13 Incredible Health Benefits of Sansevieria (Snake Plants)

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Sansevieria also known as Snake Plants or Mother in Law Tongue plants are one of herb plants that are quite famous for their name and benefits. Indonesians use these plants as ornamental plants that are put in the living room since they look unique and stunning.

They also use them to obtain healthy, beauty, and environmental benefits from the plants. Apart from that, another reason why many people are fond of the plants, it is because they are easy to be taken care of. They only need a little water and sunlight to grow tall and healthy.

The plants have strong, tough, and bold-look leaves. The pointed tip of their leaves is their form adaptation to the environment, which is as the self-protector. They have three contrasting colors on their leaves which are stripped dark green and light green with yellow border. The plants would look like flaming fires if their leaves had red as their main color.

One of the advantages of having the Snake plants is that they will bring you great effects as they are benefits-rich plants. What are the benefits of Sansevieria? Let’s talk about what the plants’ composition first.

Composition of Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

These plants that are originally from Africa are favored by many Indonesians. Not only do the plants have many health and beauty benefits, but they have also function as ornamental plants since they are aesthetically pleasing.

Each leaf of Sansevieria contains pregnane glycoside that is able to decompose toxic compounds into organic ones. Organic compounds can be easily decomposed compared to non-organic ones. Moreover, there are organic compounds which are good for humans, like sugar and amino acid.

Health Benefits of Sansevieria (Snake Plants)

Snake Plants can as well decompose toxic substances, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), benzene, formal dehid, chloroform, and tri-cotylene.

1. Absorb pollution

Snake plants are in the list of plants that can absorb pollution the most. There are around 107 pollutants that can be absorbed. The absorbed pollutants will be converted into oxygen by the plants.

It is the best if we put the plants in the living room as decorative plants and as cigarette smoke absorber as well, especially when there is someone smoking in the area. For your information, pollution can cause deadly cancer.

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2. Absorb radiation

Snake plants are actively helping in absorbing radiation. Radiation that is caused by electronic devices is an example of radiation that can be absorbed by the plants.

It is suggested to put the plants in the living room or in areas which has television or other electronic devices. Besides beautifying the area, they can also act as radiation absorbs in the area.

3. Produce a lot of oxygen (O2)

Sansevieria are plants that can produce a lot of oxygen. They are abundant in chlorophyll that make them possible to do photosynthesis faster.

This is why Sansevieria produce a lot of oxygen than most of plants. As it is mentioned previously, it is good to put the plants in the smoking area where they can absorb the smoke, as well as neutralize it by the oxygen produced by the plants.

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4. Can be used as fence

Another benefit of snake plants is that they can be used as fence. It is because the tough, strong, and pointy leaves of the plants can shoo away any intruder that try to trespass on our house. Moreover, the plants can also add some aesthetic touch to your house.

5. Can be used as woven craft material

Many people use the plants as materials for woven craft. For example, Japaneses use them to make a fabric. The woven that is made using Sansevieria will have great quality as it will be strong and smooth.

6. Posses unique scent

Snake plants produce unique scent. In some countries like China and France, the plants is used as fragrance. They are suitable to get rid of unpleasant smell in bathroom or kitchen.

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7. Can be used as aromatherapy

Sansevieria are good as aromatherapy plants. In the evening, the plants usually bloom. When they are blooming, they produce soothing unique scent. Some people use the scent to make them relax and reduce stress.

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8. Can be used as antiseptic

These plants are good to kill germs, because they are also anti-toxic plants. Dust can be a virus that can harm us. It can enter our body easily, especially when we are bleeding. Use the plants as antiseptic to prevent this to happen.

9. Can be used as natural hair tonic

If we want to make our hair smooth and naturally pretty, we can use Sansevieria. The plants are good to maintain our health. Besides as hair smoother, they also have a role as hair’s natural fresher.

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10. Cure hemorrhoid

Another health benefits of Sansevieria (Snake Plants) is that it can be used as natural medicine of hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid is a disease that blocks bowel movement. People who suffers it often complain that they are experiencing difficulty when defecating. Snake plants can be used to soften the stools since they are high-fibre herbs.

11. Cure headache

Headache is considered as a minor disease. However, it is really disturbing since it can hinder us in doing our daily activities. That is why it is needed to be treated immediately. We can use roasted Sansevieria to stop the headache.

12.Reduce diabetes risk

The plants can also be used to lower diabetes risk. Diabetes is a disease that is not allowed the patients to eat sweet food, because their blood sugar levels are too high. We can consume the decoction of the Snake plants to lower the sugar levels in our blood.

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13. Prevent sick building syndrome

Sick building syndrome is a syndrome in which people in a room will get sick because of poor airflow. This usually happens when there are too much amount of carbon dioxide in the room or pollutants, such as cigarette smoke or the overuse of air conditioning. To prevent this from happening, we can put Snake plants in the room. The plants will absorb those unnecessary substances.

Those are the health benefits of Sansevieria (Snake Plants). Hope this article help you.