15 Expected Health Benefits of Lovage for Natural Treatment

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Not many people know the health benefits of lovage since the plant is not grow in all places. As lovage is native from Europe and Southwest Asia, therefore, it needs specific weather to grow the plan. Furthermore, it is not really easy to cultivate the herbal plant. This make those countries are the biggest supplied for the demand of this plant around the world.

Lovage can include as perennial plant with maximum tall of 2.5m. The plant has flowers and wide green leaves plus stem too. Furthermore, this herbal plant is commonly use for several dishes, including for soup and salad. Another interesting fact, that in some countries, it use also as mix into brandy with proper dosage. This is because the use of this leave can bring a specific taste and authentic in some dishes. It is more likely to add parsley as a specific ingredients in some foods.

Nutrient Content of Lovage

There is not much information on the nutrient composition of this herbal plant. However, it doesn’t mean that the plant is not healthy. For further health benefits of lovage, see below points.

1. High Fiber

The same way as many other plant, this herbal plant also contain fibers. Therefore, consume lovage can help to keep a number of high fiber into the body. This is the same health benefits of barley and lentils that can help as a source of fiber too.

2. Ease Digestive

The fiber inside this herbal plant will also help to improve the digestive system. Therefore, it will lead into an ease digestive through better intestinal movement and even bring to fasten digest. Hence, no more afraid of having digestion problems.

3. Anti Bacteria

Another benefit of this plant including to help as an anti bacteria. It is a good way to manage avoid bacteria infection into the body. Hence, it can help to manage a healthy body that free from infection possibility.

4. Healthy Joint

Lovage also found can help to support a healthy joint. It is a good benefit for elderly who usually having problems with the joint health. Therefore consume this plant can improve the joint and help with any possibility of joint inflammation. This is the same health benefits of dumbbell exercises that can help to improve a healthy joint too.

5. Soothe Cold

Some people also believe that consume the leave can help to soothe any cold syndrome. Therefore, the leave is suitable to add into a soup to bring a herbal remedial effect into some cough and fever. Furthermore, it can manage a healthy body which feel unwell.

6. Anti Inflammation

There are many health benefits of lovage. The plant also can help to be an anti inflammation. Therefore, it is suitable to manage the pain in any type of inflammation diseases, such as joint inflammation or skin inflammation.

7. Reduce Kidney Risk

Another health benefits of lovage including to reduce the kidney risk. It will help to optimize the work of the kidney to absorb any matter inside the body system. This is the same health benefits of plantain water that can help to reduce kidney risk too.

8. Support The Lung

Consume lovage also can bring an advantage to supporting the lung system. Therefore, it can manage a healthy lung condition and improve the lung movement. This is necessary to make sure proper distribution of air and oxygen around the body system.

9. Improve Respiratory

As this herbal plant can help with the lung system, it can help to manage a better respiratory system too. Consume the plant will lead into a better oxygen distribution so that the brain will can keep running an optimum function too.

10. Healthy Skin

The plant also good to manage a healthy skin. It can produce a silky smooth skin appearance and avoid the possibility of experience skin inflammation such as acne and eczema. This is the same benefits of red wine for skin health that can help to perform a healthy skin too.

11. Improve Hormones

Through consuming the plant, it will help to improve a body hormone secretion too. It can help to balance the hormone. Furthermore, it will help to avoid the possibility of uncontrolled hormone secretion.

12. Optimum Metabolism

Lovage also good to improve an optimum body metabolism. It will increase the metabolic rate so that the body will optimally convert food into energy. As this plant also improve the oxygen level inside the body too.

13. Avoid PMS

Another benefit is to avoid the PMS syndrome. Therefore, consume lovage before having menstrual period can help to soothe the pain and bring a relaxing mind. This is the same benefits of raspberry tea for fertility that can help to avoid PMS syndrome too. 

14. Fresh Breath

The leaves also good to keep a fresh breat. As this plant is having specific smell which can make a better breath after consume.

15. Avoid Cardiovascular

Most herbal plant is good to maintain cardiovascular. The same way with lovage which can help to avoid the possibility of any heart attack or stroke syndrome. Furthermore, it will improve the blood circulation system.

Cautions And Recommendation

As lovage can bring many health advantages, it also can bring some side effects. Therefore, always see below recommendation when decide to consume the plant.

  • People with allergically conditions shall avoid consume lovage. As this can cause itchiness, redness skin, nausea and even dizziness.
  • When having some medicinal treatment, it is suggested not to consume the plant without consult with the doctor. This is due to it might interfere the medical treatment.
  • Pregnant woman shall ask whether it is safe for fetus or not to the caregiver before consume the plant.
  • Too much consume of the herbal plant may lead into diarrhea. Therefore, consume as necessary. Plus, make sure to rinse it well before consume to avoid any unwanted parasit.

Those all the health benefits of lovage. As this herbal plant is good for the body, to mix the leave in various dish might be beneficial. However, make sure to put in a matching dish. Since the taste might result different. Furthermore, the safer way to consume it is through adding the leaves into a bowl of salad.