10 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Dog Rose

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dog roseIf you hear the word bush, then what comes to mind is a lush plant that is unpalatable and will not think there is a benefit to health in it. But it turns out there are types of shrubs that have good health benefits for your body, namely, dog rose or also known as Rosa canina. health benefits of dog rose have a height ranging from 1 to 5 meters, banya found in open fields, forests, near the river bank and can grow in various temperate or temperate countries. But its origin is known from the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. It has lush, lush green foliage with beautiful white-pink flowers and blooms in mid-spring.

The dog rose contains:

Based on the nutrition, the benefits are:

  1. Good diuretics

The content of fruit and pectin acids in dog rose makes it a great diuretic, cleansing the kidneys from toxins so that they are automatically able to maintain the health of the kidneys in general.

  1. Treating flu

The content of vitamin C in dog rose reached 60 times compared with citrus fruits. So it is very good to cure fever and also flu.

  1. Boost immunity

In addition to treating the fever and flu, vitamin C also serves as an antioxidant that will be able to increase the body’s immunity against various disease attacks.

  1. Prevent cancer

According to a study, dog rose extract has the ability to reduce the growth of breast cancer cells. It also reduces the growth of cancer cells in the brain because breast cancer cells usually spread to the brain.

  1. Lowering cholesterol

Cholesterol is a disease that can be fatal to your health. Cholesterol buildup in the walls of blood vessels can lead to heart attacks. The consumption of dog rose can help reduce blood cholesterol levels drastically.

  1. Prevent rheumatoid arthritis

GOPO fatty acid found in dog rose has been clinically tested to have anti-arthritic properties. Taking dog rose extract pills can reduce pain caused by joint disease up to 90%.

  1. Help treat diabetes

Regular consumption of dog rose in the form of powdered beverage or directly eaten fruit is believed to contribute to lowering blood sugar levels in your body. It has also been tested against mice by giving about 40 grams of dog rose extract. The results of these mice have a better glucose tolerance than mice that are not given dog rose injection.

  1. Good for heart health

The content of flavonoids and antioxidants in dog rose has a function to maintain heart health. So health issues like heart failure, coronary heart disease, a heart attack will be far from your life.

  1. Good for the digestive system

The bark of the dog rose is also believed to be very good for stomach or digestive system. You will not experience problems like constipation or flatulence.

  1. Maintain healthy skin

Vitamin A found in health benefits of dog rose gives a positive impact for the happening of skin moisture. So the skin will be maintained health.


The high content of vitamin C up to 60 times that of citrus fruits makes us also have to be aware. Too much vitamin C will also have an impact on health problems like dizziness and nausea.