9 Super Rhizoma Corydalis Health Benefits #1 No One Knows

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rhizoma corydalisRhizoma corydalis originates from northern parts of China, Japan, and Siberia. For use as herbal medicine, the roots of the rhizoma corydalis are dried and sliced into small pieces. Rhizoma corydalis is a plant that can grow long in the shade along the edge of the forest. Flowers of the rhizoma corydalis has hermaphrodite properties.

Tubers and roots of this plant are used by people as a medicine. Rhizoma Corydalis has roots that have palliative or pain-relieving, tranquilizing, antiseptic and anti-spasmodic properties.

What are the rhizoma corydalis health benefits?

Rhizoma Corydalis has another name named Yan Hu Suo. It is an acrid, bitter, and warm herb product used by TCM as an analgesic, sedative, anti-ulcer, anti-spasm agent and for treating chest and abdominal pain, irregular and/or painful menstruation, and others. The rhizoma corydalis health benefits are also to soothe pain, improve the function of the spleen, lung and liver channels.

  1. Anti-tumor

Research conducted at the University of Macau showed results that if rhizoma corydalis combined with rhizoma curcumae, a combination of these 2 extracts would be very useful for treating tumors. Because 2 combinations of these extracts can reduce the ability of cell invasion and induce cytochrome c release rather than single use.

  1. Prevent breast cancer

Rhizoma corydalis is also include in List of Medicinal Plants Used for Cancer Treatment. The study, also conducted at Macau University, showed that rhizoma corydalis extract modulated the protein-activated kinase signal pathway so that rhizoma corydalis was useful for inhibiting breast cancer cell metastasis.

  1. Have antiangiogenic effects

Another study also showed that in the rhizoma corydalis there is an antiproliferative activity of some key elements of rhizoma corydalis, which belong to the protoberberine alkaloid group, in HUVECs identify berberine as a strong angiogenesis inhibitor in rhizoma corydalis.

  1. Traditional medicine

Rhizoma corydalis is commonly used as a traditional Chinese medicine and has been used extensively for centuries to stimulate the circulatory system and relieve almost any pain. You also can see about Health Benefits of Soaking Hands in Hot Water for Pain Relief.

  1. Overcoming nervousness and insomnia

Rhizoma Corydalis has a very effective tranquilizing property in overcoming nervousness and insomnia. In addition, the potent alkaloids enclosed by the plant enhance the sleep-stimulating essence of the barbiturates (a salt or ester of barbituric acid), which is approximately 40 percent as effectual as morphine in overcoming insomnia. See also Jojoba Oil Benefits to overcome this problem. 

  1. Treat cataracts

In addition to the Health Benefits of Spinach, rhizoma corydalis also has other benefits that are to prevent and treat cataracts. The development of diabetic-related cataracts has been inhibited by alcohols extracted from rhizoma corydalis roots.

  1. Overcoming allergies

According to scientists, the strong alkaloid element found in the corydalis rhizoma, which is dehydrocorydaline has the benefit of slowing down allergic reactions that are usually caused by antibody intervention or allergic caused by cell reconciliation.

  1. Nourish the heart

Apart from the Health Benefits of Mangosteen Food Supplement, a study conducted on animals showed that extracts from rhizoma corydalis could be useful for reducing infusions which are local heart tissues that lack blood supply so that it can improve cardiac function in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion (recovery of blood flow to tissues that do not have a blood supply ) by slowing apoptosis (programmed cell death). 

  1. Benefits thoroughly 

Another rhizoma corydalis health benefits are rhizoma corydalis is used by people to treat mild depression, mild mental disorders, emotional disturbances, severe nerve damage, and extremity tremors. In addition, corydalis rhizoma is also used by some people as a mild sedative, as a hallucinogen, to lower blood pressure, and to relieve seizures in the small intestine.


Consuming too much rhizoma corydalis will cause muscle spasms and muscle tremors. The use of rhizoma corydalis by women who are pregnant and breastfeeding is not recommended.

The proper dose in consuming rhizoma corydalis depends on the age, health, and some conditions of the user. When using rhizoma corydalis, you should make sure that you follow the clear instructions contained on this product label and you should discuss it with your doctor before you take rhizoma corydalis.