.5 meters. And the fruit is orange. Within a year, this plant can produce as many as 80,000-250,000 seeds. Surely […]

20 Worth-Trying Health Benefits of Calea Zacatechichi

Since long long years ago, our ancestors has discovered lots of plants and herbs that could be used as medical purpose. And one of it is Calea Zacatechichi or bitter-grass. It might sounds weird or unfamiliar for you, but this herbs already used since long time ago by the Chontal Indians of Mexico. And they […]

9 Super Rhizoma Corydalis Health Benefits #1 No One Knows

Rhizoma corydalis originates from northern parts of China, Japan, and Siberia. For use as herbal medicine, the roots of the rhizoma corydalis are dried and sliced into small pieces. Rhizoma corydalis is a plant that can grow long in the shade along the edge of the forest. Flowers of the rhizoma corydalis has hermaphrodite properties. […]

15 Health Benefits of Water Hyacinth You Never Known Before

Water hyacinth is popular floating water plant. It has a thick dark green leaves and beautiful flowers in purple and blue with yellow spots. This plant is also known as the natural water purifier. Therefore, people love to collect them not just for their loveliness, but also for their ability to fix their green water […]

8 Health Benefits of Lagundi Leaves – Remedy to Asthma

When talking about herbal plant, the list could be amazingly long and probably endless. Tropical regions and countries are the best place you should go when you need more information about exotic herbal plants. One of the Asia herbs and its benefits that recently become famous is lagundi because the health benefits of lagundi leaves […]