10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Foot Massage Pressure Point

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foot massage pressure pointFoot massage is one of the healthful activities of the body. In the legs, there are nerve points associated with the organs in the body. In addition, the nerve point is usually used by a massage expert to cure various diseases. Therefore, many massage parlors offer health benefits of foot massage pressure points. In addition to hiring a massage expert, you can also do it yourself at home. The thing you need to learn is the location of the nerve points associated with your illness. However, now there are many books that explain the nerve point on the foot that you can buy in the bookstore. And the price is not too expensive compared with the benefits you can get. Or you can also learn through the internet.

The benefits that you can get from foot massage pressure point are as follows:

1.Helps sleep more soundly

Sleep quality will affect the health of the body. Many ways to make sleep more soundly. In addition to taking a bath before bed, you can also do foot massage. That’s because foot massage can improve blood circulation and relax muscles. That way you can sleep soundly

2.Improve blood circulation

According to research, if you do foot massage pressure point for 10 minutes every day, can help lift the oxygen to the body’s cells

3.Stimulates the lymphatic system and prevents varicose veins

Another benefit you can get when doing this foot massage is to help stimulate the lymphatic system and prevent varicose veins. For those of you who suffer from varicose veins, you can try this foot massage therapy.

4.Makes the body relax

This is because when you do a massage, the muscle tension will be more flexible. This is what will make your body become relaxed in health benefits frankincense oil

5.Against depression

Foot massage is also able to fight depression. Do massage in the center of the big toe. Apply pressure for a few minutes 2-3 times a day. Based on a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, foot massage after loved ones died can reduce stress during those times

6.Treating various types of pain

Various types of pain that can be treated with foot massage, for example, are a headache, migraine, neck pain, and back pain

7.Relieve back pain

Massage of the thumbs to the ankles in small circular motions. Massage also the soles of the feet and the back foot. This way your back pain will decrease in benefits of sleeping on the floor

8.Overcoming neck pain

The trick is to massage the toes and foot joints for 5 minutes with a tight. Or you can also massage the whole ankle. Related article: health risks of mobile phone

9.Overcoming thigh pain

Do massage using your thumb between the ankle and Achilles tendon for a few minutes. Read more: benefits of belladona

10.Make your feet healthier

This is because massage helps stimulate the muscles around the legs. Massaging for 5 minutes per day can make the ankles strong and supple, preventing leg injuries


Research by the Arizona May Clinic, the health benefits of foot massage pressure points that are too tight can cause nerve damage