Benefits of Garlic for Asthma Treatment – Works or Not?

Garlic has been proven to heal many health issues and help maintain health. We’ve explained some in Benefits of Garlic for Your Healthy Heart and Health Benefits of Garlic to the Liver. Many nutrients found in garlic contribute to its healing ability for many respiratory ailments like asthma. You probably just heard that fresh garlic provides more than twice […]

10 Top Benefits of Ginger for Asthma Treatments

Ginger is one of the most popular plants in agricultural industry. The roots of this plant is a very popular spice used as ingredients for many dishes and beverages. It is also widely used as a traditional medicine. If you ever go to Asia, you will notice there are tons of ginger being cultivated and […]

20 Symptoms of Asthma You Do Not Aware (Very Danger)

We bet that everyone of you have already know what the asthma disease is, but many of them do not aware with symptoms of asthma. So, asthma is the disease that commonly occurs when there is an inflammation in the lungs, which then causing the lung couldn’t get enough oxygen. However, the actual causes of […]