8 Unexpected Benefits of Chilean Rhubarb

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chilean rhubarbChilean rhubarb is a type of plant that has broad and green leaves. This plant is an ancient plant that has lived since 150 million years ago. The leaves have a width of up to 2.5 meters. And the fruit is orange. Within a year, this plant can produce as many as 80,000-250,000 seeds. Surely this becomes a separate problem because of its growth cannot be controlled.

Chilean and Peruvian societies eat the stem and also leaves of this plant called “Nalcas”. The Benefits of Chilean rhubarb originated in Southern Chile and was used as an ornamental plant at that time. As time goes by, research shows that this plant can not only be used as an ornamental plant. However, this plant can also be used for other more useful things, such as:

  1. As food

As in Chilean and Peruvian communities, this plant can be processed into a delicious meal. The commonly used parts are stems that are young and also leaves. Sometimes, people consume it directly. By adding salt and chili to create an appetizing flavor.

  1. As a medicine

Based on some sources, Chilean rhubarb can also be used as an herbal medicine. Therefore, this plant contains natural compounds that are beneficial to maintain the health of the human body. Therefore, this plant is one of the plants that are recommended for consumption because of its usefulness.

  1. As an income enhancer

Many people are selling this plant to supplement their income. Therefore, this plant is used by many people as an ornamental plant and also as a healthy food. Usually, they sell it raw. Then give salt and chili too if someone wants to eat it. Read also: health benefits of mayana plant

  1. As a black dye

Another benefit that can be obtained from this plant is its function that can produce black color naturally. The black dye comes from the roots of the Chilean rhubarb plant. People use it as a natural dye that is not less good quality with artificial dyes. This plant also has the same function as a black dye: health benefits of rambutan leaves

  1. As an ornamental plant

The shape is unique and also amazing to make this plant widely used as an ornamental plant. In addition, this plant is very easy in its care. This plant is able to live in an extreme climate. And also the breeding is very easy. In fact, Chilean rhubarb grows naturally by the wayside. This plant is also as ornamental plant: health benefits fern leaves

  1. Protect the habitat underneath

As we know, Chilean rhubarb has very wide leaves. Surely this is used to protect the existing habitat under the leaves. Especially the plants and also animals that can not stand the hot weather can take shelter under the leaves of this ancient plant.

  1. Make the weather cooler

Imagine if around the house there are some Chilean rhubarb plants. The hot sunlight will be dispersed with its wide leaves. This will have an impact on the cold air around. Surely this is good news if you live in an area that has hot weather. You may also read this about Indonesian herbs health benefits.

  1. Maintain soil moisture

The soil protected by Chilean rhubarb tends to be more humid. Therefore, the sunlight entering the soil is relatively small compared to the ground with no Chilean rhubarb around it. The moist soil is usually very good for the growth of some plants. You may also like this article: health benefits of marigold plant


Although the benefits of Chilean rhubarb is very interesting to be ornamental plants. However, this plant has a deficiency, namely its growth that can not be controlled. Therefore, this plant can produce thousands of seeds in one year. In addition, the leaves are large if the fall will be able to clog water channels.