Benefits of Renewable Energy in Developing Countries for Health

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Renewable energy is energy that comes fromnature and the amount is unlimited so it can be refilled at any time. Anexample of renewable energy is solar thermal energy that can be utilized aselectrical energy. Also, energy from hydropower is widely used as a source ofelectricity. Read more about healthbenefits of being in nature

Renewable energy has many positive benefits,especially for developing countries. Both in terms of economics to health. Sono wonder, if scientists continue to develop this renewable energy so that itcan be used by many people. The hope, non-renewable energy can be replaced withrenewable energy.

The following benefits of renewable energy indeveloping countries for health:

  • Environmentally friendly

Today various parts of the world wantenvironmentally friendly technology. Because it was realized the earth wasgetting old and the condition was concerning. So it requires new technologiesthat do not exacerbate the state of the earth. One effort is to createrenewable energy that comes from nature like benefitsof cassava peels. Therefore, the energy that isavailable by nature is environmentally friendly. For example just by utilizingsolar energy as a source of electricity through solar panels.

  • Technology investment

Creating new technology is the same asinvesting in technology for the future. More and more new technologies that areuseful and able to be widely developed, are invaluable technologicalinvestments.

  • Easy to develop

Renewable energy is not only environmentallyfriendly but also easy to develop. Because the costs tend to be cheap so it iseasy to distribute to the wider community. Cheap renewable energy comes fromraw materials that can be taken free from nature.

  • Reducing waste

Many non-renewable energies produce hazardouswaste to the environment. By using renewable energy, waste can be minimized in benefitsrecycling materials

  • Open employment

Making the benefits of renewable energy indeveloping countries for health naturally requires human labor. So indirectly,making even one renewable energy can open up new employment opportunities forthose who need it. Especially in the location of renewable energy is made. Read also: Healthbenefits of hard working

  • Influence economic growth

If a lot of renewable energy has a positiveimpact on society, of course, the demand will increase. Increasing demand alsoincreases regional income which affects economic growth

  • Make the earth healthier

Renewable energy does not harm theenvironment. Instead, renewable energy helps the environment to return to theway it was before. Of course, the direct and indirect impacts will affect theoverall health of the earth and itis healthyactivities

The benefits of renewable energy in developingcountries for health do have many positive impacts. However, to replacenon-renewable energy requires a long time. This is because renewable energyrequires a lot of research to continue to be developed and felt by the wholeworld.