10 Best Benefits of Cycas Plant

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cycas plantCycas plant some say originated and popular in Japan. The stems are short but the leaves have a length of between 50 cm and 150 cm. However, some cycas plants that are quite old can reach a length of 6 meters but this is quite rare. Often this plant is planted in the yard or an office as a decoration because the shape is unique and pleasing to the eye.

But in fact, the whole part of the benefits of cycas plant is very useful to meet human needs. Leaves and seeds are the most widely exported to various regions because it has many benefits.

  1. As a food source

Cycas plant is an important food source full of nutrients. Processed sagu from the cycas plant can be used as a substitute for rice as a source of carbohydrates and is also used as the main ingredient of bread making. The leaf part of the cycas plant can be processed as a tasty enough vegetable to eat in health benefits of fruits and vegetables for kindergarten.

  1. As a medicinal plant

There has been no discovery of the usefulness of cycas plant as a cure for the large-scale disease. But in some areas such as Sri Lanka, Fiji, India, and some other areas use cycas plant seeds as a digestive system cleanser. Decoction of cycas plant seeds is also used by Mexicans for neuralgia problems in Mimulus guttatus medicinal uses.

  1. Treating wounds

In Indonesia, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries use cycas plant seeds mixed with coconut oil used to heal wounds in health benefits of cactus leaves, swelling, ulcers, and various other skin problems.

  1. Sources of clothing fiber

The leaves of various species of cycas plant can be processed into clothing fibers. Used also as a material a hat, basket, mat, broom, rope and also yarn.

  1. As a source of oil

Raw materials can also be obtained from the cycas plant. The seeds of the cycas plant can also be processed to produce oil. This oil can be processed into cooking oil in health benefits of using coconut oil cooking or it could be as bio diesel.

  1. Decorative

The leaf shape of the cycas plant is unique. If we can manage it, it can be used as a decorative that is quite unique. The decorative of the cycas plant leaves is quite popular in Japan.

  1. Drinking drink

The cycas plant has a fairly dense texture and is waterproof as a bamboo tree trunk. So that the cycas plant can be used as a bottle or a drinking place that has added value because of its unique model.

  1. For religious ceremonies

In some areas such as the Philippines, Australia, Andaman and Goa as well use the leaves of cycas that have dried as a tool in a religious practice.

  1. Framework of house building

As teak or meranti commonly used as pillars of house building, cycas tree trunks can also be used for it.

  1. Financial benefits

So popular and so many benefits of cycas plant make this plant can be one of the profitable commodities.


You should know that the benefits of cycas plant contains carcinogen alkaloids which are compounds that can cause chronic neurological problems. Proper management before consumption can be harmful to our health.