5 Mental Health Benefits of Gardening for Adults You Need to Know

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Living a modern life is like two-edged blades. Sometimes, everything feels so easy. It’s easy to bring together, getting anything, circling around the world of information with a slight work of a thumb. Leaving the traditional ways, we could feel like conquering everything, until something’s awakened.

A dark cloud lingering in everyone’s mind, holding a sign with some deadly word, “Depression”. It may or may not come into your life. When a sudden worst thing happens, it happens. People could come into depression so easily these days. Despite we’re advancing at basically everything, we still couldn’t get out of this disease. 

And sometimes, a person doesn’t show symptoms of depression. They could still smile and do what they do everyday

Depression is not an easy one. Not easy to cure, not easy to forget. Depression could lead into something terrible. It’s hard to imagine the result of it.

When a person falls deeper into depression, it’s hard to predict what they are going to do next. That’s why, most people would turn to find a cure, and they’d likely end up on medication.

But it’s not the only way to maintain a healthy mind. There are several natural ways to cure it, to get rid of depression, plus they are easy to do. One of them is gardening, a hobby not so many have.

Gardening is highly related to the green nature. Calming, relaxing, and healthy atmosphere would likely make you happier.

One of many natural ways to cure depressions and other mental health issues, like enjoying benefits of having an active social interactions or doing calm activities like gardening.

Feels like going to try it? Here’s the mental health benefits of gardening that you should know:

1. Making Healthier Environment

It’s inevitable that gardening would likely make your house more healthy. It should be, the amount of oxygen will be highly increased, especially if you’re planning to build some trees around your house.

Some plants also have the ability to make the house atmosphere’s better, like Lavender for example. Remember, a cleaner and neater environment will always be a mood booster every morning, because there are always some health benefits of being outdoors.

The natural dopamine effect you can get every single day when you open your windows. It takes a lot of patience though, but always worth it in the end.

Get rid of your stuff in unused space and start digging. Bring all the seeds you need, and plant them into the nice soil. Adjust the plants position all you like. Put the flowers on the terrace, and feel your happiness increased along the way.

2. Can Be A Light Exercise

Lack of exercise could lead to laziness and later depression. In fact, most adults and children who live in certain countries like the USA, don’t exercise regularly. Well you can guess the result. Bodies that are more vulnerable to parasites and sickness, and minds that are always stressful.

Exercise usually related to a body goal. Getting healthier, getting more packs, anything you want. There’s always a motivation everyday, and that will greatly reduce the amount of sadness day by day. As long as you’re not stressed when doing it.

It can be done lightly and efficiently as possible by doing gardening. You’ll move your body here and there. Planting the seeds, watering them every single day requires just a small amount of stamina. While doing so, you get a free vitamin from the sunlight. It’s a great fun combo to make your mind clear and body healthier.

3. Improving Your Mood

Seeing how the plants are going can be a great mood booster. Looking at them is just looking at your babies. They grow, slowly but sure. Once they bloom, you’d be like a successful parent. It’s just that simple to make a person happy.

Seeing the result of your hard work can put a smile on your face. Warm smile. Looking at them while relaxing yourself is surely an effective way to throw the stress away. Going to work while greeted by your plants can give a certain happiness feel.

You’ll feel excited to see their growth everyday. How long it was yesterday, and measure it again the day after. Even though it’s a wait and see process, which is pretty long, seeing them grow healthy can also make you happy. You’d feel like you have successfully grown your little baby. 

4. Become A More Healthy Person

Getting a good amount of fresh air everyday and increased mood are not the only things you can gain from gardening. Many people who plant their own vegetables or fruits are likely to eat their own foods.

It’s a good way to make yourself healthy by eating the things you’ve been planting. It’s more organic, more clean, and healthy. Surely highly suitable for basically everybody.

Based on the Center of Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC), only one of ten people would eat a good amount of fruits every single day, and it’s proven that the individual is healthier than the rest. Encouraging people to start to consume a healthy diet can be started with gardening. 

You can choose what you want to grow. Tomatoes, or some list of herbs good for skin health, or radishes? It’s totally up to you. The amount of patience and effort you’ve been given will make the foods taste way better. It’s good for yourself and your family. 

5. Building Confidence

People have different kinds of confidence. Lack of confidence would end in not trusting yourself, people around you, and your thoughts. It can be disastrous if left for way too long. Aside from learning to trust yourself, you can start to grow your confidence by growing your own garden for your physical and mental health in the garden.

A small seed grows slow. Day by day, it gives its best to be a better version of itself. And one day it turns into sprout, and many times later, the fruit pops out.

That’s the idea. By understanding and witnessing the growth of a plant, one can learn that it’s okay to be yourself. Even start with the smallest chance possible, slow but sure, you’ll turn into something beautiful.